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November 20, 2015 7:28 pm

Israeli Professor at University of Texas Confronts Palestine Solidarity Committee Activists: ‘Sit Down and Learn Something’ (VIDEO)

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Israeli Professor Ami Pedahzur at University of Texas. Photo: screenshot

Israeli Professor Ami Pedahzur at University of Texas. Photo: screenshot

An Israeli professor at the University of Texas at Austin confronted a group of anti-Israel activists hellbent on disrupting a lecture by a visiting Stanford professor about Israeli military culture, and is now facing student calls for punishment.

A petition has been launched to defend UT Professor Ami Pedahzur, who can be seen in video footage posted by the local Palestine Solidarity Committee chapter on YouTube confronting the students, imploring them at one point to “sit down and learn.” As the confrontation escalates, Pedahzur can be seen standing so close to one of the activists that he is held back by three other students.

The activists then begin chanting, “Free, free Palestine” and “Long live the Intifada.”

The activists claimed to have lodged a “civil rights” complaint with UT. They claimed their “disruption was met with physical intimidation by a graduate student and UT Professor Ami Pedahzur.”

According to the Washington Post, local police found that none of the actions “rose to the level of a criminal defense.”

Below is video of the incident, posted by PSC.

The petition defending Pedahzur states:

After storming into Israeli Professor Ami Pedahzur’s classroom to call for the destruction of Israel, members of the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) began shouting “Long live intifada” – a call for violence against Israelis.

Now, PSC members want Dr. Pedahzur fired because they felt “intimidated” when he stared back at them. Worse, they’re filing a civil rights complaint because Dr. Pedahzur responded with an open letter to the campus community, revealing the group’s leader uses the screen-name “Georges Abdallah,” a Lebanese assassin who murdered an American soldier.

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  • Gail

    This is not the professors fault at all. He is innocent , this eruption was their problem. Rude, disrespectful. Please don’t excuse this and blame the professor who was reacting in a normal way with a hostile group.

  • S

    This Palestine Solidarity Committee Activist sure doesn’t know what in the world he is talking about. He keeps mentioning the words, “ethnic cleansing.” You want to talk about ethnic cleansing? The campaign in Bosnia by Bosnian Serb Forces in 1995 to get rid of Muslims. That is a real example of ethnic cleansing. This activist who interrupted the scholar should learn some history before commenting

    • Jonathan

      That was not ethnic cleansing commited by the Serbs, “S.” That was merely civil war. And what do you do in civil war? Who is your target? Surely not yourself?

  • Rachel

    The irony that the Palestinian advocate say she is an IDF professor where is room for the Palestinian story and then they chant Free Palestine and that they don’t want a 2 state solution. Not only do they not want there to be an Israeli side, they don’t want Israel or her people,to exist.

  • Marion Siegel

    Just a small twist and the story changes to untrue. Too bad they did not sit, listen and learn in that class.

  • Jews need to stand up be unafraid. These ignorant protestors are infested with hatred and violence and must be expelled from our universities. Learning and listening is not on their agendas but dissension is their primary goal. Parents should become more aware of the subliminal messages their kids are hearing and digesting. These Muslim kids do not belong amongst us and permitting your children to be indoctrinated speaks poorly for your parental concerns about their future and the near future for us all. Expel them now for incitement and lack of respect.

  • Robert Berg

    I don’t believe that the professor should have torn the flag out of the person’s hand. But the group had no right to interrupt the professor’s class. The civil rights complaint is laughable.

  • Robbie Puckett

    The only Palestine there EVER WAS, was when Romans changed the name/territory from JUDAH to Palestine. Thus, there IS NO SUCH THING AS PALESTINE AND THOSE ISLAMISTS NEED TO RETURN TO ANY OTHER MUSLIM COUNTRY. Of course, no Muslim country wants them. Why is that? ALONG WITH SYRIANS, PALESTINIANS NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM OUR NATION. THEY ARE TERRORISTS.

  • Eleanor Perlin

    Where I come from teachers are respected and meetings are not invaded. If these students did not agree with the meeiing, they could have found other ways to be heard. They were agressive and showed total disrepect for the people in the room.
    They are trouble makers and should be invited to leave the university. The professors showed great restraint. I cannot believe that the Israeli professor is in danger of losing his job. What is this world coming to? If the US lets this happen, it is in great danger.

  • Tom fulop

    We witnessing a misguided culture that prevails in parts of Palestinian and Arab society.This culture is similar in a way to The nazi culture in the 1930-40 German society. Scapegoating Jews, now Zionist, for society’s ills, economic failiors, inabilities to resolve political issues, religious backwardness, etc. the list can go on.
    Peace is only possible between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs when this culture changes,incitement stops, life’s are valued.
    While it doesn’t seem possible, it happened in Germany, the nazi culture was discredited by German society, slowly, it took many decades.
    This culture in Palestine started in the 1920es and continuing and gaining force. Of course this is the Great Tragedy of the Palestinians and Israelis ( and Jews anywhere).
    This culture is not a product of the occupation. Te Palestinian and Israeli dispute can only be solved when there is a change in this culture, when religious and political incitement against Israeli Jews stop, when outside forces stop using the conflict for their own benefit.
    When Palestinian Arab society will value their future, well being and want to leave in peace the conflict can be resolved like many other conflicts around the world.
    Tom fulop

  • Terran

    The professors erred in that they should have called security to clear the disruptive students from the room. They should not have directly confronted the students in any way, once their invitation to sit down and participate as academics was refused. Although waiting for security personnel would have taken time and patience, it was counterproductive for the profs to express their frustration and anger by raising their voices and making physical contact with the students.

    That said, this video shows clearly what’s going on on campuses these days. The student protestors say outright that they refuse to listen, they yell in order to drown out anyone else — including invited speakers — and they claim to have carte-blanche to act in a distinctly non-collegial way. They do not, in fact, have this right on a university campus. Their behavior clearly violates the terms of any code of student conduct (every campus has one), and they should have been removed and disciplined appropriately.

    Angry yelling and chanting at a planned campus event is violence. The anger flies right out of the video. Unfortunately, the profs responded angrily, which only made things worse. In addition to everything else they must do, it seems as though campus administrations need to train faculty in what to do if such situations arise.

    This is how it is on many campuses these days. Sad.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    What has happened in the current atmosphere in American higher education? The phenomenon observed here at the University of Texas is becoming commonplace in many institutions of higher learning. A professor must have the right and the support of the administration to present the curriculum, including speakers, which he or she deems of value to the broadening of his or her students. Every issue has multiple sides to it, and a college instructor must be able to present all of those sides. Students who are not in a given class should not be allowed to enter the class and take over with their own agenda.

    This type of intimidation and forced interpolation from outside the planned class curriculum has occurred in my English Composition I class at a college in northern Illinois. The first time I was able to take care of the student who endeavoured to take over the class myself by talking it out with him after the class. The same student took over the final presentation of his oral examination for the course with his own agenda and I had him ejected from the class by a security police officer because he refused to leave. He simply had taken the time meant for his oral presentation to lecture the class about Jerusalem’s being the capital of Palestine, a topic not assigned for discussion on the last day of the course.

    Politcal correctness, as modelled by President Barack Obama in his refusal to refer to the members of what he calls ISIL as Muslims, is the obfuscation of the reality which every American and every citizen of this world must realise to be the truth. IS is not some fringe group unaligned with a major religion: it is an extremist Islamist group part and parcel of those believers in Islam.

    The behaviour of those students who attempted to take over the class and lecture in the youtube video made of the University of Texas was very much connected to the same mentality of those extremist groups who have attacked innocent civilians in America, North Africa, Europe, and throughout the Middle East. Hatred for Western values and the democratic principles of freedom of speech for everyone, the rights of minorities and women, and other universal human rights are being oppugned by groups such as the one shown in the video.


    If these anti-Israel activists want to make a point they should have made it outside. The professor has the right to teach his class without being interrupted. The school security should have been called in immediately to remove the interrupters.

  • Barbara

    What will happen next? This is a class. The students have no right,to disrupt a class.

  • L

    The Palestinian students were wrong and have absolute no respect for any order. Very typical of them.

  • M Justice

    Enough is enough. Hate, bigotry, and students who think they are in charge has gone far enough. Universities, colleges, you need to take charge and lay down the law. Students shape up or ship out!

  • Leann Sherman

    Support this Israeli professor instead of these ill-informed, petulant thugs.

  • Rick Freedman

    So the PSC want the right to intimidate Dr. Pedahzur but Dr. Pedahzur does not have the right to .. be intimidating back?? How about no one having the right to be intimidating to anyone??

  • Lakshmi

    I don’t blame him. These students are such vicious fascist idiots. They’re like the zombies in the Walking Dead. They just attack. They know nothing; they don’t want to know anything. They’re like the Palestinian children who are taught from toddler age to hate and kill Jews.
    They think they’re different from their Nazi forbears. They’re exactly the same.
    They’re not ‘pro” anything. Just rabidly anti-semitic. Schools need to defend teachers from these disruptions. These fascist students should be forcibly removed from a class that they’re disrupting. I don’t understand why they’re allowed to do that. They should all be suspended-at least.

  • Lakshmi

    I don’t blame him. These students are such vicious fascist idiots. They’re like the zombies in the Walking Dead. They just attack. They know nothing; they don’t want to know anything. They’re like the Palestinian children who are taught from toddler age to hate and kill Jews.
    They think they’re different from their Nazi forbears. They’re exactly the same.
    They’re not ‘pro” anything. Just rabidly anti-semitic.

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Radical Islam must be NEUTRALISED !

  • ed g

    what a bunch of losers, they enter a small classroom and cause a disruption, thats really going to do something to further their cause LOL.

  • Churchill with great prescience in 1899 wrote ” Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog”…Nothing else needs be said.