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June 24, 2011 2:02 pm

Sarah Palin is Hated for all the Right Reasons

avatar by Moshe Averick

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Former Governor Sarah Palin

Generally speaking, I follow the advice of the Talmudic sages who strongly urge caution, and warn of the potential dangers, regarding unnecessary entanglements with politicians or politics in general. I confess that the political arena is a setting that is so foreign and mysterious to me that I am blissfully satisfied to be confined to the bleachers where spectators like myself can sit and watch the three-ring circus which we call the political process. This is not an article about politics. It is about the phenomenon called Sarah Palin and it is rooted in something much deeper than what is generally covered in standard political commentary. (I leave the discussion of her politics to people who, hopefully, understand those issues much better than me.)

No political figure in recent memory has evoked such an immediate and powerful gut reaction from the American people and the media as Governor Sarah Palin (with the notable exception of perhaps President Barack Obama). In the space of roughly 24 hours back in 2008, she went from being the obscure governor of Alaska to the political equivalent of a rock superstar. The cause of this supernova-like explosion onto the political landscape was not due to anything she said or did (nobody knew anything about her at the time), it was due to who she was and is. It was her very presence, the way she looked, the way she spoke, the aura she projected, the vision that people instinctively understood she represented that either churned the stomachs of some, or tugged at the souls and heartstrings of others.

Let me put it a different way: To suggest that the vicious attacks and smears that emanated from certain segments of the media were because of anything in particular that she said or any particular opinion that she held, would be putting the cart before the horse. They attacked what she said because they couldn’t stand her. The general antipathy came first, the specific attacks came afterwards.

The most glaring example, of course, was the “experience” issue. How many times did we hear that Sarah Palin’s lack of “experience” made her unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency? After all, her entire political career consisted of only a stint as mayor of a small town and being elected to the governorship of Alaska. This, of course, was in comparison to the colossal and extensive “experience” of Barack Obama as a community organizer, a stint as a state legislator, and as the newly elected junior Senator from Illinois. It was obvious to any objective, dispassionate observer that as far as political experience, Sarah Palin and Barack Obama were pretty much even, with Palin clearly in the lead in the area of administrative and executive experience. It is also obvious that the reason why whole legions of journalists ignored these simple facts was that they had no interest in being objective or dispassionate when the subject of Sarah Palin was on the table. When it was recently announced that 24,000 pages of Palin’s emails were being released, one could plainly hear the obscene sound of reporters licking their chops in anticipation of digging up some obscure piece of dirt or hint of scandal which they could gleefully put out over the various newswires.

One might have thought that Governor Palin would have been touted as a poster child for women’s empowerment and feminist ideals. After all, she was a “simple” housewife who made a decision to throw her hat in the political ring, and in short order was elected mayor of her town, governor of her state, and was then chosen by a veteran senator as his presidential running mate. If that doesn’t qualify as a stellar example of “I am woman watch me roar”, then I can’t imagine what would. Instead Sarah Palin is vilified by the very ideologues who should have held her up as a hero.

Is Sarah Palin the best candidate for the GOP in the coming presidential election? I don’t know. I don’t understand those things very well. What I do understand is why she is hated. She is hated because she has a sincere, almost child-like, and unabashed love for her country and the principles upon which it was founded. She is hated because she has a genuine and unshakable commitment to her religious beliefs and to the notion that God is the source of all the values that make this country a shining beacon to the entire world. She is hated because she is profoundly committed to marriage and family as the basis for a truly human society. Her greatest sin of all, and an unpardonable one at that, was having the absolute unmitigated gall to ignore that most sacred of female constitutional rights and to not kill her unborn, down-syndrome child. To add insult to injury, she is not only clearly at peace with that decision, but even worse, she is ecstatically happy with that decision. For that, she will never be forgiven. (“Who the hell does she think she is anyways not to have aborted that retard baby?!”)

Sarah Palin is hated because she seems unable to camouflage her ideals behind a façade of vapid political vagaries; it is not so much that she talks about what she stands for, it is that – love her or hate her – she radiates what she stands for. Should Sarah Palin run for president in 2012? Would she make a good president? Don’t ask me, ask the pundits. I mean it, I really don’t know. I do, however, find a curious satisfaction in observing that at least one political figure is reviled by so many for representing those very values that make human existence meaningful and noble. In other words, those who hate Sarah Palin, hate her for all the right reasons.

Moshe Averick is an ordained orthodox rabbi and author of  the Amazon best-seller, “Nonsense of a High Order: The Confused and Illusory World of the Atheist,” available on and Kindle. He can  be reached via his website:

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  • i strongly dislike sarah because she murders wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I FREAKING LOVE WOLVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Manic Candy

      Boy, you wolfaboos are a whiny and immature lot.

  • James Bratton

    Is… Is that sarcasm?

  • Ra Gee

    Palin is merely a greedy con-woman with no scruples at all. And very ignorant and dangerous to the well being of other’s. As is Trump.

  • suzy000

    Washington is out of control and sapping up all of resources as citizens. We had someone who was honest…sincere…experienced and worthy of straightening out Washington. The political elite who is responsible for stealing from the American people and taking away a lot of our basic rights just to flourish as fat cats along with the MSM degraded Ms. Palin for fear of their demise. When people go on the attack as viciously as these people did…that is a red flag. If we are trying to change Washington…why do you listen to the very voices that caused this mess to begin with? We need to wake up…it is now 2013 and I maybe Sarah can forgive those that crucifed her. It will have to be a Sarah that can lead us out of this mess that Obama put us in. I hope it’s not too late.

    • someguyinsacramento

      the establishment does not want a real person truly from the people and not from d.c to even get close to the presidency, and a woman at that! she threatens their very way of life! she if the media didn’t take off on her actually has a real chance at the white house as the first woman president!the libs and progressives DO NOT WANT HER IN ANY PUBLIC OFFICE! she is the exact opposite of what they preach to us! they want a lesbian liberal progressive like hillary to have the whitehouse! the media as we all know is seriously biased and just a political propaganda arm of the liberal progressive government!

  • DJ

    I think the world dislikes Sara Palin for the same reason you are coming off so poorly. She, like you, seems intolerant of anyone else’s opinions unless they are in accord with her/your own. Palin holds herself accountable to low standards and others to much higher. It seems you do the same. She was never a real leader. Having the title doesn’t make it so.

  • What reality do you live in?

    What reality do you live in? How in the World can this blogger come to such a biased opinion ?

    We all know Sarah Palin is loathed for all the wrong reasons.

    Number one, she is incredibly ignorant and does not read or watch the news, and nor has she learned Historical facts. Like most Republicans they don’t read the news. No she just re-writes History and wings it, just like this blogger did here. And Sarah like this blogger thinks people will be stupid enough to accept the Republican Propaganda.

    So what is the miss direction and the real agenda here ?

    The fact is Republicans want the middle class and poor to go live under a bridge and die already. They are only for the super rich and that is a fact that is so clear!!!

    Number two, Republicans want all social service entitlements to be gone such as; social security,medicare,post office,and unions etc. etc.

    So what happens when we live in a World that Sarah wants ruled by big oil and the super rich ? Well we will just experience 2008 Bush era over again and yet another super recession.

    Ignorance is bliss, ain’t it Republicans….Not !!! Time to wake up people and stop voting for the party who hates middle and poor class America.

    • B Peterson

      As a Canadian, I sit back and laugh at the American political arena. The media biased attack on Sarah Palin was based on ignorance and hate for someone with a different view of the world. Bill Maher and several comedians would attack her credibility on a regular basis. The American left is the most hateful and ignorant people I have ever witnessed in my life. They are backed up by many of the rich and famous in the entertainment industry, which I believe makes them the most dangerous group on the planet today next to Al qaeda. They have so many ways to brainwash people into their way of thinking, using movies, TV programs, documentaries, radio, magazines, newsprint and music. This does not let the right off the hook. You people talk as if the Republican part is God’s party. What a joke. God is not a Republican and A high number of Replublicans don’t know who God is. The don’t allow themselves to be used by God, they use God for their own benefit. The best thing for the USA would be for both the Democratic party and the Republican party to fade into history. Your country needs to humble yourselves, get on your knees and pray to God for a new direction.

    • Margie

      Good grief. And there YOU go, spouting all the leftist lies about her.

    • someguyinsacramento

      let me guess!…….you voted for change right! you do not believe in god!….you think it is better to kill retard children in the womb! you think ga’s should be allowed to marry! you drive a hybrid probably a prius! your comment would be a good comment if you weren’t on the opposing side but instead on the right side of the isle dude!

  • jp

    “No political figure in recent memory has evoked such an immediate and powerful gut reaction from the American people and the media as Governor Sarah Palin … It was her very presence, the way she looked, the way she spoke, the aura she projected, the vision that people instinctively understood she represented that either churned the stomachs of some, or tugged at the souls and heartstrings of others.”

    Moshe, you sound surprised, but this is just a textbook reaction to extremism. Perhaps you have become so used to extremism from your interest in Middle East politics that you can not recognise it when it comes to America. Others can, hence the reaction(s) you observed. It’s nothing to celebrate.

  • Frank Hierholzer

    Mr. Averick,
    You’re a brave man to try and reason with so many biased people.
    As brave as Sarah Palin.

  • Bill589

    Palin has the truth on her side. The more that comes to light, the better for her. This is exactly the opposite for most of her opponents and especially Obama.

    24,000 emails, and an independently made movie, say she is a hard working, capable, incorruptible, servant of the people. Sarah has the courage and tenacity to start and finish the job. We the people are the lucky ones to have her on our side.

    Sarah Palin 2012

  • Jonathan

    Hi there. A Rabbi Averick how can you say that someone is confused and illusory just because they’re atheist? There are people who are atheist and support Sarah Palin too. For instance, look no further than the great political analyst and columnist for The Daily News S.E. Cupp. So, there’s a saying never judge a book by its cover. There are people in all walks of life who support Palin. You aren’t able to paint everyone with the same brush. What you need to be doing is only focusing on criticizing the people who plainly hate Palin. Atheist or not as long as someone is in the same boat where they support Palin that’s all what matters. There’s no reason for any of us to be fighting among ourselves.

    • Jonathan,

      I appreciate your post. Let me try to explain myself.
      It is my firm conviction that the philosophical, ideological, and intellectual foundations that are put forth by atheists for denying the existence of God are “confused and illusory.” Having said that, it does not mean that everything an atheist says, does , or believes (for example, their political views) is “confused or illusory,” only the atheism itself.

      I have seen S.E. Cupp talk about her non-belief, frankly, I have a hard time believing that she would b prepared to defend her “atheism” in a rigorous intellectual manner, like Hitchens or Dawkins attempt to do. It seems to me that she is more in the category of “I just don’t know if God is there or not” rather than in the category of a hard core atheist.

      My fight is not with people like S.E. Cupp, it is with people like Harris, Hitchens, and Dawkins.

  • Suzan Lynn

    Sarah Palin is running and will win…Next question ! ! ! !

  • Sabers War Dogs

    Hello Moshe, I as does Sarah we both stand with Israel. Sadly after reading the posts from some of the commenters all i can say to some of the uninformed is to go see the movie the Undefeated, it better then i can explain Sarah.
    I am an Alaskan, I saw what was happening to Sarah in Alaska with all of the false ethics charges being thrown at her, and again I stress to these posters that Alaska did not cover the Govs legal fees to fight these charges and they not only were bankrupting her but hurting the State badley. I know its hard to believe that there are honest people any more who would put there state and country before themselves, and the left has played the smear game against her well. But my friends she is still standing and to those of you who think shes stupid well all i gotta say is then shes stupid as the Arctic fox shes so aptly called…America loves this woman as do I.

  • Davida Braunstein

    Wow! Rabbi Averick, you were so quick to get on board with Ms. Jones’ derogatory description of anyone who dislikes Sarah Palin. I think the Algemeiner Journal has a lot to answer for in printing this. Torah does not teach us to speak about people in this manner. Is defending Sarah Palin so important to you that you would go to this extreme? Perhaps you are the one with the visceral reaction to Sarah Palin. Quite possibly Sarah Palin is not alone in her lack of introspection.

    • Perhaps you are right, I might have responded too glibly to what she wrote. I will try to be more careful.

      However, I still stand by my basic thesis, which is that people who hate Sarah Palin (not those who don’t think she should run for president, not those who think she wouldn’t make a good president, not those who have legitimate political and policy differences) hate her for the values she stands for as I discussed in the article.

      I am not aware of anything that she has done to be branded as a “self-serving charlatan”. You call her a hypocrite of the highest order as if name calling actually is an acceptable substitute for substantive arguments. I frankly don’t believe your statements about anti-semitic slurs, unless you can present me with conclusive evidence. AS far as Messianic churches, I don’t know exactly what you are talking about, although I do know that she is a believing Christian. Do you hold that against her? It could also be that she is not aware of the whole issue, and does not understand how Jews feel about Messianic congregations.

      What is her stand on birth control education in schools? I am not aware of what it is. I think that some of the sex-education in schools today is sick. Parents should be teaching their children about temptations and choices, I ascribe no special abilities or wisdom to public school teachers in these areas, if anything I am deeply suspicious of their motives and agenda.

      I think you have crossed way over the line yourself with your remarks about her daughter. All kinds of people have trouble with children (do you have any?),
      your remarks about her family are immature and innapropriate. It seems to me that Sarah Palin handled a difficult and painful situation quite wisely and gracefully.

  • Davida Braunstein

    People hate Sarah Palin because she is a hypocrite of the highest order. Perhaps you should give Americans greater credit for being able to sniff out a self-serving charlatan. And before you get too excited about her,(since you admittedly do not have experience in politics) you should dig a little deeper before you heap praise on her. She was known to have used anti-Semitic slurs against her opponent in certain receptive circles during her gubernatorial campaign. Not to mention her heavy-duty fund raising in (and promises to) Messianic “Jewish” churches. Not to ignore the elephant in the room: her stance on birth control education in the public schools is ludicrous. It’s one thing if you are raising your children in a more controlled environment in religious parochial schools…but the children who are being raised in the world at large need to know about health issues involved with the temptations and choices before them. Obviously, her daughter Bristol is a prime example. Perhaps if she had been more in tune with what was happening with her own family, she’d be a better advocate for anyone else’s. Yes, the personal is political. But hey, that’s just my binah talking.

    • Davida,

      I’ll tell you one more thing; when it comes to Israel, SHE GETS IT, which is more than I can say for some of the other prominent political figures on the scene these days.

  • Roberta Arnold

    Dear Sir,
    With all do respect, Sara Palin doesn’t have the education, experience, intelligence, scholarship to even run for president of our blessed country. Yes she was elected Governor or Alaska but she quit briefly after taking office. She is a quitter! As President of this country we need someone who will have the courage to face the big world wide problems that need to be address. Ms Palin does not have that courage. She has a big mouth and say’s things that are not historically true. She talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.
    Thank you,

    • You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but my article had nothing to do with the issue you raised. I made it very clear that I was not weighing in on the pros and cons of a presidential run for Sarah Palin

    • I don’t necessarily agree with all the things you said, but essentially you think that she does not have the qualifications to be president. Maybe you are right and maybe you aren’t, I am not offering any opinions on that subject, but thank you for your comments.

  • Johann

    This lovefest is very heartwarming and all, but I hope you’ll find time to continue our periodically stalling conversation about your support for genocide. =)

    • Moshe Averick

      Us children of the sixties love a lovefest once in a while. What’s your problem. “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love” EVERYBODY!

      • RAQUELA




  • dave

    gotta say, i think you totally missed the mark on why so many people dislike her. it’s because she’s daft. she has no deep knowledge of anything, no deep thoughts, no deep understanding. every time she opens her mouth, she makes that clear. she is profoundly shallow. generally speaking, people in this country have achieved their place in the world through a great deal of hard work at understanding something… whatever that may be. people understand their job in great detail, with all that it entails. she never displayed any knowledge of the actual workings of her jobs. as mayor, the city council had to hire a city manager to do everything other than ribbon-cutting. as governor, she ran into major issues with the republican-run state legislature of alaska because she was a rank novice in a job that requires an expert. her only training is in media. now that she finally has a job in media, i expect she will perform well. it’s the only thing she really knows anything about.
    obama, by contrast, has a degree in law. his experience as a community organizer and legislator displayed, from the start, his depth of interest and training in the law and the political process.
    if media figures gave obama respect regarding his politics and disrespected palin regarding hers, it’s because every time he opened his mouth, he sounded like an expert and every time she opened hers, she sounded like an idiot.

    • Moshe Averick


      As far as your analysis of Palin’s job as governor and mayor, I really don’t know if what you say is correct or not. I personally don’t agree with you about Obama, I’ve never seen him say anything that displays any particular depth of understanding of what is needed in the country, neither in terms of the economic situation or international policy, particularly regarding the Islamic world and Israel.In fact, when he does not have a prepared speech, he seems to be ramble. I think many people are quite disappointed in his performance as President. But all that is beside the point.

      You still did not address the basic point I was making, which is not if Sarah Palin should become President, but why did she evoke such a visceral reaction from day 1?

      • dave

        actually, i did get to that point. she evoked a strong response because she says and does a lot of stupid things (and doesn’t balance that with any smart things). i think she evoked about the same response as dan quayle, who is a much smarter person than she, but doesn’t seem to be very good at sounding like it.
        obama does ramble a bit. even when he’s on topic with a written speach, he’s not a very good speaker. what he says is intelligent and is generally very well thought out and based in facts and reality (unlike many politicians). people don’t always agree with his posistions, but they aren’t from mars (unlike many politicians). anyone who thinks that obama is ‘leftist’, ‘socialist’, or even far from centrist in either belief or actions is obviously completely unfamiliar with the actual workings of american politics. far too many people base their ideas about politics on the sound bites and polemic ranting that politicians do, rather than on the actual actions that these very same politicians engage in. if you aren’t prepared to get down to the actual ‘nitty gritty’ level of going through the details of how politics works and how our government actually operates (not the ‘fake’ version presented on fox and occasionally in other media), then you should really stay out of it. you might as well be discussing why some nascar driver or other isn’t winning more races, without ever having worked on a car, or driven a race car, or gone to a race, or whatever… just because somebody’s media wing pitches them as a ‘values candidate’ (see also ‘lacking substance on policy issues’) doesn’t mean that they are any better of a person than the candidate who is the ‘foreign policy’ candidate (see also ‘policy wonk’).
        some people are all image and no substance and sarah palin is one of those people.

        • Moshe Averick

          I am one of those people who does not really understand the nitty gritty of politics. I do have a certain understanding of human nature, and while you may or may not have very valid reasons for not having a high opinion of Sarah Palin, it still seems clear to me that there is a lot more going on than “she says and does a lot of stupid things.” People were saying that within 24 hours after she emerged on the national scene. What could she have possibly done so quickly?

          • Proudantitheist

            After reading all the comments the few that have any merit are from my universe of reality. I’ve never seen so much uninformed biased,racist,bigoted views in one place about the political stage. You all talk politics and obviously are as ignorant to it as Sarah Palin. Here’s a comparison. A few hundred thousand Palin fans do not make her smart. In this case millions of people think she is less smart than a forth grader. Personally she speaks one language, gibberish.

        • Steve


          You pre-suppose to know that Obama’s statements are “well-thought out”. Are you in Obama’s head? Do you know that he has thought these things out sufficiently? How do you even know what he has “thought out”?

          You also mentioned the “nitty gritty” of government politics and how the Rabbi should not comment unless he has such knowledge. You said that Fox presents the “fake” version. Are you yourself in the “nitty gritty” circles? Why does Fox only have the “fake” story and not CNN or MSNBC? I did not see any titles by your name to indicate that you are intimately involved in key governmental decisions. Are you privy to the inner workings of the Obama administration? Do you have more access than the networks mentioned above?

          Just because someone has a higher degree does not necessarily make them a good leader. I think people sometimes respect someone automatically because they have a “superior” education. Education does not necessarily make someone good or moral, or both. All one has to do is view Obama from a distance and see where his policies spring from. He was in a church for 20 years with a spiritual leader (Reverend Wright) who has anti-Jewish beliefs. This was his SPIRITUAL LEADER. He most likely went to church fairly often and consulted with Reverend Wright on the most personal issues in his life. There is no possible way that Wright’s views did not impact Obama profoundly. He has made every attempt (albeit subtly) to distance himself from Israel since the beginnings of his Administration. If he is re-elected, I can guarantee you it will not be so subtle.

          His policies since he took office have consistently been to the Left, more than any other president. Looking at his policies objectively rather than from a partisan perspective would show you that. Again, if you were to back up a little bit, there’s no way you could deny this. You and many others have chosen to trust Obama without examining the man, his past, and his record. You fail to see what is really there, only what YOU want to be there. They call it denial. I hope you wake up before it is too late.

  • sodakhic

    Moshe, what incite.A liberal Sarah would have aborted Trig, put Wasilla and Alaska in debt,connived with Big oil to get the cut the politicians have gotten over the years and said to hell with the people. This only works cuz Sarah is a believer, patriot, dedicated mother and wife and super charismatic.

  • brad

    “Who the hell does she think she is anyways not to have aborted that retard baby?!”

    As a parent of a child with DS, I really don’t appreciate you using this derogatory language. The Special Olympics has started a campaign to end the R-word…check out It is a word that steals dignity from someone unnecessarily and presents them as “sub-human”

    Please respect my child’s right to be here and don’t use that word…even to defame other political actors….in the end my daughter does not need to be thrown under the bus.

    • Moshe Averick


      Obviously, I used that terminology to make a point. This is a column written for adults and of course I would not use that type of phrase generally. Please forgive me if I offended you.

  • Mary

    Whoa horsey.

    “Sarah Palin and Barack Obama were pretty much even, with Palin clearly in the lead in the area of administrative and executive experience..”

    (?) Obama has never had any executive or administrative experience in his life, unless your taking into account being a community organizer or his fund raising skills. If you are looking for history, school, college, Senate records please forward them because no one prior to one month from being elected to president knew who Obama really was and today we still don’t know.

    Now, we do know that John McCain threw Sarah Palin under the bus in 2008 and that henceforth the media and the Democrat Party proceeded to rape her and her family publicly and personally. So other than those who hate America and retarded children, those differences not withstanding Palin in 2008 was far more qualified for the job than Obama to represent and serve “America”, which Obama had no intention of doing; or the change.

    • Mary,

      I happen to agree with you, but the article was about Sarah Palin not Barack Obama, so I might have understated things a bit.
      Thank you for your comments.

  • Tawny Jones

    Hatred for Sarah Palin is rooted in jealousy & envy among frumpy, frigid females, and in lack of virility among testosterone-deficient indoorsmen.

    • Tawny,

      Perhaps you should have written the article!

    • I’m an old friend of Moshe’s. Very old. We went to grammar school together. I was at the Holocaust Museum in DC on Tuesday. There I saw the new exhibit on propaganda. I have a Ph.D. in social psychology and have spent the past two decades researching the roots of the kind of black and white thinking that escalates into holocausts. The museum works hard to generalize from the holocaust. It could happen between any tribes.

      I challenge you to imagine the article that Moshe wrote above, say written in about 1933 by a German about the charisma and honesty of Adolph Hitler, and the mystery about why anyone should find him offensive, leading to a speculation that the reasons must not be grounded in anything more than prejudice. After all a German at that time might not have noticed the ways that his affinities with Adolph give him the false impression that Hitler was fair-minded and balanced. Sarah Palin has from the start used the kind of rabble rousing black and white, good and bad people, righteous indignation that can if unconstrained as it is in her, lead to mass stupidity and peril. Have you ever seen her introspect? Have you ever seen her admit a mistake?

      No doubt you’ll say, “well the democrats are worse.” Why? Because Palin says they are? Fox News. Hitler could have said the Jews are worse and the Germans would have taken his word for it.

      If you don’t have the ability to try out different tribes in the different roles, then you’re like that German, mystified and dismissive not really a student of human nature or politics and and perilous to society in your overconfidence. It was that overconfidence the Talmud speaks to.

      Jeremy Sherman M.P.P. Ph.D.

      • Moshe Averick


        As I recently wrote to you in a private email; It’s bad enough that we discuss religion, we definitely should not start discussing politics.

        However, what you wrote may be evidence in favor of the points I made in the article:

        1. She certainly affects you at a very deep level. It seems to me that no matter how much you dislike her political views, that a comparison to Hitler is a little bit over the line.

        2. In comparison I wonder if you are so ruthless in your evaluation of President Obama. After all, he sat for 20 years in a church of a real demagogue and rabble rouser. A man who honored Louis Farakhan, someone who really could be compared to Hitler. What about the suppression of the video of Obama at a dinner with Rashid Khalidi, a supporter of terrorism?

        3. President Obama was the one who used populist rhetoric, “Let’s change the world”, etc.

        This is not in any way to compare Obama to Hitler (that would be pretty outrageous), after all, Obama is smart enough to surround himself with jewish advisors :), but I think the comparison of Palin to Hitler is just as outrageous. What buttons is she pushing in you to push it that far?

      • Yitzchok


        Didn’t Hitler Y”S state his hatred of the Jewish people?
        Does Palin do that?

        Didn’t Hitler Y”S throw all Jews out of their positions the moment he came to power – including Albert Einstein chacellor of the U of Berlin
        Did Palin do that when she became Mayor or Governor in Alaska?

        Didn’t Hitler Y”S organize the mass murder of the mentally ( we won’t use the r-word ) challenged?
        Didn’t Palin do the opposite and give them life?

        Didn’t Hitler Y”S have the SS at the concentration camps write boldly on their belts ‘Der G-tt Fun Der Yuden Is Totte’ (the G-d of the Jews is dead) as many a holocaust survivor reported to me?
        Doesn’t Palin believe in the G-d of the Jews?

        Didn’t the Lubavitcher Rebbe say that Hitler Y”S wanted to destroy the Jews because they are a living testimony to G-d’s existance in this world and that by destroying the Jews he was getting rid of G-d and his Commandments such as thou shalt not steal and thou shalt not murder and that now only German leaders will determine what thou shalt do and what thou shalt not do?

        Does Palin want to do that?



      • I’m not quite sure what you mean by your remark, but be that as it may, I made it very clear in the article that I was not opining about whether or not Sarah Palin should run for President. Perhaps you should read more carefully before you write.

  • Dennyusa

    Wow, incredible article. For not knowing much about politics, you certainly hit the nail on the head. It’s the first time I have seen such a convincing argument about the intense hatred towards her. It makes perfect sense. Thanks for writing it!

  • John Carpenter

    Rabbi Averick,

    As something of a “Christian agnostic” I have a deep respect for Rabbis. I haven’t the slightest idea how men and women such as yourselves do it but you have such a thought provoking way of finding the “spring within the spring” that is at the heart of the deepest human questions. Perhaps it is simply a matter of years of study of the Talmud or simply a gift–individuals who choose this calling have the theological equivalent of perfect pitch.

    I would suggest a second reason for the irrational contempt in which Sarah Palin is held: history has left us with many examples of large numbers of the citizenry collectively contracting, seemingly spontaneously, a kind of psychosocial pathology.
    There were, of course, the most notable examples: the Salem Witch Trials, the Crusades, The Macarthy paranoia concerning communists, and the panic that ensued after Orson Wells’ broadcast of “The War of the Worlds”.

    Sarah Palin, I believe, has unfortunately become a lightening rod for the contempt of those men and women who Thoreau described as “living lives of quiet desperation”.

    There is also at play, I believe, a phenomenon in play I call the “Willy Loman Syndrome”. Loman despised his own mediocrity while spinning fantasies of his superiority and rotting from an inner core of self contempt, could not comprehend
    the succes his brother Ben had achieved. Similarly, there are millions whose dreams have been bubbles popped by the slightest gust of an adverse wind. Palin not only has staying power, she seems to thrive on adversity and the contermpt of her enemies.

    But, again, I commend you on a thought provoking meditation about the woman.

    • John,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I would add another point, since this article is appearing on a light/feminist website also. Some of the commenters seem almost pathologically unable to say ANYTHING good about Palin. I find it amazing.

      • Nova Star

        I think when you have a lot to hide (Obamas incomptence and alien policies) and a lot to loose (hope and change/crying for the first colored president etc.) and no results (progressive ideology a non-starter in an open society), you tend to get mighty cranky if everything you have been taught to hate (and leftists really know how to hate), suddenly materializes in the form of a smiling, happy mother of five.

        Its like the senior-professor that over 40 years has been celebrated as a guru for his research suddenly finds himself having to face a snotty youngling reseacher telling the world that his grand reseach is not just faulty and wrong but also that the errors are so transparent it makes him a dunce not having noticed them during all those years.

        in some sense I think Palin is doing what all the most successful reformers do. She define her platform outside of any position, status or material needs (“you don’t need at title to make a difference”).

        What make life important for her seem to be the personal connection between herself and those willing to listen to her propositions. That is what define and give her value and meaning. It’s most probably also why she is still standing tall today against all what the left has tried to throw at her..