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September 24, 2011 8:17 pm

Huckabee: Obama Like Fire Starter

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Former Governor Mike Huckabee at Algemeiner breakfast. Photo: Ruvi Leider.

“Have we lost our navigation point?”

Referring to President Obama’s speech at the United Nations last week, former Republican candidate for President, Mike Huckabee likened him to one who starts a fire, then comes to help put out the blaze, stressing the urgent need for Americans to recognize that “what happens to Israel happens to America.” “The United States must take a much stronger position.” President Obama, said Huckabee, is “incredibly naive,” and must recognize the impossibility of negotiating with those who say “accept my way, my system of thought – or I will destroy you.” He should have said:  if the vote is presented (at the United Nations) you will not see one more American dime.”

At an breakfast hosted by the Algemeiner proceeding the 2011 General Assembly session, Dovid Efune, Director of the Algemeiner, introduced former governor Mike Huckabee as a “mensch.”  Huckabee returned the volley, humorously noting the similarity of the name “Huckabee” to the famed Maccabee. There is a deep kinship between the evangelical community and the Jewish people, said Huckabee, “one cannot be Christian without having absolute Jewish roots…Israel is, for me, is holy land. What is sacred to my Jewish friends is sacred to me.”

Huckabee spoke of the magnificence of America, where the opportunity to go “to go everywhere you wish to go” is open to all, a characteristic fully shared with Israel. Since his first visit to Israel in 1973, when he “fell in love,” Huckabee has returned 19 times (and counting!). “No other place on earth so completely mirrors the experience of the United States…unlimited sacrifice to ensure the next generation would live better and would live freer, where children can be free of the galloping terror of sheer tyranny.”

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The 2008 candidate did not have kind words for the United Nations. “If you continue to promote terrorism, then find a new home!”  He questioned why Americans are expected to listen to the dribble of an Ahmadinejad and others who besmirch and criticize, noting that even an attempt to secure human rights in their countries would likely result in death.

Asked who would be the Ronald Regan of 2012, Huckabee commented that the Republican Party was suffering from “a toxic atmosphere.” Instead of having a sense of “how do we govern?” the concern has been “more about let’s beat the other guy – who ever that guy might be.” The 2008 entrant said that he was not sure that “among the current crop of prospective Republican presidential candidates… a definitive candidate” had emerged. “Rick Perry should realize that he is not running for President of Texas,” and must expand his message and revise his position on social security or it would be his “downfall.” About Ron Paul, Huckabee found his “understanding of the Middle East “dangerous,” and his attitude toward Iran “naïve.”

“The conflict in the Middle East is not just a conflict between Jews and Arabs,” he said.  “It is a conflict between freedom and slavery…between seeing children as in need of a better life and strapping a bomb to their belly.”  How can there peace, asked the former governor, when children are taught that it is alright to kill Jews?” Although Israelis have “exercised extraordinary patience” in the face of continuing provocation, “the creation of a peaceful environment will not be done by capitulation to those who do not admit Israel’s right to exist.”

“Why does the threat of Iran matter to American Christians?” The “why should I care, it’s not in my back yard” attitude must change.  There must be recognition of “Iran’s existential threat to America.” The United States must be more vigilant and diligent in getting the American people to understand that the threat of jihad is a threat to all who believe in individual freedom. “What happens to the Jews will one day happen to me.”

On finding greatness, Huckabee cited the example of Oscar Schindler, “a scoundrel – who one day realized the irrationality of the murder of his Jews,” Schindler found greatness not by living a life of righteousness (he did not) but by standing on his feet and taking decisive action to combat the abuse of other human beings.”

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