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June 6, 2011 10:11 am

Hamas Enforcing “Gaza Blockade”

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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The Associated Press reported that Hamas has closed the Gaza Strip’s border with Egypt, reinstating a four year blockade that Israel had imposed since the militant group captured control in a bloody battle, back in 2007. The blockade had just been lifted when Egypt opened the border, only one week ago.

Hamas says the move is in protest of repeated crossing delays, and what it called Egyptian “mechanism” at the crossing.

However the move seems to prove Israel’s claim, that there is no “Humanitarian Crisis” in Gaza, one commenter on the HuffingtonPost went so far as to say, “either the reported humanitarian crisis in Gaza is a fake, or at least not severe enough to prevent this self-imposing isolation, or the Hamas government is willing to endanger its own citizens to gain some political points. Probably both.”

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  • Nasruddin Kabir

    Jameela is unfortunately a hateful, ignorant person who would hide behind and desecrate the great, holy name of Allah.

  • Jameela

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    Messenger of Allah
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    6 June 2011

    • No Allah Please

      Get a life. You should go sit in a corner by yourself for a while until you learn how to communicate with other people nicely. We all live in one world, your ‘excerpts’ are clearly meant to divide humanity and create fear between fellow men – you should be ashamed of your post.

      Making claims in Allah’s name is absurd and most likely a sign of mental illness that you should have checked by a doctor.