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October 19, 2011 3:39 pm

Terrorism, No More

avatar by Ron Agam

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The terrorist attack on the Yeshiva Mercaz Harav in Jerusalem. Photo: Avi Ohayon.

Witnessing the heart-wrenching situation where murderers of children, women and innocent victims were released in exchange of an Israeli soldier was a very difficult moment.

Israel is a country were the death penalty has been administrated only once, and that was for Adolf Eichmann, since then even the worst murderers guilty of abominable acts of terror were given life sentences often reduced to an amnesty preceding exchanges with the enemy. This amnesty is inconceivable to the families of the victims and to the public in general, and it must be stopped.

It is time for the Knesset to again discuss the issue of terrorism and work to profoundly change the rules and consequences of these actions. As a democracy, it is time to protect the citizens of Israel and to take action so that these murderers never see the daylight of freedom, again.

The dynamic of Peace with staunch enemies of the country will not improve unless the price to be paid for committing atrocities is not raised to the death penalty.

Clearly our enemies must know that Israel will not tolerate compromise any more when Jewish blood is concerned.

It is time to change the laws and send a clear message, that Israel will not tolerate any more atrocities against its people and that the price for such actions will be the death sentence.

Israel is surrounded by enemies whose barbarism is a way of life , it is imperative that these terrorists realize that a modern a vibrant society like the Jewish state can and will be merciless with anyone attempting to kill or murder any of its citizens.

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  • Ron Agam

    A debate has opened in Israel about the manner and substance of future similar situation. No one wants to accept the status quo in terms of potential hostage taking or exchanges. It is a critical time where the wisdom and character of the state is in question.
    We have vicious and sadistic radical enemies that are theatening the idea and concept of the Nation. Lets hear and see where will the leaders of the country will lead us .

  • JohnC

    Israel was founded on terrorism – the massacre of Arabs, assassination of Count Bernadotte, and the King David Hotel bombing among the many instances. Not to mention an alliance with Nazi Germany. It continues to actively promote and conduct state terrorism in pursuit of its own policies. Until that ethos changes, or Israeli is obliterated, peace cannot come to the middle east.

  • Jaime Glottmann

    Suicide bombers gladly accept their self inflicted death penalty only to hurt us. Killing terrorists turns them to martirs. Most civilized countries (with the exception of the U.S.) have abolished the death penalty and Israel gets enough bad press without it. Forget it!

  • salvage

    Yeah, that’s what Israel needs to do, kill more Palestinians, another 50 years or so should do the trick! Then there will be peace in the Middle East.

    >Israel is surrounded by enemies whose barbarism is a way of life

    Yes! They’re all evil and should be exterminated, the Jews of the Middle East are the only civilized peoples (being from Europe makes that so of course).

    All barbarians, less than human, what was your god thinking when it made such creatures and put them on your promised land? It’s a shame it doesn’t send plagues down to wipe them out… then again maybe it has?