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July 3, 2016 3:29 pm

Clinton-Linked Israel Basher Max Blumenthal Disparages, Defames the Late Elie Wiesel; Says Holocaust Survivor ‘Should Not Be Honored’

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Max Blumenthal. Photo: Twitter.

Max Blumenthal. Photo: Twitter.

As the world began to mourn the passing of renowned author, Holocaust survivor, Nobel Prize recipient and Algemeiner Tribute Committee Chairman Elie Wiesel on Saturday, with heart-felt eulogies and personal tributes from heads of state to friends, a famous Israel-basher took the opportunity to disparage and defame the intellectual icon.

Max Blumenthal — senior writer for AlterNet and author of Goliath and The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza, a virulently anti-Israel book about Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014 – took to Twitter to say, “Elie Wiesel is dead. He spent his last years inciting hatred, defending apartheid & palling around with fascists.”

Wiesel, he wrote, “did more harm than good and should not be honored.”

In a series of additional tweets in the aftermath of the announcement that Wiesel had died, Blumenthal — whose close association with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was revealed in the batches of emails released from her server over the past year– proceeded to explain his antipathy to the beloved chronicler of Nazi atrocities, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama in 2013.

He “went from a victim of war crimes to a supporter of those who commit them,” wrote Blumenthal, referring to Wiesel’s staunch support for Israel.

“Elie Wiesel repeatedly lauded Jewish settlers for ethnically cleansing Palestinians in East Jerusalem,” Blumenthal tweeted, along with an article from the far-Left online publication Mondoweiss.

“Elie Wiesel took $500,000 from hate preacher Pastor John Hagee, who has written that Hitler was a ‘half breed Jew,’” Blumenthal wrote.

Meanwhile, Larry Derfner, a writer for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles and +972 magazine, posted to Facebook an article about Wiesel written last year by Peter Beinart, senior editor at The Atlantic and a columnist for Israel’s left-wing daily, Haaretz.

Derfner prefaced his post with: “The whole truth about Elie Wiesel, RIP, written last year by Peter Beinart.”

The article, which appeared in Haaretz last February, is titled, “The Tragedy of Elie Wiesel: Why does such a great man keep apologizing for a government that betrays his ideals?”

Beinart began by praising Wiesel’s “brilliance,” which “lay not merely in his ability to convey what Jews endured at Auschwitz but in his ability to convey the riches that they brought with them, riches that future generations must not squander…”

He went on:

Why is Elie Wiesel, one of the world’s great champions of human rights, denying the human rights abuses to which even Israel’s own former Shin Bet chiefs have testified? Because the occupation – Israel’s control for almost 50 years of millions of human beings who lack the basic rights proclaimed by its own declaration of independence – stains everything it touches, not only in Israel but across the Jewish world….

Beinart concluded: “On moral questions, Elie Wiesel speaks louder than any Jew alive. Which makes his silence loudest too.”

On Sunday, after critical reports of Blumenthal’s tweets began to appear on social media, he removed them from his page.

The Clintons released the following statement in honor of Wiesel:

Hillary and I are deeply saddened by the passing of Elie Wiesel. We join all those around the world in mourning his loss and giving thanks for his life.

Elie shouldered the blessing and the burden of survival. In words and deeds, he bore witness and built a monument to memory to teach the living and generations to come the perils of human indifference.

As he often said, one person of integrity can make a difference. For so many, he was that difference—including at the dedication of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in 1993 when he urged me to stop the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia; at the White House Millennium Lecture Hillary invited him to give; and in all his wonderful books and lectures.

We send our deepest sympathies and prayers to Marion and Elisha, always grateful for the great love they shared with Elie and the strength it gave him, and for all the kindness and friendship he gave us.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted: “On Saturday a great man, Elie Wiesel, passed away. The world is a better place because of him and his belief that good can triumph over evil!”

Wiesel, 88, was born in Romania. He published 57 books — written mostly in French and English — including Night, based on his experiences as a prisoner in Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

A life-long activist for human rights, he was described by the Los Angeles Times in 2003 as the “most important Jew in America.” 

The Algmeiner released the following statement of tribute:

The Algemeiner newspaper’s publisher, editors, officers and staff mourn the passing of revered Nobel laureate, Holocaust survivor, journalist and author Elie Wiesel.

Wiesel served as Algemeiner Tribute Committee chairman and played a key role in the paper’s founding. He appeared as an Algemeiner columnist for many years and often published commentary on world events in The Algemeiner’s pages. We honor his profound, personal friendship and support of The Algemeiner.

A renowned – proudly Jewish – voice of conscience, Wiesel wasn’t only the Jewish people and Israel’s most compelling advocate, but a tireless champion of moral causes the world over.

Wiesel described The Algemeiner as a ‘warrior for truth’ but it was in fact Wiesel himself who most embodied this great accolade.

In permanent tribute to his memory and in continuity of his immense spirit, The Algemeiner resolves to never be silent in the face of injustice, and to strive to live up to his clarion call to serve as a ‘warrior for truth’ for the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel.

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  • Only Jews have Jew haters like Max Blumenthal, son of Sidney Blumenthal. Where do they come from? Who makes them this way?
    When do Jews say enough and make sure they never do any more harm to Jews.

    Regrding Elie Wiese. I hate and despise Elie Wiesel because he forgave the Nazis who murderred his family.

    People like Elie Wiesel made is so easy to hate and kill Jews because Jews did not and do not fight back and kill their haters and attackers.

    The Holocaust? Has it been any safer for Jews since 1945 in this world?

    No, because they are so weak and pathetic.

    Great wealth is not like having great power. It can all be taken away in the blink of an eye.

  • Iska Waran

    Did Max learn this way of thinking from Sidney (Hillary’s BFF)? Not that it matters. Her supporters would stick with her even if she joined the Aryan Brotherhood.

  • William C. McKee

    I proclaim to all that Elie Wiesel is given his rest within the bosom of Abraham. As much as any of us might hope for, eternity with God is his. But as much as Elie Wiesel was a saint, he was also a man. And he carried the cross of his flaws in life as do all of us. I suspect that Wiesel himself would say, “Think not that I am worth everything, and that this Blumenthal fellow is worth nothing. For he too is a child of God.” If rightful criticism of even a saint, brings about change for the better, then that saint is still in the service of his God.

    The other day in church a visiting priest preached words from Jesus from the pulpit. Jesus said in part, “that he saw Satan falling from Heaven as lightning”. And went on to remark that it is well to be able to confront even evil powers on earth, but that it is even more of importance to regard that your name is written in the Book of Life, of course on a Heavenly desk.

    I asked my priest if he could agree in prayer with me as to “Satan falling from Heaven”. What good is even the prayer of Jesus, if no one will dare agree with it? The poor priest that I put on the spot. I confess to all the pain that I may have caused him. Of that I have personal shame. I confess it to my God. I asked of him to agree in prayer, that our earth’s nuclear weapons be directly and completely diverted from the evil of our contract with Satan, and used [to even save the earth]. He turned away. He could not make that prayer. And I am broken inside that no matter the thought out tiny details, no one seems able to agree with that prayer request.

    But the final resort is Heaven itself. If a credible saint has been installed in Heaven, then might we call upon him to intercede? Why waste all of his courage, just because he doesn’t happen to directly walk among us anymore? Would he not have God’s ear? Would there not be perks to being a Heavenly saint? I think so.

    So I would ask of Elie Wiesel, to bring the question to God: “Why is it that mankind (and womankind too) has not challenged the certitude of stationing 500 tons of HE Pu/U-235, with 1500 tons of the same in standby (in case we ever figured out more targets of interest) to destroy everything God ever said was “good” that he had created? And furthermore, why have we hid from the light of day, that Thorium technology, can provide limitless (and very inexpensive) peaceful energy, with no risk of war?” Our best and brightest scientists tried to make highly purified U-233, derived from Thorium technology into a weapon (along with ingredients that they knew would work in that regard) — and the device, that should have worked — was a near fizzle. Evidently they failed to eliminate all the gamma ray source material, and that seemingly cause an ignition of the device before full and complete burning of the uranium took place. A challenge for engineers? Maybe. But also maybe, God putting his thumb on the scale of life or death. He made it quite clear. We have freedom to choose. But he also has his preference as to what he would like. So newly installed saint Elie Wiesel, I would ask you to bend God’s ear over such matters.

    And to all that look upon the terror of ISIS as the worst thing ever. Just maybe St. Wiesel saw even worse. ISIS has stated that they wish to blow up the Great Pyramid of Giza. The destruction of a 5000+ year old structure, with much history of the world attached to it, would be a great loss to us all. The youthful Moses, learned of the Law of Hammurabi at the foot of the thing. He would not have been prepared in the foundation of his mind for later laws, without the experience of preceding laws. And where would he have learned of boldness, without first seeing an entire culture, from greatest to least, on common war footing to stand forever against the God of Death — much represented by the climate change that created the Sahara Desert, that the fathers of their fathers remembered? Indeed, from your scripture, is it not the fate of Jews, to challenge the God of Death, and reverse the desert — and return it to a super abundant garden for the entire earth? A continuation of an original boldness, learned from the people that built what ISIS sees, but as an affront to their God.

    ISIS is bad, for much of the reason expressed above. Technically to convert a structure of 2.6 million cubic meters of dense stone into gravel, would require no less really than a 15 kiloton bomb. Lesser explosives might do no more than knock dust off the structure. From standard tables of underground nuclear explosions, the 15 kt device is 150 % of what is required for the task. ISIS is a death cult, at least in the sense that they only believe that they can get to Heaven, by fighting an ultimately evil enemy to the death. They have human hearts, and they know that they are doing wrong, but like all of us, in one way or another — they greatly rationalize. Have we not done quite exactly the same thing with our fabled “red button”?

    On Judgment Day, those of ISIS will stand before God, and on the issue of the Pyramid say, “We intended no wrong here. We intended merely the bloodless destruction of a carved stone item, dedicated to dead Gods (or being supposedly immortal, perhaps Gods residing in retirement homes — whatever the case). And moreover, what was the actual harm in doing symbolic war? Look on the back of the dollar bill. Behold the two sides of The Great Seal. We merely wanted to show, that even the eagle and the proud shield of Captain America (and a lot of military might) couldn’t stop us from reducing the supposedly immortal structure on the left to no more than gravel.” Well something along those lines is what they will say to God.

    But worry less about what ISIS might say to God along those matters. Their punishment for potentially leveling a monument to dust with a nuclear weapon, might take a very far second place next to ours. Yes we could indeed say, “Look Lord at all the killing, raping, theft and worse that they have done. Are there any creatures of Creation that are worse?” And he would reply, “Yes I hear you. But what did you ever say or do, concerning your contract with Mr. Scratch, to turn not merely a monument to dust, but in fact the entire world to dust? And they at least intended to issue fair warning to people to stay out of harm’s way. What was your intention?”

    It is said that Mohammad took a trip to Heaven. And the evidence was foot prints in the sand. But of course people can lend out their footwear. Also he had his book to present. Well I also took a trip to Heaven. Maybe something relatively common. I used myself, rather deliberately, as a human shield. Intending to trade a life for a life. The only thing that troubled me at that moment was un-confessed sin. As Jesus was a model in my life. I was firmly convinced that God was good, and then some. There was trepidation about landing on the floor at his feet, with all my many flaws. But evidently he heard my last prayer. That he bless and protect the man in my arms, and his much worried wife. There is something in Matthew’s Beatitudes, when you show mercy, then mercy shall be returned.

    God showed me a vision of the entire universe. The counterpoint to Mohammad’s famous foot prints in the sand. I’m presently sending formulas to astronomers (with fantastic things to test). No possibility of lent out footwear in this case. Kind of the challenge is how to derive what I gave them, by any standard method, and yet to [themselves] prove the answers to thought provoking questions that were bugging them. With these trips to Heaven matters there is always the question of subjective vs objective proof. I could, by the training of my life, conjecture that my dying mind created the vision of my standing in God’s hand. But all the same here are the equations, that appear to answer questions. Yet even I am surprised at the very much (provided for) fortuitous serendipity of finding what things that I found, and [when] exactly I found them. Kind of like angels helping out.

    As to my God given book. He apparently saw no reason to waste pages. What he said, has a duel meaning. I was at death’s door, quite obviously. The consequence of being tossed half a football field. His words, that I relate to you with its double meaning, “You must wake up now!” As a prophet with a book, have I faithfully told what I was to tell? Kind of, that is in your hands.

  • Ben

    Blumenthal and Beinart are two miserable,degenerate individuals who will leave this world leaving behind a vacuous legacy of lies,hate,and slander.

  • Real Jew

    Max and his father Sidney are both modern-day Capos. Hilary has proven repeatedly that she really enjoys the support of self-hating Jews like the Blumenthals and Alan Colmes.

  • louis

    The Dome of the Rock (or the adjacent Dome of the Chain) stands directly over the site of the Holy of Holies of both Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple. That being the case, how did the pesky Jews dig under the Muslim Dome of the Rock and build Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple? And they did this while never being detected by the Arab Muslims! Man are those Jewish people tricky or what? Results: Muslim Arabs occupy the Jewish homeland and these Muslims must end their occupation! Join Moussa Abu Marzouk, Mohammed Naser and Izzat Risheq in returning to Egypt and Jordan leaving the entire Jewish sacred homeland. Inshallah

  • I lecture at schools on the Holocaust and write to the press as part of a group that defends Israel.

    I often have to try and explain the cause of the antisemitic attitudes and acts. Then my guide becomes Elie Wiesel’s admonition: DO NOT DEHUMANISE PEOPLE!

  • the blumenthals are a disgusting family; they are cynical, nasty, hateful, deluded. and, their virulence shows no signs of abating. one cannot ignore their relationship with HRC and the durability of that relationship calls into question her judgment and her decency.

    (beinart, spotlight-loving beinart, once again, proves that he’ll be forever a fool. Dick Gregory might have had beinart in mind when he said, “there’s no fool like a young fool, because he’s got so much time to be a fool.” beinart got started early and he hasn’t let up or shown a sign of insight or wisdom or beauty, since.)

  • All the leftist,narrow minded self hateing and self appointed capos,believe by attacking Israel and Jews, others can’t see their their threchareir and betrayal. Shame on them and on anyone who listens to them.

  • To speak ill of a person who can no longer answer or defend himself is the surest sign of a coward.
    To do so within hours of that person’s death compounds the crime and makes the act that much more hateful, distasteful and even unforgivable.
    But we have had to survive more than two thousand years of every type of injustice, great and small.
    There is an old saying that I often find it useful to recall in such situations.
    “When you get kicked by a mule–consider the source. “


    It’s so patently sad that this man is so filled with hatred of the way of life into which he was born (Judaism is not a religion as much as it is a way of life) and with self loathing, that anything or anyone that represents a truthful counter to his perverted thinking he cannot bring himself to praise in even the smallest measure.

    We can only hope that Max will be judged according to his merits with mercy when he, too, ends his days in this realm.

    And may the memory of Elie Wiesel be blessed and a blessing for all of us.

  • Michael Fox

    Mad Max Blumental is Hillary Clinton’s personal version of President Obama’s Reverend Jeremiah Wright.
    “God damn Israel.”
    She needs to publicly dump this ignorant libeling racist in the trash where he seems to thrive most comfortably.

  • sam enderby

    Are you certain you’re not confusing the obnoxious Max with his father, Sidney anent the Hillary connection?

  • Lynn K. Circle

    I think Blumenthal must be a self-hating Jew.

    The only way anyone could draw his conclusions about Israel is by taking Israeli actions solely out of context, and using a very selective view of Israel. So, when Blumenthal obviously ignores the months Israel suffered rocket attacks and terror murderers from Gaza, he can then attack Israeli actions as aggression.

    The worst thing about Blumenthal is that he provides ammunition to Jew-haters, everywhere.

  • emile Harari

    The Blumenthals father and son are a disgrace to humanity
    How dare this curmudgeon criticize one of the greatest man
    that has ever existed.Just one look at his face would describe what I just wrote

  • nat cheiman

    Blumenthal is clearly a deluded human being in serious need of therapy

    • clinton should respond loudly to the jewish jewish hater.should his words or comments must not be ignored.he
      must be acknowledged by clinton

  • We forget that the so called “Palestinians refugees” left in order to allow the “grand Mufti” and his allies to throw to the sea the refugees from concentration camps who, at the time, were the main builder of Israel, Israel, where they found refuge.
    We also forget that Israel is a land of refugees per excellence: refugees from Yemen,60% of refugees of Muslam countries (out of 900,000 persons) , refugees of former soviet Union etc… ! Those refugees courageously broke their refugee status to become regular citizens, while the Palestinian refugees received 75 billions dollars from Unesco and used it at their worst. Should courage be punished !

  • Unless he was an Israel-basher – who would know he existed ?
    His ONLY claim to fame is his expressed hatred for Israel.
    There are may things that are being done wrong by the current Israeli government, that should be changed and are justifiably to be criticised. But this is a complex issue, with 2 sides to it. To adopt the most twisted, distorted, demoniacal accusations of Israel-haters simply throws him out of the circle of people whose opinions should be heard and noted. This puts him on the same side as Abbas, who recently addressed the UN and accussed Israel of poisoning Palestinians drinking water (when in fact we actually supply them with their water) and only in PRIVATE did he say it was not true. So much for forthrightness, honor, dignity, trustworthiness, worthiness as a partner to peace.
    When he dies – how many people across the world will eulogize this pathetic person ? And amongst those who may – what will he be remembered for ?
    He should be asked – would he like to see Israel destroyed ?

  • Stella schindler

    Blumenthal gives license to all anti-Semites. He should be disavowed and not given a forum to dishonor.

    • Mari M. Conea

      I agree with Stella Schindler, I could not have said it better myself. RIP Ellie Wiesel, your bright star will keep shining!

  • jacob cohen

    Sidney Blumenthal has indeed been closely linked with Hillary Clinton and and correctly so; Max is Sidney’s son sounding like himself in these appallingly comments.

  • Markus Eklkana Brajtman

    What a swine this Max Blumenthal is.
    I hope that those who “listen” to what he has to say about Israel, will now realize that he is very sick, and needs to see a psychiatrist urgently.

    I hope that Hillary Clinton will now speak out about this disgusting piece of shit
    If she does not put this piece of shit in his place, it will prove that she is no better than Max Blumenthal.

    I am sure his parents must be very “proud” of him.

    How dare he say those disgusting words about Elie Wiesel, one of the most respected people in the world.

    • Rhona Lee Pavis

      I agree with you, Markus.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    If Mrs.Clinton knows what is good for her she will quickly have to disassociate herself from this rabid self-hating Jewish anti-semite (oh,how they hate this description!)- or else she is going to lose the last few Jewish supporters she has.Not that these supporters will vote for Trump – no,they will just not vote at all.Blumenthal is his own worst enemy while his confederate in anti-Israel hyperbole Peter Beinart has succeeded where many others have failed in helping to make Haaretz the most hated and unpopular “Jewish” newspaper in the world.Criticism of the Israeli government – and there must be criticism if it is called for – should be equitable and unprejudiced and never descend into vile propaganda as in the writings of these two anti-Israel evangelists.

    • miriam

      Unfortunately, Clinton supporters do not care to be confused by the facts. They will support her no matter what they hear about her.

  • There is the old joke that you don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate Jewish humour. But you don’t have to be non-Jewish to be an antisemite.

  • Mayven

    MAX BLUMENTHAL was made with a finger.
    The moyel should have started with his head…

  • Roald Øye

    When even the Jew, Jesus Christ, was condemned as one of the most terrible criminals on earth, no wonder also Elie Wiesel was.

  • Max Blumenthal is the absolute epitome of the Leftish (not
    Jewish) apikiros, among the worst, like Chomsky and Soros,
    the most dangerous to the health of Am Yisrael, if not
    Humanity at large. Such shandas must not only be avoided
    in good company but be subjected to the kind of justice they
    truly deserve.

  • Sonia Willats

    Shame on Max Blumenthal! He clearly believes the lies he cites, as does the majority of the world press – Ben Rhodes has described how the world press echo chamber works. The UN and Europe largely echo, IN IGNORANCE, which is what Ben Rhodes was laughing about.. what they they have been told by those who disemanate the lies.

    If you want TRUTH you have to have seen the SOURCE MATERIAL yourself, or to have searched diligently for it.

    I LIVED UNDER APARTHEID & HAVE LIVED IN ISRAEL. ISRAEL IS NO APARTHEID STATE. Max Blumenthal’s utterances condemning Israel are not true. He clearly lost the thread, too, on how the outbreak of Tsuk Eitan happened. It was about Hamas not being able to pay salaries, so bashing Israel to get monies from Qatar etc. It was also about TERROR TUNNELS. In the background was also the killing of the 3 ‘chatufim’.

    In summary, Hamas justifies the luxury existence of its terror elite by killing Jews. Is Israel to sit down on the ground and cry, or to defend herself?

    Elie Wiesel was the hero of conscience we know him to be.

  • You are as bad a slanderer as Max Blumenthal. In fact, Max Blumenthal hates Clinton, as anyone who has bothered to read his Twitter feed would know. You have descended to the level of Breitbart, which has also tried to pull the guilt by association nonsense on this. Shame.

    • Barry

      Excuse me but there is a link between this dread of a human being and the Clinton camp.

      Sydney is most definitely an insider in the Clinton world.

      He often brags about his son Max and how much he learns from him.

      Therefore, there is a disgusting link and anyone who denies it has not done their homework.

      The Blumenthals should be ostracized from the Jewish community. Anyone is allowed to disagree with Israeli policies but they go far beyond that and they give incorrect ammunition to haters of Jews and Israel.

      Finally, this 50 year occupation business is a lie. For anyone who knows reality, the Jewish people are in Jerusalem and the West Bank by right. Very simply, the San Remo Resolutions of 1920, ratified by the League of Nations, gave the Jewish people this land legally under International Law. The Beinarts and Blumenthals of the world don’t even have their facts down while they defile other Jews and Israel.

  • I find it very offensive that you would add “Clinton linked” to your title. Hillary’s support for Israel is unquestionable and to try to twist this hateful article by Blumenthatl into an anti-Clinton piece, is more than disgusting. Elie

    • Barry

      Bryna, read my comment above.

      And if you think Hillary is a true friend of Israel, you are off your rocker.

      As an example, former Clinton bodyguards have stated they both had horrible things to say about Jews and Israel while they were in Arkansas.

      Her friendship with Huma Abedin places her more on the side of the enemies of Israel than otherwise. You have to ignore her words and watch how she acts.

      Then again, you probably think Obama is a friend of Israel as well. He too fooled most of America’s Jews when the truth was always there for those willing to see.

      Having as friends, anti semites Bill Ayers, Louis Farakhan, Reverend Wright, Syrian Tony Rezko and others should have made if very obvious where his sympathies lie.

    • Real Jew

      Hilary’s support is unquestionably NOT there. She supports the Iran nuclear “deal”.

      You are either stupid, delusional, or a combination of both.

  • Jack Holan

    Since Max Blumenthal an apple not far from the Tree Sid Blumenthal Agent of Hillary Clinton. Does Hillary share these convictions & sentiments. I don’t know. However Max makes serious charges against Elie Weisel Israel Israelis and Jews. Has Max Blumenthal ever visited Gaza? If he has visited the beautiful Sea Shore that has been developed with Hotels Condos and Villas. It’s also the 2nd homes of Hamas leaders on taxpayers $ and euros plus donations. The civil servants havent been paid in months Max but I’m sure in your World you’ll blame us. What Israel needs to do and sure they have the info is broadcast all the account Hamas and PA leaders have and how much they have in those accounts. After since the Palestinians haven’t had an election in 10 years they should know how much their leaders are stealing from them Max I urge if you aren’t a hypocrite go to Gaza see the inequities Hamas has created call a news conference and speak up if you have the balls and you dont

    • Hamanslayer

      Blumenthal,who made the Flower Valley a sewage wadi Blumenthal originally meant flower valley), actually WAS in Gaza during the “war” with Hamas. Too bad he was not on the scenes of rocket launches and Israeli bombs in response — we might have been lucky enough for him to be bravely slaughtered and could write obituary noted like those he wrote about one whose waste would command more respect than Max’s entire life.

      Not just an Israel hater, this ostensibly Jooish piece of lying garbage could not even make a niche as a writer for Al Jazeera. He started his (nasty)fiction “reporting” for the Lebanese paper al(lah hu)Akhbar, and went more extreme and hateful from there.

      For all those who suggest he should see a psychiatrist — when he was a teenager he did, and it has done no good. What he needs now is a coroner and a mortician.

  • stevenl

    An antisemitic fascist.
    Beinart is pseudo-intellectually dishonest.
    Both are in great need of learning more on the Islamo-Nazi cabal against the Jews.

  • Linda Golden

    Peter Bienart and Max Blumenthal are entitled to their options…that they try to defame a great man at the moment of his passing says more about them then Elie Wiesel. Been art occasionally writes something than can pass for intelligence, Blumenthal is an embarrassment to the human race. The memory of Elie Wiesel will continue long after these two losers are forgotten.

  • David singer

    You dear Max spend your living days inciting hatred and genocide against 6.5 million Jews living in Israel & palling around with Jew haters such as the PLO and Hamas who carry on the traditions of the Nazis who decimated the Jewish people and left tortured survivors such as Eli Wiesel to try and put their lives together.

    Have you had anything to say about the murder of a thirteen years old girl asleep in her bed or the drive by shooting of a Rabbi and father of 10 children within the last week?

    Shame on you.

    • Hal G. Stupp

      Don’t really ever reply, but the world needs to hear about these awful acts of senseless violence toward innocent people. Only how they hate the Jews. Hal

  • Frances Weingarten

    Eli’s wiesel’s death is a great loss to us all. He was a remarkable man and he will be greatly mourned. It’s reassuring to know that The Algemeiner plans to continue his work on behalf of the Jewish people as well as all those in need of support.

  • Sam Harris

    Baruch Dyan Ha’Emess!

    • Hamanslayer

      It’s really high time we could say Baruch Dayan haMax….

  • Your title is offensive! Elie Weisel was also Clinton-linked- and closely and lovingly! Your deliberate attempt to paint Hillary, a committed supporter and protector of Israel, as something much less, displays your ugly right wing bias.
    Shame on you.

    • Hamanslayer

      Bryna, so you support Hilarious Klington and I do not. But saying that the Blumenthals,father Sidney and son Max, are closely associated with Hilary (and Bill), does not make the Algemeiner “right wing biased.” (They may well be, but not because of this stupid criticism of yours…)

      Actually, shame on you for trying to perpetuate another Clinton lie — one of so many — that she is “a committed supporter and protector of Israel.” She is no more that than O’Bamba, and possibly even less.

      Are you just wearing blinders,or do you have a job in Hilarious’s campaign or foundation???

    • let hrc denounce the blumenthals and sever ties with them. the father and the son are loathsome, bottom-dwelling creatures who have made careers for themselves, especially in the case of the ugly, freakish, red-haired reptile, attacking the Jewish people.

      in the past, hrc has publicly separated herself from the old slimer while privately maintaining her ties with him. cute little trick, that. if she is done with the blumenthals, let her be done with them once and for all. and, let her so say.

  • Jane Blustein

    The laws of Lashon Hara declare that Jews not disparage or speak ill of other Jews. To do so puts souls at risk:
    that of the speaker, that of the person spoken against, and that of the hearer of the Lashon Hara. I would think that this prohibition would apply not only to individuals but also to groups of Jews – such as the people and State of Israel.

    Elie Weisel

  • Jay Lavine

    Is it better to be like Moshe Rabbeinu, who is described as the humblest of men, or to be proudly Jewish? The former serves God; the latter serves himself.

  • Paul Gleitman

    Your publication is gutless for not publishing my comments on Michael Blumenthal.
    Not in the tradition of Eli Wiesel.
    Shame on you.

    • Paul Gleitman

      You’ll have a long wait before. I moderate them.

  • We must stop giving publicity to this creature. To him and all like him. If all these years of scientific Psychology has taught anything it is that for a behaviour to become extinct it must cease to get reinforcement. Just let him perish in our indifference.

  • enufizenuf

    Blumenthal and Beinart are a couple of perverse creeps. If any reporter decided to investigate their website viewing habits there’s no telling what they would find.
    Their airs of moral superiority are quite absurd, of course, for it is more than obvious by the sneering leering looks on their faces that neither of them would assist anyone but another degenerate and that both are capable of nothing but venom and cowardice.

  • Dave

    Blumenthal, Beinart and Derfner demonstrate their total lack of decency or morality. Why give people like these any exposure?

  • Tom Foldes

    To whom it may concern!!!!!! Mr..Blumenthal Shame on you!!!! This garbage writing you can keep for yourself!!!! I am only a lucky few who survived…and met Mr. Ellie Wiesel. He was a true champion of fairness.

  • Paul Gleitman

    What Blumenthal writes is disgusting,simply disgusting
    Eli Wiesel was a giant amongst men.

  • Michelle Kahn

    Blunenthal! Shame on you! Never speak ill of this man. He was a pillar within work wide Jewry. You must be desperate for attention. Unfortunately Algemeiner printed your disparaging remarks. Why are you angry at G-D? What is it that you wanted and expected from G-D and still did not receive? Let me know when you are available for a telephone conversation. I would like to connect you with a brilliant mind that will challenge you to the point of no return! You are a disgrace to the Jewish nation in Israel and worldwide!

    • Michelle Kahn

      I typed on an iPhone hence I am correcting the following spelling errors:
      A pillar within the WORLD WIDE Jewish community

  • Paul Gleitman

    Eli Wiesel was a giant of a man.
    Michael,Blumenthal ought to be ashamed of himself for his totally out of place,out of line comments.Disgusting !!!!!
    Thank G-d for Eli Wiesel,we shall not see his kind again.

    • RON R.

      Hello Paul,I totally agree with you for a change. You write well & true. Hillary should not be President!

  • Gillian Miller

    This person should be charged with a hate crime. Vile nasty piece of work!

  • Paul Gleitman

    Eli Wiesel was a giant amongst pygmies.
    A huge presence has been lost to mankind.
    Blumenthal is a disgrace to the human race,he’s absolutely disgusting.
    Just another reason why we Jews cannot,must not,should not trust the Clintons.
    At the very least,Blumenthal should have kept his filthy mouth shut.

  • racy

    It would be better for Max Blumenthal to change his name to Worm. Shame on him and his father is no better. He’s a virulent self hating Jew. How much time has he spent in Israel observing how the state treats its Arab citizens? He spews lies and Jew hatred masked as Zionism.
    He would be better off converting to the radical Muslim religion because his writings and speeches promote terrorism on the Jewish Israelis.
    Max Blumenthal is Hillary Clinton’s friend, so is his self hating father. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You also know a person when you know who his friends are. Hillary used her personal e mail account to send top security information to both father and son. Remember this when you vote in the presidential election. You don’t want an anti Israel president in the White House. Israel has suffered enough and so has the Jewish people at the hands of O bum a.

  • isn’t jewish this guy ?? please inform

  • Yaakov

    To resort to calling someone “renowned,” to give credence to the Nobel Prize as an indicator of someone’s worth, to cite a quotation that someone is “the most important Jew in America” — these kinds of things defame a person as well.