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November 29, 2015 2:55 pm

Al Jazeera Anchorwoman Calls Arab Terrorist Who Stabbed Israeli ‘My Hero’ on Facebook

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Al Jazeera's   .Photo: Screenshot.

Al Jazeera’s Khadija Benguenna. Photo: Screenshot.

A Qatar-based Al Jazeera anchorwoman recently posted a video on Facebook of a stabbing attack in Israel, lauding the Palestinian assailant, Israeli news website nrg reported on Sunday.

“Bless you, my hero,” wrote Khadija Benguenna alongside uploaded security-camera footage of a young Arab stabbing an Israeli Border Policeman in Nahariya on Friday, referred to by Benguenna as “northern Palestine.”

By Saturday night, Benguenna, who is of French-Algerian origin, had deleted her comment but not the video, which garnered close to 70,000 “likes.”

The footage shows a 16-year-old Arab from a village in the Galilee stabbing a 37-year-old Border Police officer in the upper back before the two struggle with one another. The officer eventually breaks free and runs off camera as the attacker pursues him, while still holding a knife.

The officer was lightly-to-moderately wounded  in the attack. The terrorist was arrested shortly thereafter and is being interrogated.

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  • Taly Almagor

    facebook says Benguenna’s page does not violate their standards. Obviously no one at facebook takes the time to read the stuff on her page. She praised the terror attack at the Tel Aviv bar and published the whole video. Facebook saw no problem with that. Another posting depicts a Haredi Jew on a plane covered in plastic. She made a stupid and racist comment above the picture. Other comments said “The Jews stink so much that they have to wrap themselves in plastic”. Facebook saw no wrong with these comments

  • Killing is an abomination to a Holy God Yahweh.
    I urge you to repent and ask Him for His forgiveness.
    Regardless of your present beliefs, without heart felt repentance you will not ever be forgiven for your hard cold heart.
    Jesus Yeshua said
    I AM
    the way
    The truth
    And the life
    No one can come to the Heavenly Father
    But by Me Said Jesus Yeshua

  • jakob wasi

    Stop bellyaching. Baruch Goldstein is a hero to many Israeli and Jews in the Diaspora, and he was a terrorrist. Look at the adulation of Yigal Amir gets in Israel, as well as the man who carried out the burning alive of a Jerusalem Arab youth Abdul Khedir?

  • Michael Powell

    I am a Christian, I have read the Islam Koran (English Translation), I have also researched Sharia Law. There are many Muslims coming to accept Christ and all I can do is pray for this young woman. She may or may not really believe what she says. Women of Islam are trapped and not allowed much if any education and what there is; is from there teachings of hate.
    She is trapped and should be looked in that way.

    I Pray for the Peace of Israel.

    • The Bible says that there will never be peace. This all started with Abraham and the jealously between his two sons.God is clear about His love of Israel. As Christians we too must remain allies with them.

  • ryan lawrence

    bs’d – ha satan will be my hero when Hashem uses him to slaughter the enemies of Israel !! HalleluYah !

  • Nan Kanzenbach

    The evil hate is on her face.

  • o.novackova

    This woman is only a brainless tresh.
    Her mother the same, because the education she got to this worthless creature.

  • alen polakova


  • michelle kahn

    Close down any and all Al Jazeera offices in Israel. By the way, why don’t any of the Arab countries offer upa generous share of theirland to the”palestinians”.after all they’re brothers.

  • The Government Press Office must remove Al Jazeera’s credentials unless there is an apology from the station and this drek is fired or apologizes unconditionally

  • i m from Maldives please lets bring me to Arab land you see friendship is golden thread it will be in the deepest of bottom of the heart don.t angry each other this is the main point of the life we are the one brothers and sisters hold strongly friendship relationship connection for ever don.t forget it Arab izrail are one body

    • Z

      Well then, someone just stabbed your body. What are you doing about it?

  • well izrail human nation what a foolish arab come talk with me i m a peace maker Arab people got a lot of lands think it izrail had only izrail that land all the Arabians are animals or human call to izralian to islamic religion many arabian hypocrists

  • The only thing in this report I find disturbing—why did the police man not shoot the b—-d.The rest is pretty predictable.

  • tobi ruth love

    She and her ‘hero’ should be jailed.

  • claudia

    like we know they are washbrained what can we spect, their religion is only point to kill stabbing or in different ways, that is the islam in his esence so that is the result, it doesnt say me something new what she said, if a little girl of 3 years old can be with a kinfe and says i want to kill jewish people so that is the answer.

  • jay

    The terrorist is an enemy combatant and should be executed if convicted by military tribunal.

  • montlasky

    She appears to be a most frustrated young terrorist! No boy friends, just showing affection for a “back stabbing” murdering Palestinian. Psyco case like all of them

  • JarredS

    Al Jazeera is a nasty racist organization that has writers and posters who make their living from writing these kind of comments.That comment was mild compared to the usual remarks about Israel and Israeli’s on their website.What is really sickening is that there are anti-Zionist Jews and Israeli’s who write for Al Jazeera.One female so called Israeli “journalist”has no qualms writing for them.Usually very negative articles about Israel and Israeli’s.

    • Fuck You

      Self-hating Jews become the worst anti-Semites, it happens in academia and among left-wing radicals quite often…

  • enufizenuf

    We really need to cut Ms. Benguenna some slack because, judging from that giant bandage she’s got on, it is pretty obvious that she, herself, has recently been stabbed in her head.

  • Richard

    Anchorwoman, you’re a mentally disturbed person.

  • Paul Cerar

    Khadija Benguenna is a daughter-of-a-pig! She will go to Hell for what she said! Did she really receive 70,000 “likes”? Each of those persons will go to Hell too!

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • No surprise here. Benguenna reveres the mass murderer of Jews,Muhammad. So it makes sense for her call another sociopath who enjoys trying to kill Jews her hero. Since all Muslims revere a mass murderer of Jews, she is no different.

  • Kerry Berger

    What a disgusting and unprofessional person acting as an anchorwoman for Al Jazeera. This idiot is no better than the anchors on Fox News in the USA in her expressions of hatred towards Jews and Israelis. I hope she has a miserable demise. She deserves it.