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July 7, 2011 9:54 am

Gun Control, Not Terrorists with Guns, Poses the Greatest Danger to Jews and America

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Perhaps restricting guns causes greater danger. Photo: Joe Loong.

A video made by terrorist Adam Pearlman, aka Azzam al-Amriki, urging Muslims to purchase guns and kill Americans, has sent a nation of 307 million people into hysteria. It seems that this frenzy has been enough to further restrict and limit the sales of guns. But wasn’t that the intention of the video?

Terrorism, by definition and design, instills terror in its audience to provoke an intended reaction, a desired reaction that cannot be accomplished by conventional measures. In other words, it is not only the damage of the terrorist act that is the goal, but rather it is also the reaction among the living that is the goal.

It is with that eye that the intelligent citizen views the acts and threats of terrorists. What everyone is rushing to do in response to terror, either terror in act or terror by threat, is most likely the intended response, the goal that was in the Result Statement of the terror plan. Therefore, the intelligent citizen chooses a different path; he chooses to consider what he needs to do to preserve his life and freedom, not just to react as terrorists would have him react.

And this, I suggest, is the case with the Amriki video. Indeed, Mayor Bloomberg and others rushed to use the video to further their campaign on the gun restriction front.

Fueling the video’s intended hysteria is Maxine Dovere’s June 29th article published in these pages, where she makes the fear of terrorist access to guns a Jewish issue by asking “Is this not an open exhortation to target Jews and Jewish institutions?”

Far from easy gun access being a danger to the Jews and America, it is gun control that poses the greatest danger.

The damage from individual anti-Semites over history pales in comparison to the decimation by governments and their proxies against unarmed Jewish populations. Every act of genocide in the last 100 years has been preceded by gun control: the Armenian, the Ukrainian and the Holocaust. These gun control policies were deliberately designed to make sure that there would be no meaningful resistance.

But guns cannot be seized until the government knows who owns them. First registration, then greater and greater restrictions, usually coupled with some dramatic terrifying gun crimes to justify the greater control, then the call to surrender weapons and the door to door confiscation, using the lists of owners. Picked on one by one, most people—being unable to single-handedly maintain their gun ownership—surrender their guns. I am not writing about an imagined future. I am writing about the actual past in many countries.

The Nazis capitalized on the earlier gun registration requirements of the Weimar Republic. Among their first acts was the collection of the registered guns and barring Jews from owning guns and long knives. The Nazis certainly knew it was a necessary pre-requisite for unopposed annihilation.

There is nothing more dangerous than an unchecked government. The goodwill of the citizens and the history of freedom in a country are never sufficient to stop evil men from using the machines of administration to control or destroy.

You may protest that such intentions cannot be imputed to the current U.S. leadership and the proponents of the gun-control laws. But the intentions of the current government leaders are irrelevant. We may assume that they are all, bar none, benign people, wielding power wisely with only the best interests of the citizens at heart and mind. After all, only God knows what is in the hearts of men.

But their good intentions are irrelevant because it is not they who we fear. We fear those who will succeed them, seizing on the new power given to the government by the common people in a spasm of fear. Will the government that the new leader takes control of be so powerful that any bad intentions can be realized unopposed?

We just celebrated July 4, the day of independence, appreciating America’s freedom to live without interference. That freedom was envisioned by the founders of this country as essentially flowing from the very existence of man. Freedom is not a gift from the government; rather freedom is the fundamental state of existence. To ensure that freedom will continue, they crafted a Constitution to set up a system to ensure that freedom would be unhampered by government.  In fact, the Bill of Rights was controversial at the time because its opponents felt that putting the obvious in writing would create the impression that the rights came from the document rather than in-and-of themselves. Additionally, the document merely lists a few intrinsic rights and leaves others out, for better or worse, the Bill of Rights was established as a bare outline of rights.

Are we worthy of inheriting the freedom from the founders of this country if at the whiff of a threat from a terrorist on video, people rush to restrict gun ownership? Should we rush into confusion, thinking that the Second Amendment hinders our safety when in fact it guarantees our safety?

The issue is indeed a “critical national security issue,” not because of the risk of a few armed terrorists, but because of the danger to an unarmed population.

The Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011 and the Denying Firearms to Dangerous Terrorist Acts of 2011 have names that are so benign and inoffensive. After all, who would want to oppose denying firearms to dangerous terrorists? The semantics of politics indeed. But some would argue that the “fixit” patriotic bills to protect are part of a package, part of a movement to restrict, limit and ultimately ban guns. Many times, those who oppose guns oppose them all the way, and the piecemeal legislation, while frustratingly slow for them, advances their agenda one small step at a time. There is always a compelling reason for each step towards gun control.

The rules only restrict the common citizen, just like the mother who can no longer bring a bottle of formula onto a plane. Despite any amount of gun-control, the terrorist who want to obtain weapons will always find the means to do so.

A number of years back I met with Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy, a vocal participant in Mayors Against Illegal Guns, as he traveled to Washington to lobby for increased gun restrictions. I told him that my perspective is based on my people’s collective and personal family memories of having been left unarmed and defenseless in the face of the Nazis and the Communists. We know what it is like to live in a country without guns and we therefore are opposed to efforts to whittle down the Second Amendment. We have experienced the end results of gun control.

I suggest that if Mr. Pearlman’s video helps pass the current gun legislation, he will indeed be pleased with his job well done.

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  • PissedOffAmerican

    “A video made by terrorist Adam Pearlman, aka Azzam al-Amriki, urging Muslims to purchase guns and kill Americans, has sent a nation of 307 million people into hysteria”

    Amazing, the irony. The author engages in hysteria to falsely accuse an entire nation of hysteria. Do any of you out there know any Americans that are “hysterical” over this video?

    Further, beneath the ridiculous first assertion this author offers to grab your attention, there is an insinuation that is even more misleading; that the efforts to impose gun control legislations are somehow directly and specifically a danger to “jews”.

    I’m a gun owner, hunter, American, etc.. I like a good debate, and discourse about gun control. But this author is a hack. He disingenuously blends two separate issues in an attempt to capitalize on paranoia. Surely one can make an argument against gun control, to the jewish community, without making fantastic and ridiculous historical comparisons.

  • Carl

    If you actually expect the MSM to cover “gun control” with objectivity don’t hold your breath. Truth is beyond the capability of MSM. Their liberal sources aren’t interested in fair play, just pushing their agenda. Objectivity doesn’t sell advertising space, sesationalism does.

  • Perhaps JPFO, Inc. text “Gun Control Is The Key To Genocide” (1994) and “Gun
    Control: Gateway To Tyranny” (1993), respectively ,both deserve the moral high
    ground on this debate. However, I think these two texts are now long out of
    print. Nonetheless JPFO, Inc. at still deserves the moral high ground
    on the Second Amendment/firearms debate. The John Birch Society (
    is another pro-gun/pro-Second Amendment institution also well qualified to
    address this issue, plus considerably more.

    JPFO, Inc. is Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, “America’s Aggressive
    Civil Rights Organization.” Both JPFO, Inc. and The John Birch Society have no link
    or affiliation with the NRA (National Rifle Association). Neither does Gun Owners of
    America ( —– James A. Farmer Ashland, Oregon

  • Rickster

    What we need to do is just not only block these anti gun rules but do everything we can to rid our offices of the people like Hillary Clinton who seek to associate our land with the likes of the communoid United Nations. They are a Nothing!! Just looking to take over and control people to increase their lack of worth. Right now we just need to take our elections seriously and vote not only these politicians but all that support them out of office NOW! OHBAMMA has started the process in a multi layered attack slowly but surely. First his cabinet now the supreme court now support for Ms Clinton and the UN ” I have not sought any new gun laws” ohbamma…yea sure…he is just laying the foundation quietly and when the time is right we will have no say in the matter just like a thief in the night, our rights will be gone with no control to reverse the damage short of another civil war!

  • MethanP

    I have often wondered, what experience in Jewish history
    gives us this attitude on firearms. I can only assume it
    is the result of 2000 years of not fighting back. I have
    heard famous holocaust survivors propose the most vigorous gun control.
    Remember: the key word in Gun Contol isn’t Gun. It’s Control!

  • Offense Boi

    We should not only reject (actually, not even call) the two proposed laws that you cite, but we should also use current must-pass bills such as the debt ceiling bill as vehicles to pass pro-gun legislation.

    Two amendments that immediately come to mind. The first would be a bill to establish a highly permissive national shall-issue CCW license that would operate in parallel with the state systems. Citizens could choose one or more state CCW licenses, the federal CCW license, both, or neither.

    A second amendment would remove the current legal requirement that citizens buy guns only in their state of residence. Instacheck has rendered any safety gains created by this obsolete requirement moot, if there ever were any.

    Both of these amendments would increase rights greatly – citizens from restrictive localities such as NYC could simply buy their guns out of state and carry them in the city on the federal license. A side benefit would be the endless screeching coming from the Brady Bunch and the New York Times.

    • …but a federal CCW license is still a license which puts one’s name on a list.

      The only rational plan is federal action against any states that deny citizens of other states their rights under the 14th amendment.