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April 18, 2016 5:52 pm

Watchdog Groups Blast CNN for ‘Bus Fire’ Headline Following Major Terror Bombing in Jerusalem

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A screenshot of the CNN report on Monday's Jerusalem bus explosion, which was confirmed as a terrorist attack. Photo: Screenshot.

A screenshot of the CNN report on Monday’s Jerusalem bus explosion, which was confirmed as a terrorist attack. Photo: Screenshot.

Leading Jewish groups harshly denounced CNN on Monday for failing to refer to a major bus bombing in Jerusalem as a terrorist attack.

“There’s no excuse for this; hopefully it’s not part of a pattern,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Algemeiner. 

Cooper was responding to CNN‘s coverage of an explosion on the number 12 bus as it drove through Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood during rush hour. At least 21 people were wounded in the incident, two of them critically. Although the cause of the incident was initially unclear, Jerusalem Police Chief  Yoram Levy soon confirmed, “There is no doubt that this is a terror attack.”

But, as of the time of this publication, the leading CNN article reporting on the incident carried the headline, “Bus fire in Jerusalem injures at least 21, police say.”

“CNN is an important news organization and it owes its readership, the victims and itself to get the story right,” Cooper said. “I hope it updates this story, as it has done for others in the past, in a timely fashion.”

Dexter Van Zile, a researcher for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), added, “It’s universally understood that this was a terrorist attack. CNN needs to get on the shtick and change the headline.”

In its article about the explosion, which was updated throughout the day, CNN referred to the attack as a “bus fire” and “bus blast.” It also cited Israeli officials calling the bombing a “deliberate attack” and said, “It’s unclear whether the attack was linked to terror groups.” However, the offending headline remained.

Simon Plosker, managing editor of the media watchdog HonestReporting, told The Algemeiner, “CNN’s headline implies that the bus spontaneously combusted. The bus did not simply catch fire – it was a deliberate act and CNN fails to acknowledge this. That the headline is still online hours after terrorism has been confirmed as the cause of the blaze is absolutely appalling.”

The SWC’s Cooper called on the United Nations’ Security Council members to convene a session to specifically condemn Hamas as a terrorist group and “all elements of the Palestinian Authority [that are] validating and promoting terrorism 24/7.”

“Events like today are what’s blocking peace,” Cooper told The Algemeiner. “Terrorism and hatred are what’s blocking peace. We need to finally call out the terrorists for what they are. CNN may be slow in recognizing this as a terrorist attack. The Security Council has been a little bit slow for a longer period of time.”

CNN did not immediately respond to The Algemeiner‘s request for a comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, Amichai Stein, deputy editor of Israel’s Channel 1, posted a video on Twitter showing Palestinians in the Gaza Strip celebrating the bus attack by handing out candy to drivers — a common practice in the both the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority following major terrorist events against Israelis.

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  • Jerry

    It is reprehensible that CNN hasn’t updated this story in 24 hr since the original posting. Although the police were initially hesitant to call it a terrorist attack, there is now no doubt of it. What are the CNN people doing in Israel? Are they off covering preparations for Passover?

    • CNN? The Communist News Network?

  • Fred Munster

    Who is John Galt?

  • Peter Diffenbacher

    Good catch , , , just kick them out of Israel as being a front for terrorists.

  • Monty, Pam, Gabi, Pnina,Jo, Edna, Shani, Avi, Har-El, Boaz, Tzvika, Shalev, Avigaail,, Be’eri, Nir, Doron, Netta Pogoda/ Tzeissler

    Pity CNN doesn’t go bankrupt and closes its doors. This is my prayer.

    • Keep the faith Al Jazeera just went out of business.

  • Martin Bookspan

    Equally reprehensible were CNN’s later follow-through stories, which they headlined “Bus explodes in major city….. ” Major city? Those evil scum should be forever prohibited from pronouncing the name of Jerusalem. Their headline for what happened on 9/11 might well have been “Twin towers in downtown Manhattan impede flight of two aircraft”.

  • jon enten

    I have stopped watching CNN. Enough is enough!

  • Robert Davis

    PS. The extent of their LIES goes to defining themselves as…”liberals” when they are in fact communists ie the contrary to liberals, likewise “democrats” when they are totalitarian, again the contrary to democrats. They also call real democrats who are not to be found with the democ-rats but with the Republicans,”fascists” or “rich” which to them is an insult and a trick to steal their money so as not to have to work and still live lavishly and use their time taking on real democrats etc. On top of that their political trick is now to give immigrants indegenous citizenship so that they vote for them and keep calling themselves…democrats! A PUTSH is really needed now to save the real indegenous from the fake once in America and europe.

  • Alan J Weberman

    The first reports from the Israeli police were ambiguous. I don’t think this was intentional.

    • Robert Davis

      Sure you also think the democ-rats are democrats?

    • Diane HAHN

      What is the address of your rock?

      • Diane HAHN

        What moderation is democratic rat

  • Ken Kelso

    Here’s the best example of CNN being a Pro Palestinian terrorist network.
    In 2002 Ruth Peled age 56 and her granddaughter Sinai Kenan, a 14-month-old baby were murdered by Palestinian homicide bombers in Tel-Aviv while they were eating ice cream.
    CNN interviewd the mother of the Palestinian homicide bomber who massacred Ruth Peled and Sinai. Ofcourse the mother praised her Islamo Nazi son who murdered these defenseless Jews.

    CNN promised to interview the mother of a 14-month-old Sinai but they never did.
    Instead all CNN did was interview the mother of one of the homicide bombers who massacred Ruth and Sinai and praise his actions.

    So we have CNN only interviewing the mass murdering Palestinians to do their propaganda for them.
    What a sick Jihadist network CNN Is.

  • Ken Kelso

    Look how Ben Wedeman of CNN last year made the Palestinian terrorists behind Har nof synagogue massacre the victims.

  • Anita Kelman

    If the bomb was detonated by a Palestinian suicide bomber who then was badly injured or killed in the attack, I would expect MSM to post a headline reading “Palestinian badly injured(killed) in bus blast”.

  • Theodore Crawford

    G_d give mercy and comfort to the victims. It is He alone Who will rescue Israel out of all her troubles.

  • ita

    CNN’s owner TED…he is, has been, and always will be more anti-jewish, than the most anti-semetic muslem in the US. It is his own private propaganda network. Is worse than the Arab owned AP.

  • Stefano Gay

    and the BBC ??

    Yesterday, the same shamefull behave has been conducted from other major Online media, amond these was the most infamous one….BBC, put the new in third tiny position on the first page, assuming that it was just an innocent bus fire…..

  • Sherlock Holmes

    ‘Celebrating attacks on Israel…’ Who can forget the live coverage of Pals celebrating and throwing sweets on 9 / 11? Even the BBC included coverage — until Arafat and the PLO complained that the public celebration has not been ‘authorised’ by Arafat!!!

  • Lammie

    Thank you Alexis Jemima. You are one of the few people who “get it”. Most people live in a world of wishful thinking. You see things as they are. In Israel we very much appreciate people who understand the kind of things we have to live with. There are of course many Arabs who yearn for peace as much as the Jews do – but their corrupt “leaders” in the Palestinian Authority and in Gaza have no intention of living peacefully. They themselves live in mansions and have billions stacked away in foreign banks – money which Europe and the USA provide in order to help improve living standards in their areas. These “leaders” do not care about the lives of their people, they care only about their own comfort and killing Jews.

  • Rob Schwartz

    The bias of CNN is deplorable!

  • The precise equivalent of this would be if CNN reported 9/11 with this headline: “Twin Towers Fall Down”

    Joseph Goebbels would be very proud of the CNN team.

  • Shlomo Liberman

    Too many “the“
    a common practice in the both the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority

  • Mayven

    CNN is consistent in all its coverage …brown nosing every opportunity the Arab side to gain favor wherever it can and an open door to spotlight incidents that curry favor for its ratings.

    Call it prositution …CNN subscribes every which way

  • Francis Figliola

    “hopefully it’s not part of a pattern.” Are you kidding, Rabbi? Of course it is part of a pattern! MSM just can’t bear to report what happened. It’s “Doublespeak”, language purposefully constructed to disguise the actual meaning or event. – Orwell, “1984”

    • Peter Joffe

      Of course it was an accident as it is common occurrence for buses to simply self destruct!!?? I think that CNN in particular and BBC in general are slowly being taken over by Islam. Soon they will not be worth watching as they are denialists and terror supporters. They follow the Obama way of not blaming the terrorists. When is the world going to wake up and report the truth and the truth could have been reported as “Terrorism is suspected!. The end of civilization will end in Israel if the world sits on their hands and blames or ignores the victims. What happens in Israel and is allowed to grow, will soon be happening in the USA but then CNN will try to find out why the terrorists are not happy.

  • Jay

    Why doesn’t the Israeli government expel CNN?

    • Stefano Gay

      They should kick out the BBC media as well, they did the same yestarday…it is the the same from ever …they do not love Israel neither the jews….

  • stevenl

    The mass media do what is fashionable. Ignore when Israel is the victim and demonize when IL is right.

  • fred

    No wonder most US & European TV channel pander to their Arab masters. I have never seen any TV segment favouring Israel in the world of science or portraying the countries progress from a desert to a modern state. All you see is the most negative portrait imaginable. So lies in the “news”are very important ingredient for the subservience of TV .

  • Mickey Oberman

    I consider Algemeiner to be the best English language Israeli news source.

    But I am constantly frustrated by its refusal to publish all the comments it receives without providing any reason for its secrecy.

    I, therefore, request that my name be removed from your list of subscribers forthwith.

    Mickey Oberman

    • Stefano Gay

      it depends from what you write on it…

  • CNN stands for Crescent News Network. It is just as antisemitic as The Guardian. Everyone who works at CNN wishes they had lived in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s so they could have worked for Dr Sturmer

    • I agree with you100%. The news and most of Europe are anti Israel,anti semitic. The CNN report of the bus explosion was indeed a Terrorist attack especially
      given that the Palestinians celebrated the injured people who were on the bus

      and unknown to them going about their daily lives by giving out candy? This is a shamda, disgusting and should be reviled by decent people worldwide.

  • Alexis Jemima

    There is no coexisting with people who not only incite each other to maim and murder innocent people just for being Jews…but then celebrate when it happens. They’re passing out candy and exulting while 21 of their neighbors, who were just going about their lives, are now broken, blinded, burned, in pain–and 2 of them burned so badly they are beyond recognition. Those lives–if they survive at all–will never be the same. Their families’ lives will never be the same. Layers of suffering, sorrow and pain will ripple out from this for years; in some cases for the rest of their lifetimes.

    What kind of savages openly celebrate the suffering they’ve caused to people they’ve never even met, who have never done them any harm? Not only is there no way to coexist with such–BUT WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYBODY WANT TO?

    Why hold this mythical “coexistence” fantasy out as the goal–rather than the more obvious one of STOPPING AND CONDEMNING THESE ATROCITIES and everyone who incites, facilitates, and carries them out? The goal should be discrediting and eliminating the evil ideology and blood-libel propaganda that leads to this–and finally, removing from civilized countries those who simply will not participate in the minimum essential requirements for civilization to flourish: such as, not mass-murdering your neighbors.

  • Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    Sadly CAMERA has no credibility because if its rightwing politics so CNN with itd large list of JEWISH reporters and anchors will get away with this outrage.

  • Stein

    The Ultraleftist appeasement of Islamism, is destroying the Left.

    The Left will dwindle to an insignificant percentage across the Western World, because of this suicidal stupidity.

  • Mickey Oberman

    CNN is probably deep in the pockets of Islam.

    • Andy Tamir

      You better believe it. Even the few Jewish reporters at CNN are rabid anti Israel.

  • Ephraim

    CNN is a major biased propaganda organization, which would not report the news if the owners’ lives were on the line.

  • I was expecting CNN and BBC to report “Israeli fires threaten Palestinian Neighborhoods”.