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November 15, 2015 3:37 pm

Muslim Israeli Arab Student Declares Pride in Being Zionist

avatar by David Daoud

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Abdol Abugosh, a self-described Arab-Israeli Muslim Zionist. Photo: Facebook.

Abdol Abugosh, a self-described Arab-Israeli Muslim Zionist. Photo: Facebook.

An Israeli-Arab Muslim declared his pride in being a politically right-wing Zionist and voiced criticism of both the leadership of his community and the Israeli Left, Israeli news website nrg reported on Friday.

Abdol Abugosh, 25, a communications student at Jerusalem’s Open University, made the declarations at a Tel Aviv University demonstration against violence. Waving the Israeli flag, he leveled his wrath at the Palestinians, Israeli-Arab members of Knesset and the Left.

“We demand that the Arab MKs stop incitement, stop directing the new generation towards destructive hatred, sectarianism, treason and war,” Abugosh announced to a group of like-minded Israeli-Arab students. “We all work, study and live together, and we came here to demonstrate our support for coexistence.”

Abugosh also said that only right-wing governments have addressed the needs of the Arab community. In contrast, he said, “The Left is condescending and busy with empty talk.”

He said he prefers “[Jewish Home Party head] Naftali Bennett, who promotes Arabs working in the hi-tech industry,” to left-wing politicians, and defended Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against accusations of racism against Arabs.

Abugosh said he is conflicted about a key issue of contention.

“I would be happy if two states were established here, with an Arab state existing alongside the Jewish state, as long as I get to live here in the Jewish state,” he said. However, he added, the conflict will not end without Palestinian and Arab recognition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Abugosh, who runs a Facebook  page with 9,015 followers — a project he said he hopes will help tear down the barriers between Israel’s Arabs and right-wing Israeli Jews — is a long-time Zionist, and did his IDF service with the Border Police.

Labeling himself a “Muslim Zionist Arab” has earned him threats and insults from Arab visitors to his page, but also many encouraging messages from Israeli and other Arabs, according to nrg.

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  • Joy Simha

    You are amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Kushinsky

    He has Jewish eyes.

  • Hussein Alhasan

    Maybe we shall see the peace “finally” in this holy land. The Israeli people have fought for their own safety for many years, they have the right in this place and they deserve to live in peace. Our hearts will always be with you.

  • Naomi Weinberger

    May God bless him and keep him safe

  • Mike

    Thank you Abdol. People like you are the hope and the future.

    And you’re right about right-wing governments doing more to help the Arab community. Just like you, they know that it’s the only way.

  • Cember

    According to Wikipedia:
    Abu Ghosh (Arabic: أبو غوش ; Hebrew: אבו גוש ) is an Arab town in Israel, located 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) west of Jerusalem on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway.

  • Shaina Buchwald

    Thank you, Abdul; It is people like you who earn my respect. May you be blessed in all good things for helping to promote a better world. Peace, health and happiness to you, brother. Yours, Shaina and Shmuel

  • Dante

    God bless him.

  • He can’t be Arab and be called “Abdol Abugosh” as in arab language, the sond “o” does not exist. The closest sound in arab language is “u”… So he could be “Abdul Abugush”, but certainly not “Abdol Abugosh” !

    • Cember

      Please see my comment (11/16/15 @ 15:00)that was intended as a reply to ‘Ami Artsi’s post.

    • Asaf

      His origins are indeed from Caucasia, but they’ve lived there for several hundreds of years, longer than most Israeli Arabs.

      • Zev Davis


        You note that this “Arab” is in actually a descendeant of the people that arrived here from teh Caucasus is evidence that the “Palestinians”, many of them are not as “indiginous” as their mantras claim. They are relatively recent arrivals from one or two centuries ago, some of them reaching what was the province of Palestine after the Ottomans were defeated by the Russians. The Czarist Empire was Christian, and these Moslems from the Caucasus, as former subjects of that Empire had the right to live anywhere they chose. Such was the case of the Circassians and the Bosnians, and likely others. In time, they acculturated into Palestinian Arab scoeity.

        The bottom line is that the province of Palestine was a backwater in the Ottoman Empire. The Jews, forever wanted to return their Homeland reached this “province”, some were “repatriated”, as the Romanian Jews that reached the Galil, and others from Russia in the wake of the pogroms, interestingly enough the cheaper alternative to migrating to America. That influx created an an economic and social change that encouraged poorer Arabs from the neighboring lands. Yeah, “Zionism” spurred a renewal of new ideas in the land, except that some Palestinian leaders felt it might bring a “modernism” that would challenge their authority–the Jews had to go!

        For some Palestinian Arab Islamic leaders that mantra hasn’t changed.

    • That little “o” sound, not existing, in Arabic, is so much nonsense! Anybody, knowing the minimal historical comparative linguistics, knows that PalestineArabic is distinct from EgyptianArabic! Often the distinct street Arabic or vernacular dialects, are as distinct in their spoken forms as English & German are! But the spoken Arabic dialects are subconsciously disregarded by the super majority of Arabic speaking Muslims! The Islamic unifying force of culture, works to unify, because of the Koran scholarship, associated with the dominant modern technological “media” Arabic! Media Arabic is simply the standard Islamic scholarly Arabic, projected into modern electronic media! Media Arabic dominates the cross cultural currents of the greater Arab world & by extension, the Islamic sphere of influence, when making use of common market Arabic! So all kinds of little distinctions of vowel sounds , as well as consonants are common in local vernaculars! For example, an “F” consonant, is used for the local PalestineArab dialect, making Palestine sound just like Philistine! These distinctions, are common across the street Arabic vernacular dialects! These distinctions exist across villages to villages, in all PalestineArab towns across to JordanianArab towns, village to village!

    • The critic,’Ami Artsi’s picking on the transliterating choices of Arabic to Latin letters, is such arbitrary nonsense! The choices to use different vowel or consonant letters to transliterate from Arabic to Latin letters, is not even unified across translators crafts! The critic, ‘Ami Artsi, made the choice to avoid the actual social discourse! So instead, as usual, the choice was to attack the credibility of the follower of the KORAN’S 100% pro Zionism! I realize the pro Zionist IsraeliArab, did not frame his pro Zionism, on the KORAN’S 100% pro Zionism! But I do choose to frame my point, on the Koran’s 100% pro Zionism!