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Facebook Finally Caves on Anti-Israel Hate Pages

January 8, 2016 6:13 am 84 comments
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

In an email sent Wednesday afternoon to the Haym Salomon Center, Facebook rescinded its initial decision that a page that incited hatred and violence against Israelis met “community standards.”

“As you may have noticed, we have now taken down both those pages as we made a mistake earlier,” a Facebook spokesperson explained in the email.

The two referenced pages are “Stop Palestinians” and “Stop Israelis.” Both pages were set up by Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center as a test to determine how much hateful and violent incitement is tolerated on the social media website.  The civil rights group was also monitoring how quickly the pages would be taken down.

According to Shurat HaDin, The Big Facebook Experiment began on December 28th, 2015, with its simultaneous launch of two identical Facebook pages: Stop Palestinians and Stop Israelis. Shurat HaDin then began posting nearly identical content on both pages. The content on the “Stop Palestinians” page incited hatred and violence against Palestinians, and the content on the “Stop Israelis” page incited hatred and violence toward Israelis. Over the course of two days, the severity of the incitement was gradually increased on both pages.

After two days, the civil rights group reported the pages to Facebook on the grounds of violating community standards.

“Facebook was very quick to respond to our reports. On the same day that we filed the report, Facebook removed the ‘Stop Palestinians’ page that incited against Palestinians. Facebook sent us a response stating that the page was removed for ‘containing credible threat of violence’ which ‘violated our community standards.’ On the other hand, the ‘Stop Israelis’ page that incited against Israelis, was not removed. We received a response from Facebook stating that the page was ‘not in violation of Facebook’s rules.’  The ‘Stop Israelis’ page is still live on Facebook,” explained Shurat HaDin in a press release.

News first broke on Monday about what the Israeli and Jewish press deemed “Facebook’s double standard in removing inflammatory material on its site.” Calling their earlier decision a “mistake,” Facebook insists it “does not tolerate hate speech, including against people on the basis of their nationality. We review all reports and take down such content. Both these pages have now been removed from Facebook,” noted the email.

Shurat HaDin is not buying their statement.

“Unfortunately we do not believe it was a simple ‘mistake’ as Israelis and Jews worldwide have been relentlessly protesting that Facebook is completely unresponsive to this type of Palestinian incitement to violence,” said Shurat HaDin founder and Israeli attorney, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner. “Two months ago we filed a lawsuit in the New York State Supreme Court on behalf of over 20,000 Israeli citizens, seeking an injunction against Facebook for “intentionally disregarding the widespread incitement and calls for murder of Jews being posted on its web pages by Palestinians.  This simple experiment and its results speak for themselves.”

Darshan-Leitner continued, “Every Israeli that walks the street, rides the buses and sits in a public cafe is feeling the consequences of the Palestinian incitement to violence on social media.  We have displayed what thousands of Jewish activists and the Israeli security services have known since September — that the online incitement is driving the stabbing and vehicle attacks, and Facebook’s bias and refusal to act in real time is spurring on the terrorism.”

Noting that social media platforms like Facebook have sophisticated tools to block out subjects like pornography, Darshan-Leitner asserted that social media organizations must use their tools to stop incitement by Islamic extremists to kill Jews.

“A publicly traded company like Facebook that utilizes the Internet to make its billions in profits,” said Darshan-Leitner, “cannot simply turn a blind eye to the role it plays in aiding and abetting terrorists to carrying out their attacks.”

This article was originally published by The Observer. 


  • Why don’t you give half of your home to a Muslim family? And so trekking us to give half of our home.

  • I have to laugh at all of the comments here. first of all, i am pro-palestinian and want them to have 1/2 of what is now called the state of israel. it’s only fair. claiming “god” gave it to you is absurd to say the least. on this issue, i have seen many pro-israel hate speech against everyone who is not pro-israel. let’s take a look: IDF page. “f..k Islam pic with naked girl holding american/israel flag, response was “good target practice”. comments like “bomb the UN” is a clear threat, also on the IDF page, so my point is….stop killing and sit down like grown humanitarian adults and talk peace and love. idiots! war is not common sense! grow up and love each other damn it! we are ALL gods people~not just a few!

    • The “Palestinians” don’t want half of anything. They want all of Israel, with every Jew either dead, gone or living as dhimmis under Muslim rule. Your problem is you have no idea what they tell their own people in Arabic. It is just what I stated above. Subscribe to Palestinian Media Watch, and you’ll soon understand.

    • ignorance is the source of evil. you must get your history facts right. 100 years ago there were no Palestine but over 5000 years ago there was Israel. I feel sad for the Palestinians as they are a product of exile from their original Arab countries like Syria, Lebanon and many other Arab countries – and their own brothers and family member do not want them…
      If the Palestinians had leaders that truly cared about them- like Israel care about them- we would have peace in the middle east.
      when people do not learn the true history of the land and have an opinion that is negative and damaging which does not help the real problem just makes it bigger of a problem .
      why not talk about making peace? come up with ideas to bring all people together??
      the more you hate the more you destroy what you think is ‘RIGHT”

      • albert snow

        You got it a Little wrong. Arabs don´t originate from states like Syria, Lebanon, Egypt etc. They were all christians before the muslim imperialists began their conquests during the 700 century. Arabs are occupiers and originate from the Arabian penisnula. That´s their home and that´s where they ought to return to and let the maronites, assyrians, armenians, kopts, berbers etc. have their territories back.

      • “If the Palestinians had leaders that truly cared about them- like Israel care about them- we would have peace in the middle east.”

        – Like Israel care about them?

        Explain to me the water issues, child abuse and complete omission of human rights in Palestine if Israel really care.

        If Israel want to fight Hamas, it’s not by confiscating a child’s bicycle, using white phosphorus, bulldozing civilian housing and ‘putting Palestine on a diet’.

        Why don’t you do some reading up on the subject Carri before you form an opinion.

    • Janet Brown

      Israel already gave the Gaza and the West Bank for peace which they did not get. If Israel gives any more it will be the size of a postage stamp

    • You obviously have no idea what has been going on in the Middle East for the last 100 years.
      You are clearly another deluded left wing imbecile or as Vladimir Lenin would have said, a useful idiot for the muslims. I will not waste a whole of internet space refuting your nonsense as I know your kind is allergic to the facts. I will only make three comments. First comment Israel is here to stay whether you like it or not. Second is that there is no Palestine, never has been. Third comment If you really care about those people which I doubt the kindest you could do is encourage them to the lands that they came from which were Egypt Syria and Arabia.
      Muslims are invaders They need to go home and leave us in peace.

    • So, “all you want is 1/2″ of tiny Israel, eh Laurie? Let’s put aside for the moment that “palestinian” Arabs have had– and rejected— that chance several times since 1947. The Arab world has 22 other nations spread across two continents loaded with oil. We Ju’s, (as in JUdea)” have just one. Please don’t give us this crap about “fairness,” because if you really believed in it,”palestinians” would’ve been resettled in Arab countries 70 years ago, much as Israel resettled the 850,000 Jews maliciously exiled from Arab countries upon our nations establishment. Do we have the “right of return too?”

    • Lauren Rosen

      You are absolutely abhorrent, a deviant and completely demented. May you and your vile ideas go where the sun don’t shine. You are beyond disgusting. You are VILE.

      • To whom are you addressing that vile, wrathful outburst of hate? You addressed no point that was discernible, so what was your point in the ugly, Jewish post?

    • Why don’t you give half of your home to a Muslim family?

    • “.stop killing and sit down like grown humanitarian adults and talk peace and love” That’s good to know you take the Israeli view on this. Now, convince your allies on the other side of this, and you will have contributed something. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your breath.

  • Disgusting ass saving by Facebook against the suit filed against them. Means nothing. They need to pay.

    • You Jews are never satisfied, are you?

      • marcella wachtel

        Not until we get justice. Isn’t that the whole point? But to make another point,
        You NON-Jews are never satisfied, are you? Believe in what you want, worship in your own way, make peace with the fact that there are different kinds of people in the world, Leave us Jews to our own devices; i.e. mind your own business.


  • Louis McGlasson

    However, Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a jew.

  • FB has long been amazingly tolerant of hateful rhetoric — and outright threats — against Jews and Israel, and VERY quick to act if someone mentions that Muslims are worse than swine, being descended not from pigs, but from pig feces.

    • FB has become a joke. If an anti-Semite or muzzrat posts hate about Jews and Israel, then it’s fine. If the Jews post a rebuttal, then we are banned from posting for 30 days (i.e. FB jail). Mark Zuckerberg is nothing but a self-hating Jew and might as well be a muzzrat.

  • Facebook, us not doing enough. Hate speech against plastianen and left wing Israeli, are in great numbers.
    The test should have been done. A few,times not just once

    • Daniel Hassid

      Mark Zuckerburg has a track record of being a universalist and being on the ultra left. He has strongly supported the immigration of islamists into Europe.

  • We really do not know if it was an honest mistake or not, but I am thinking if it had been an honest mistake, they would have apologized.

  • Of course, one glaringly obvious reason behind the bias is that two of the centers FB contracts to look for obscenity are in Morocco and Indonesia, both predominantly Muslim.

    It’s a matter of dealing with the bias of the moderators that are working for $1/hour plus piece rate (where you get paid incrementally per item processed), which still adds up to less than half the US minimum wage.

    I wonder if the liberals that got so upset on some the gay kiss pics and breast feeding pics being censored ever considered it was probably a Muslim censoring them, not a Christian or Jew? Because all their hate over the censoring sure got pointed in the direction of Christianity.

  • Please! FB has been supporting hate bullying for years. Just because you put it in youtr policies FB, doesn`t make you a great company. You have to actually act on it in an impartial way, not according to your personal likes and dislikes.

  • Good News it has “Caved in” on a few pages but there are thousands of hate images and posts on Facebook they say it does not “Violate their community standards” Why anyway do thety have to “Cave in to standards they had already agreed on .Currently Barry Shaw a leading Israel Advocat has been blocked for 30 days by facebook for speaking the truth about Israel . Facebook has a very long way to go before it at least complies with it’s own published “Community standards”

  • We would deduce from the sting operation that social media has not matured enough to distinguish between seditious reporting and a pattern developed or actual and factual reporting without prejudice.To our understanding,this sting was out of Facebook’s Ireland location,regardless,there will be more eyes on this type of behavior.

  • This is a simple matter of customer base. There are over 300 million Arabs and over 1 billion Muslims in total in the world. Conversely, there are only 6 or 7 million Jews in Israel and perhaps a little over twice that number of Jews worldwide. Facebook has done the calculations and crunched the numbers, and fears alienating a large group of people who have anti-Israel and/or anti-Semitic leanings, which also includes a large number of non-Muslim people. Mr. Zuckerburg may be Jewish by birth, but blocking the incitement of murder against his own people and support for his ancient homeland, takes a backseat to ensuring his social network remains dominant in that part of the world.

  • I reported several jew-hated pages and the response from facebook is always the same:
    “We reviewed the Page you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

    I find that facebook took down a page if hundreds/thousands users report it.

    I reported several arab-language hate-speech facebook pages like this, without results (if you want to report them, please do it):
    (Killing and the destruction of the Jews)
    (Kill Israel)
    (Israel to demise)
    (Death to America, Death to Israel, a curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam)
    (Destroy Israel)
    (Destroy Israel!!)

    Please help me to report them!!

  • Such a shame. It’s all been said before me but I want to throw some emphasis on the fact that Zuckerberg should be called out and named for supporting anti semitism. It does, after all, start at the top.

    • Leslie Benjamini

      If I had a penny for everytime I have called out Zukerberg for his antisemitism I would be wealthy. Yeah, it starts at top, so does the rotting fish start from the head. But Zukerberg does NOT CARE.

    • Classic retort to anyone complaining about Jewish behavior: “Anti-Semitism.”

  • Yehudi Siegle

    I suspect this is just another example of untrue statements about Facebook intent and actions. If by some stretch of the imagination it is true, it would be very misguided. I am Jewish and dislike hate speech toward our people, but censorship on Facebook is a slippery slope. What would the next thing and the next be that a group of people find offensive and must be taken down? I understand taking down anything which appears to invoke threats of violence, but people speaking their own opinions, no matter how distasteful they may be, have the right to express them in a public forum. At least that is how supposed to be in the USA

    • I have experienced personally the lax attitude FB has towards whatever is posted within the site. If they think taking something down violates ANYONE’s freedom of speech, they just don’t want to touch it. It could be credible threats of violence, outright porn, animal abuse, dead bodies – and children can easily find these images. They frankly don’t care. ‘Distasteful’you say? This is way past ‘distasteful’. And these images and words are globally posted. So it has nothing to do with the USA. The only bad part about having these sites and images removed is that the posters, or groups will just pop up their ugly heads somewhere else on FB, in a new group, with renewed vigor. The posters need to be left alone on FB so places like Interpol can find and prosecute these thugs and killers.

      • Well now, you’re quite the little tattler, aren’t you? Can’t just ignore other peoples’ opinions if they don’t match your own? That isn’t kosher is it?

    • I reported an individual for commenting that Jewish bankers should all be killed (on a hate-filled page with thousands of followers). Received a message saying the comment didn’t violate their standards. How is that not a violation? I also have a young female relative who by posted a nude photo of herself on facebook. She said someone reported it but it was deemed to not be a violation. It was an “artist” photo but still contained close-up full frontal nudity. I don’t have a problem with that in general but facebook isn’t the place for it, especially in a public post. Why does facebook bother posting rules about standards and then disregard them? Are there double standards at work? I seriously doubt that full frontal male nudity would be allowed to stay. I also doubt that a comment saying black people should be killed would stay either.

  • I can’t and won’t say that Facebook isn’t biased against Israel, because I have no evidence to do so. But I would note that this experiment was somewhat anecdotal and it was controlled by the Israel Law Center who would obviously have an incentive to show bias against Israel. That doesn’t mean there definitely is bias; they may have been very academic and scientific about how they set up the experiment. But without seeing all the posts on the two pages it’s hard to know.

    I would suggest a more macro level experiment cataloging all Facebook pages found on Facebook over a period of time and then tracking how many were taken down for inciting violence. If more of one side are taken down then we could conclude either that one side is publishes more incitement or that Facebook is biased. To know which is the case would require some rubric for measuring incitement. Herein lies the difficulty in the original experiment and any others.

  • If you search “I hate Israel” you’ll be flooded with pages filled with antisemitic rants, pictures showing violence against Israelis, swastikas, the list goes on…
    Try reporting the pages though… you get your account flagged as spam for reporting too many pages.

    • It’s time for us JEWS to tell FB to either remove all the anti-Semites and muzzrats or we will close our accounts and take our business elsewhere.

    • Thank you for that information, I am going right to that site.

  • Teresa Gourdier

    Facebook, quit your bull and be real! You’re bias and you only closed the page because people started to complain and uncover your antisemitism within your walls. Shame shame shame!

  • Suzanne Zagroon

    This experiment strongly suggests that Facebbok is not only irresponsible in its failure to monitor its product being used to encourage violence, but actually biased against Israel and Its citizens, and prepared to ignore the potential and actual threats being made by Palestinians.
    Ofcourse social media can and is being used for murderous ends, and ofcourse Facebbok can not wash its hands of its responsibility , or its prejudice

  • What a shame Facebook had to be caught in this ‘sting’ before they would do anything. Shameful.

  • Easy for Facebook to cave on this one…after they have been exposed for their hypocrisy, profit-seeking, and bias.

    However, by no means is it a demonstration that Facebook has in any way altered its anti-Semitic ways.

    Be certain that anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli incitement on Facebook will continue to get a free pass–uniquely–long into the future, so long as the ultra-leftist Zuckerberg flaunts his liberal creds by placing his own people dead last, rather than equal, to others.

  • I have repeatedly reported posts and comments that are anti-semitic, racist or pornographic. Generally, the posts and comments that were identified by me as anti-semitic were deemed as not going against their community standards and therefore these posts and comments (and/or posters and commentators) were not removed or dealt with in any productive or desirable way. My question is who is in charge of these protests and who decides which posts and comments go against Facebook’s community standards. I have repeatedly asked Facebook’s community standards committee (if such exists) to review and revise their standards in such a way as to satisfactorily and fairly meet the needs of all of Facebook’s community not just the favoured few. Until this is done, Facebook cannot honestly state that it meets the needs of all its constituents. The experiment by Shurat Ha Din proves that there is definitely an anti-semitic/anti-Israel bias where Facebook is concerned and this bias is totally uncalled for in a group that is supposedly democratic and representative of all members.

    • You Jews spend more time complaining, whining, and moaning about imagined slights than you do trying to become decent, friendly, generous, patriotic people. Why is that?

      • marcella wachtel

        Why is that? Hmmm . . .let’s see. We already ARE decent, friendly generous and patriotic people.

        On the other hand, we have a lot of sympathy for those who envy us so much that they drive themselves to distraction. And why is that?

  • Rochelle Maisel

    Better late than never is a comforting refrain when u reach the railway station just in time to miss the train.

  • meanwhile

    this page and 6 more like it have been up for years..
    1000s have complained, but we must be sensitive to the double standards of followers of satan.. oh, my bad- allah

  • Can anybody share a link to a list of the top inciting facebook pages so we can see for ourselves?

  • Eydie Weichselbaum

    Marc Zuckerberg MUST be called out.

    Jews should know that when a Jew is at the helm of a large and popular organization, it is the worst thing for Jews . Example… Starbucks! Never wish for a Jewish president.

  • fb = anti-Jewish liars

  • Facebook did NOT cave this is a CYA no more

  • Yeah, right.
    Facebook still doesn’t see “Jewish Ritual Murder” as violating its standards.

  • Shame on you Mark!

  • Facebook is pro homosexual Pro Islam they are anti Semitic and love Palestinian terrorists Mark Zuckerberg is a queer lover and an anti Semite! Facebook supports the homosexual sodomites which are pedophiles! Protect your children from the scum!

    • I think you may have missed a group in your rant. Also, grammatically, is it that Zuckerberg has some unusual lovemaking techniques, or a lover of queers? Plus, you really don’t score any points in trying to hold yourself out as philo-semitic but anti-gay; we sort of all stick together, at least when the Council of the Elders of Zion holds its meetings.

    • Terry Maguire

      Is there not a community standard that applies to this blog where homophobic posts, such as that posted by Rf on January 9 2106 at 10:02 pm are removed for their hateful content. Or am I alone in viewing the terms “pro homosexual”, “queer lover” and “homosexual sodomites” as hateful, discriminatory and an incitement to violence against a certain group in society?

    • GreensAndNettles

      Contributing in a slanderous way won’t get anywhere positive. Just saying’.

    • “Homosexuals are paedophiles”. Did you actually write that?
      The level of blind ignorance and hate that is required to even think that, let alone type it beggars belief. Such obscene stupidity hasn’t been see since Hitlers days.
      Sickos like you should be locked up for the protection of everyone’s kids!
      I don’t care if FB is pro Islam. I do however care if their moderators are institutionally anti Semitic and on that charge they were found undeniably guilty long ago.
      I suspect it was based on theirs a that zuckerberg shouldn’t be seen to be biased and whenever people do that, they always go too far.

    • Why are you here, Rf?

  • Very disappointed in Facebook not censoring incitement against the state of Israel and the Jewish people

  • Dr Vince Lurie

    Facebook are definitely lying. A few of us made an effort to report and request the removal from Facebook of blatant hate pages calling for Jews to be killed. We were largely unsuccessful and in the main, received the response that the pages we reported “did not violate Facebooks standards”. In fact one of our group had her Facebook page suspended, we assumed for causing too many waves. She was a lawyer, and after several threatening letters to Facebook, was reinstated again.

    • Mr. Cohen, why is it that the first thing you Jews think about in any situation is “Sue ’em!”

      • marcella wachtel

        Better than what you people think about:”Kill em’!” If you were a bit more intelligent you would know the anwer to your childish questionl.

  • The Jihadistani incitement persists and persisted for many years. The lawsuit should exact damages and compensation for all those years in which the Jihadistani incitement persisted and still persists. I hope ‘Shurat HaDin’ sues Facebook and the other CIA/Nazi propaganda operations (NYT, WP, AP, etc.) out of existence.

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