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August 26, 2016 6:53 pm

Polish Soccer Fans Set Fire to ‘Jewish’ Effigies, Unfurl Antisemitic Banner Calling for Burning of Jews

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Emblem of Poland's  Widzew Łódź soccer club. Photo: Wikipedia.

Emblem of Poland’s Widzew Łódź soccer club. Photo: Wikipedia.

A group of Polish soccer hooligans put on a horrifying display of antisemitism last Friday, setting fire to “Jewish” effigies and parading a banner calling for the burning of Jews, Polish news website Gazeta Wyborcza reported. 

According to the report, some 50 supporters of the Widzew Łódź soccer team had gathered outside a local train station to rally against rival team ŁKS Łódź. 

The ruffians unfurled an antisemitic banner, which stated, “19.08, today the Jews were named. Let them burn, motherf***ers.” The message was intended as a direct insult to the ŁKS Łódź team, which was founded in 1908 and is often derided as Jewish by fans of other soccer clubs.

Photos from the demonstration show effigies appearing to be dressed as Orthodox Jews being strung from rope and set on fire.

A respesentatiove of the local anti-racism group Never Again said that the demonstrators were acting without fear, and with the sense that there would be no repercussions for their actions. Police are reportedly investigating the incident.

Jonny Daniels, head of the Holocaust research group From the Depths who works closely with the Polish government, called for authorities to take strong measures against the Widzew Łódź fans.

“This is a shameful example of xenophobia, racism and antisemitism in sports, where it truly has no place,” he told The Algemeiner. “We are calling on the Polish government to take strong measures to ensure that such repulsive acts are met with a strong hand and the full force of the law. Poland is a modern, open country and hooligans such as these belong in jail, not watching soccer matches.”

Antisemitic and racist behavior is not uncommon among Polish soccer clubs.

In 2013, ŁKS Łódź fans invited visitors to an indoor tournament to play a game in which they could throw objects at “Jews,” models dressed in Widzew Łódź uniforms. A sign next to the game informed players that for a meager price they would be given “three throws at the Jews.”

In 2014, in a match between Lech Poznan and Widzew Łódź, fans of Poznan chanted, “Move on, Jews! Your home is at Auschwitz! Off to the gas!” Following an investigation, a Polish prosecutor declined to take action against the Poznan fans, saying the antisemitic chants were not directed specifically at Jews, rather the opposing team.

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  • rafael

    one but there is two jews to turn the table under him.

    how do you like that???? idiot!

  • rafael

    my dad told me , it was milk and honey land.
    most anti- semite country???? what about france, usa, germany. almost everywhere???? why poland?

  • rafael

    pogrom is a Russian word? right?
    under Russians , Jewish could not be Jewish citizens and polish could not be polish citizens. pogroms are well documented so why don’t you read a little bit of this, it may help you understand the subject of pogroms

  • rafael

    this is a hate speech, and please learn what about Jewish participation in the
    death camps? do poles express hatred toward those??

  • rafael

    who continued to kill Jews???? who was helping Jews to live and how come you don”t say that it this blog??? what? that is not worth of saying!!!
    thanks God there were Poles to help, so my aunt and her future husband came back home.

  • rafael

    NO YOU NOT. but with out most disrespect. have you heard a Jewish jokes yet.

  • rafael

    1946-49 Poland still under communist government. READ Jewish influence in NKVD.

  • rafael

    shame it is!?? and sick , you wish to kill all poles?? because of what???
    they don’t hate you!!! just don’t like you!! and yet you would press a button and exterminate them all??? please go to a doctor.

  • rafael

    they are not learning hate from poles, but rather learning hate from posts like yours.

  • rafael

    its not tolerated! and it is punished.
    by polish law.

  • rafael

    you are sick man! sick sick man.

  • Anthony

    The way that some people attempt to involve history (which they mostly wrongly understand) into comments about such incidents is simply ridiculous.

  • Poles are not to blame, merely those small minded few who disgrace their place in humanity! I know it is all too easy to damn the Poles for the 3,000,000 Polish Jews murdered in The Holocaust, but that was Hitler’s doing. Though many Poles did not assist the Jews, many more did. They stand a hell of a lot taller than say the French, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Romanians or Ukrainians in perpetrating the crimes in The Holocaust. Collaboration is a detestable fact for so many in these nations. Tragically too, Polish collaborators were many!

    • Anthony

      Your comment is historically ignorant. There was no collaboration with Hitler in Poland (apart from single criminals), while the other nations you mentioned created organisations which co-operated with Nazi Germans. Poles have no responsibility for Holocaust.

  • Anthony

    Those people are ultras and as such they are present in every country as some negligible margin. I wouldn’t associate their views to anybody else than them.

  • Ziporah Bank

    My Grandfather was one of the Judges in Getto Lodz. I can’t believe I’m reading this garbege in 2016. History always repeats itself…
    They should be severely punished with jail and do community service at Jewish institutions!

  • Josh Hillel

    Let these cowardly little bastards come to Canada. I will gladly line up to make these Polish Jew-haters cry for their mother. You helped kill us in the past. Don’t think we won’t end you now. NEVER AGAIN!

    • Javier Lopez

      Yeah tough guy, I’m sure you’d take care of them all hahaha.

  • Mike

    Poland has always been a backwards place. The culture is saturated with anti-Semitism. I can’t imagine how the Jews were able to survive there for so long.

    • Javier Lopez

      Poland was actually very open and welcoming to the Jewish people….that is why so many Jews ended up in Poland. I will guess you’ve never been to Poland either so your uneducated opinion doesn’t mean all that much

  • len

    There has always been anti-Semitism in Poland in the past,there is anti-semitism in Poland in the present and there will be anti-semitism in Poland in the future!It is a fact of life that Poland and all Eastern European countries have a predilection for Jew hatred.I always see articles in the press about the new budding Jewish communities that are cropping up in these countries all the time.Well good luck to them.It will take time for Eastern Europe to abide to the “political correctnesss” that is found in Western Europe and America and only if they can get something out of it.With Putin stirring the pot in this region there will be many innocents Jew and non Jew alike who will suffer the consequences.
    Those that complain that Zionism destroyed Jewish Communities throughout the world need to live in these old Jewish communities and enjoy the “Fiddler on the Roof “experience.You will maybe really comprehend what it means to be a true Fiddler on a roof!

  • Marcy Pilchik

    This should not be tolerated and they must be punished.

    • Anthony

      There are so many anti-Polish comments here so vile that they even surpass the actions of those few people who were mentioned in the article. Don’t you people see your own prejudice and hatred?

  • M Ribald

    These young polish kids are learning to hate from somewhere close to home. If judges don’t condemn them and have them do community service etc don’t expect anything different

  • Shame that we can’t find 10,000 tough Jews to eradicate them once and for all.

    If you threaten them, they flee

    If I could press a button and make all Poles in Poland disappear that button would be pushed in a nanosecond.

    • You mean like the 10,000 tough Jews that got rounded up by the Germans like cattle? And had to be saved by Poles?

    • Anthony

      You’ve just expressed primitive hate, anti-Polonism and have proven that in fact you are no better than people mentioned in the article.

  • Mira Wayne

    Why not the PIS government is supporting them in everyway,they need they vote to get in and now this is the result when a minister blantly denied the atrocities committed by Polish people on the handful of Jews who returned to Poland in pogroms in 1946-49

  • There good and bad in every ethnic group, but the Polls have managed to remain as dumb as the Polish jokes make them out to be.

    It is still embarrassment to admit that one is a F-CKING Polack !!!!

    I say that with the out most respect !!!

  • Pole

    Yes, idiots and criminals exist. How surprising.

  • They continued to kill Jews after being liberated from the Nazi’s. Why would anyone expect Poland to stop finally?

  • This is unlikely to have happened had the Celtic vs. Hapoel Beersheva game not created a precedent. The perpetrators of this attack (there are always a very few instigators) need to be brought to justice.

  • You would think that the Poles knew better but then many of them were active participants in Hitlers hatred and death camps. History sadly repeats itself and Poland along with Islam are leading that charge. They are disgusting excuses for humans.


    Unfortunately, the Poles, long before the Nazis, ‘celebrated’ many pogroms on their own Jewish citizens, burning their homes and slaughtering hundreds in the streets of the the towns and ‘shtetls.
    So the Nazis had very good teachers in the art of murdering Jews.

  • stevenl

    What is the EU antisemites doing about this?
    To fight the Islamist fascists is a piece of cake in comparison to fighting Western antisemites.

  • stevenl

    The role of many Poles in the Holocaust has not been fully evaluated.

  • diane

    Are you kidding me again, with the poop diaper wearing people. Maybe we need to clean their asses since they all act like little preschoolers. Obviously their parents did not show them to to have respect and act like normal human beings,that they have to burn other peoples banners soor destroy other peoples character. Freaken little poop diaper Losers, that’s what they all are is losers so they have to hate others, well maybe they need a baby bottle to suck on or maybe something else to put in their mouths. loser antisemitic haters…

  • Linda

    Disgusting behavior.

  • in a week or two, if anyone remembers the event and has the temerity to mention it, one will get protests from Polish nationalists claiming that it didn’t happen, that the report is anti-Polish agitation, that it was not really done by Poles, that the Jews caused it, that no one should say that the event took place in Poland.

  • Rachel Cohen

    This is to be expected from godless Roman Catholics–they have a history of mass murdering Jews and Christians. Extreme papal sycophancy–is deeply entrenched in Poland–its one of the worst nations for this problem.

  • M. Barry Slater

    Leave it to the Poles, as usual, they are the most anti-Semite country. This is the land of my people, only they are not alive anymore. The Poles helped the Nazi kill them all!

  • Avi

    How many Polaks does it take to screw a light bulb?…….

  • enufizenuf

    If the Poles actually produced anything except pickles I suppose they could be boycotted.

  • E. Bert

    The Poles cannot even tolerate the few thousand(?) Jews remaining after the Holocaust wiped out nearly 3 million. I’d put out a travel advisory for Poland, not just for Jews but for all decent thinking people. This behavior in Poland goes back to the Edict of Kalish admitting Jews to Poland in the 10th Century.