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April 1, 2011 7:30 am

Nicole Krauss and the Fascist State of Israel

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To understand nothing about Israel and to be certain that you understand everything better than the natives is, perhaps, one of the least admirable traits of American Jewish liberals of a certain age and experience. This worldview has nourished many colourful anti-Israeli Jewish organizations over the years, and now, apparently, there’s a lobby which is dedicated to making goyim force Israel to behave as it should.

Writer Jonathan Safran Foyer has been in the past quite open about his disdain for Israel, where “fringe and more extreme elements can get to power” and the “horrible” Sharon was “misrepresenting” Israelis. Foyer supported Israel’s occupation by UN troops and especially internationalization of Jerusalem, which should be ruled by “everyone” – just not the Jews. Peter Beinart, eat your heart out.

Now, it appears, Foyer’s spouse and the literary light of her own Nicole Krauss has decided to contribute her own two bits to the denigration of the Jewish State, and she does it in style. During an interview in the Israeli Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth Krauss stated that “I cannot help but to react furiously to the policies of [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu and of his anti-democratic ministers; they are almost fascists… I get physically sick when I see the inhumanity of Israeli policy which is incompatible with Jewish or democratic values and pushes the country to the brink of existential abyss”.

Krauss’ gushing over the future of the country where she spent but a few months without, apparently, absorbing anything which couldn’t be gleamed off the English version of “Haaretz” and the calumnies of David Remnick is deeply flattering. One cannot but feel extremely special and blessed, when people so worldly, so gifted, so beautiful inside and out proclaim themselves “invested” in their pitiful existence. One must feel grateful that those Olympians are generous enough to point out our sins and crimes and to waste their precious time trying to explain simple and reasonable solutions to our existential conundrums.

I can almost hear the sound of eternal gratitude, which is being born even now in the chests of millions, bursting out as a universal acclamation. After all, this is the natural reaction of lowly beings in the presence of the superior intellect, when it deigns to illuminate their obtuse squabbles.

It sounds suspiciously like “go pound sand.”

Seriously now, Mr. Foyer, Mrs. Krauss – couldn’t you, I don’t know – go away and write some more books or something?

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  • Shoshana

    Ah yes, responding with gross generalizations about American Jewish liberals and sarcastically deriding them for their pulchritude and success – that’s the way to go! Why construct any sort of sound or reasoned argument when you can go for the ad hominem attack and snide references to “goyim”? And while you’re busy criticizing Krauss and Foer for their carelessness and ignorance, why not spell Jonathan Safran Foer’s name incorrectly? Let’s all cut out the middleman and dispense with facts, “liberal” or “conservative” alike!

  • Tony

    That photo above is not Nicole Krauss with Jonathan Safran Foyer

  • chiburashka

    Robert Annable – you have to learn to wright before posting online… i’m not so sure you understand the article. but like all self-righteous miserables you are very good at giving directions.can you look for someone to help you read this comment.tnks.

  • daniel robins

    I don’t know how someone can compare the Israeli Prime Minister to Fascists, and describe the Israeli policy as “inhumane”.. Kraus, should learn some more about Israel’s history and politics, or at least spend some more time here (like at least another month..?) before she gives her educated opinion on what is going on in Israel. Otherwise, Arik, you are absoulutely right, she should stick to writing books!

  • Robert Annable

    Arick, uou are truly a hateful person. Your existence is more pitiful than theirs and why don’t you go away, like to hell!