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October 5, 2021 5:06 pm

Israeli Watchdog: European-Funded PA Teachers Training Glorified Terrorist Dalal Mughrabi

A European-funded foundation trained Palestinian teachers with material glorifying notorious PLO terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, according to the Israeli watchdog Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Mughrabi participated in...

August 31, 2021 12:06 pm

Official Palestinian Authority Television Broadcasts False Claim That Israel Intentionally Tried to Destroy Gaza Agriculture

Official Palestinian Authority television has falsely claimed that Israel deliberately intended to destroy the agricultural capacity of the Gaza Strip during the 11-day conflict in...

June 24, 2021 6:56 pm

PA and Abbas Spit at Biden and Blinken — Vow to Continue Rewarding Terrorists

As US President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are doing all they can to renew US funding to the Palestinians, the Palestinian...

May 10, 2021 1:28 pm

Fatah, Hamas Engaging in Incitement to Stoke Jerusalem Violence: Watchdog Groups

As ongoing Palestinian mob attacks on Israeli security forces and Jewish civilians continue in Jerusalem, and rockets are fired at Israeli communities by terror groups...

February 4, 2021 5:35 am

Palestinian Ambassador Draws Harvard Invite Despite a Sketchy Record on Antisemitism

Husam Zomlot has tried to explain away a comment denying the Holocaust, rationalized the Palestinian Authority (PA)'s policy of paying families of terrorists, and minimized...

December 31, 2020 12:54 pm

Top US Jewish Group Demands PA End ‘Pay-to-Slay’ Terror Support Scheme

A top American Jewish umbrella group urged on Thursday the Palestinian Authority (PA) to end its financial support of terrorists and their families. The statement by...

December 27, 2020 9:54 pm

Top Palestinian Cleric Says Women May Not Travel to Dubai Without Male Chaperone

While Israelis are flocking to Dubai in the wake of the normalization agreement between the Jewish state and the United Arab Emirates, the Palestinian Authority’s...

December 2, 2020 6:38 am

The Palestinian Authority Deceives American Audiences

In an effort to appease the incoming Biden administration, the Palestinian Authority (PA) appears ready to revaluate two contentious obstacles to reconciliation between Israel and...

November 22, 2020 8:25 pm

Palestinian Authority Prisoners Official Told the New York Times ‘Pay to Slay’ Would Be Changed, Then Denied It in Arabic

Despite claiming to the New York Times that the Palestinian Authority’s policy of making payments to imprisoned terrorists would be changed, a top PA official promptly...

September 24, 2020 1:24 pm

Watchdog Group Warns Mastercard and Visa to Cut Ties With Terror-Supporting Palestinian Banks

A watchdog group has notified and warned Mastercard and Visa that they should rescind their services to Palestinian Authority (PA) banks that pay salaries to...

August 25, 2020 9:17 am

Palestinian Official: ‘Our [Children] Teach the World What Sacrifice and Self-Sacrifice Are’ - In an interview with the Palestinian Authority’s official TV channel, the director of the PA Presidential Office’s Jerusalem Unit boasted that “the boys...

July 7, 2020 6:01 am

Ahead of West Bank Move, Fatah Threatens Terrorist Uprising, Unity With Hamas

An adviser to Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened Israel with the possibility of a third Intifada (violent uprising) if Israel decides to...

June 4, 2020 11:24 am

Palestinian Journalist on George Floyd Death: Arab Society ‘Must Also Examine Our Own Racism’

As the world reacts to the unrest that has followed the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who was killed by a white Minneapolis...

April 13, 2020 1:16 pm

Palestinian Authority Exploits Coronavirus Crisis to Incite Hatred of Israel

The Palestinian Authority is exploiting the global coronavirus crisis in order to incite hatred of Israel, including references to the “fangs of Israel” that appear...


Democracy Weakens Strong Economy, Most Arabs Agree, According to New Survey

Citizens of several Arab countries have lost confidence in the ability of democratic rule to deliver economic stability, according to a new survey published by a Middle East research network. The...


1,600-Year-Old Mosaic Depicting Biblical Heroines Found in Ancient Synagogu...

The first known portrayal of biblical heroines Deborah and Yael has been uncovered in a mosaic panel that decorated an...

Middle East

Iran Insists It Seeks Lasting Nuclear Deal After Talks With US Ally Qatar

Iran said on Wednesday it sought a strong and lasting nuclear agreement with world powers following talks with US ally Qatar on easing stalled efforts to revive a 2015 nuclear...

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