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July 27, 2016 2:45 pm

Former Boston Red Sox Star Kevin Youkilis Tweets Dismay Over ‘Jew Hatred,’ Burning of Israeli Flag Outside Democratic Convention

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Protesters burning the Israeli flag outside the Democratic National Convention. Photo: Twitter/United With Israel.

Protesters burning the Israeli flag outside the Democratic National Convention. Photo: Twitter/United With Israel.

A former star player for the Boston Red Sox expressed dismay on Wednesday over the burning of Israeli flags outside the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia.

“Sad to see the hatred that still exists for Israel and Jews across the world,” Kevin Youkilis tweeted, along with the hashtags “StopTheHate” and “NeverAgain.”

Youkilis’ Twitter followers responded in kind, with comments such as, “so true and so sad,” “Amen” and “That is absolutely nauseating to see, especially in my hometown!” One social media user even thanked the former professional baseball player for “speaking up.”

As The Algemeiner reported, eyewitnesses at the Wells Fargo Center, where the DNC is being held, said protesters were burning Israeli and American flags on Tuesday night, while chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “Long Live Palestine.” Activists also waved signs that read, “From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free,” a slogan calling for the elimination of the state of Israel.

The National Jewish Democratic Council condemned the flag-burning on Twitter, calling it “Disgusting and totally reprehensible. These protesters aren’t only wrong, but are fundamentally anti-progressive.”

Meanwhile, inside the convention center, Palestinian flags were prominently displayed and attendees were seen holding up signs that read, “I support Palestinian human rights.”

The DNC started on Monday and continues until Thursday.

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  • sidney sands

    The Palestinians are on a “Gravy Train” they sponge on the world, they enjoy being what they are, they create nothing they produce hate filled children, who regard killing as honourable, and hold death greater than life, we see Muslims wherever they are, in China, and other parts of the world there is conflict. Israel will have to be strong for ever, let the USA learn this bitter lesson.

  • The problem for Jew-haters is that they are up against a force far stronger than they seem aware of.

    Israel has been the beneficiary, in its 68 year existence, and before, of SO many knife-edge events that could so easily have gone the wrong way – but DIDN’T, that one begins to think that the odds stacked up against Israel’s enemies are now so high that Jew-hatred is now a seriously losing tactic.

    All I know is that Israel, now eighth on the list of the world’s top ten powers, is giving atheism a very bad name!

  • E.Z. Levy

    Trump IS NOT the answer!!!!!!

    • Mordecai Ben Natanm

      TRUMP IS the answer.

  • Muslims exceed Jews in population size within the USA and are not integrating but converting others to their faith and their hatred. It is not going to get easier, it will become harder to be Jewish in the USA in the years and decades to come. If the US experience is anything like the European experience, not just in the Universities but in the very streets people used to think were free to roam there will be pressure to hide the Jewish faith. Welcome to the 21st Century.

    • Mordecai Ben Natanm

      So, Obama, Kerry and the witch Hillary welcomed millions of Muslims into USA.
      What was a great country, is now being taken over by the migrant Muslims.
      Those other countries, like Germany, Holland Sweden France will soon regret that they allowed any migrants into their country.
      Trump has the right idea. Send them all out of USA to the Muslim countries.
      But the Muslim countries do not want the,
      1. They do not need more Muslims to convert Muslims to their evil ways.
      2. They do not want any trouble makers.
      3 They do not need terrorism.

      France will be over run by Muslims.
      We can only hope that at the next French elections, Mari Le Pen will get rid of them and bring France to be a great country without those terrorist/ trouble makers.
      By the way, watching the opening of the Olympics, I see that France did not have their national flag. Their national flag is white.

  • Deavman

    “I support Palestinian human rights” says some sign at the convention.
    I would have to conclude that the same person holding it does not support human rights for Jews in Israel.

  • Kevin Youkilis’ Jewishness is well-known by Red Sox fans, comedians Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke

  • Don’t you think it has already started? If we don’t stop them now we are lost as a republic.

  • The DNC should be renamed the CNC…Communist National Convention.

  • Andrea

    How can any marginally intelligent person admit to voting for Trump? It’s absolutely terrifying and so ignorant as to be beyond belief. This isn’t about D or R. It’s about a selfish, lying, cheating bigot who has NO idea and NO plans of how to run the most powerful nation on Earth. If you think that will be good for Israel, you are delusional.
    I don’t care how much you dislike Hillary; we are talking about the future of America. STOP being petulant and THINK.
    And believe me, I care more for Israel than anyone. My kids live there and I make Aliyah in 2017. Israel can’t afford to have an unpredictable lunatic running our biggest ally.

  • Hillary Clinton is a woman of principle. That is the principle
    of saying whatever is necessary to get elected, even if that
    means straying rhetorically from the left’s expressed view on

  • j

    i have lots and lots of guns and thousands of rounds of ammo.

  • ricardo

    Unfortunately – want it or not – this is the direction that the Democratic party is heading. Those who hate Israel usually hate the United States as it is now, too..

  • marshawitkin

    disgusting, I am definitly voting for Trump, crooked Hilary will say noting about this

    • Ted U.

      I’m voting for Trump too but Hillary’s campaign did condemn the burning of the Israeli flag. Still, I would never vote for her.

      • Mark Nyer

        So when your hero Donny was asked if he would vote for David Duke he said probably not but it would depend on who he running against – What a guy!

        I will take smart, liberal Hillary who has survived republican propaganda for 30 years.
        She is also a strong supporter of Isreal!

        You can have your racist no nothing bigot and good luck with that!

    • Elizabeth

      Marsha, you are free to vote for whomever you like, but she already has condemned it:

    • Linda Golden

      How stupid, that you can hold Hilary to account for what outsiders do on streets outside the convention. Trump is the biggest con man on the planet, so if you want to vote for him go ahead. Just don’t pin your teason on a candidate that you obviously know little about. Jewish supporters of Trump care only about their pocketbooks.

  • Alan Bly

    The British Labour Party has been saturated with anti-semites, often hiding behind the cynical banner of pro-Palestine. Even an inquiry into it is incapable of stopping that madness. The Democrat Party here in the USA aspires to be the same. Pathetic.

  • sifter

    I support Jews finding a way to move to Israel, cuz it’s gonna get ugly, folks.

    • Ted U.

      The difference between today and back then was that now Jews put up a fight and we have Israel to motivate us.
      The main reason for the entire rise in antisemitism is muslims who are taught to hate Jews spreading their poison virtually everywhere. But keep in mind there is plenty of discrimination against them too and their countries don’t back them up like Israel does for Jews.

      • Ted:
        It is said that there are over 1.5 BILLION people who claim to be Muslim. That is 20% of the world population. There are 57 Muslem counties or about 30% of the countries of the World. And you can try to compare Anti-semitism to the minimal discrimination of the Muslims who EMIGRATE not to another Muslem country but to the Western democracies. I understand that now there are close to 3 Million Muslims in the USA and probably over 6 Million in France. They are trying to “take over” which is fine in a democracy and through democratic means. But, they use the rhetoric of anti-moslem” which is generally knee jerk reaction to the frustration of the Muslim terror occurring throughout the world. Even at a low 10% estimate of extremest Muslems gives us 150 MILLION. So please…please don’t cry for those millions of Muslems who do not want to live in their 57 countries but rather come to ours and try to tell us what to do or how to live…hmmm…this sounds like the Liberals who do the same (free thinking, speech and action… as long it is what they say you should think, say and act). Maybe that is why most Muslems join with the Liberals and social Democrats and other left leaning groups. Not to repeat myself, but please do not compare and “prejudice or hatred;/ shown to the minimal 18 Million Jewish brothers and sisters worldwide to the 150 THOUSAND MILLION who identify as Muslems.

        • Mordecai Ben Natanm


          The world Muslim population is 1.5 BILLION.

          What have they given to the world, other than hatred and terrorism?
          The Jews have contributed so much to the good of the world.
          The Jews have to fight wherever they are.
          The Jews do not convert people to their religion. To convert to Judaism, is discouraged and difficult.
          That is one of he reasons that G-D is looking after the Jews