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October 30, 2011 6:49 pm

Media Equality: A Life Is Not a Life

avatar by Ronn Torossian

A house in Sderot hit by Qassam rocket. Photo: Oren Rosenfeld.

All people are not equal, nor all suffering. Watching TV Saturday night and reviewing the CNN home page with pictures, which have captions like this, one may be fooled into thinking that suffering equals suffering. That is not the case – the Nazis who were killed by Allied forces weren’t the same as their victims, nor is the death of a murderer, by lethal injection, comparable to his victim’s death.

CNN’s caption, “A Palestinian man grieves outside a hospital in Rafa, Gaza,” follows an article which states, “At least 10 people are dead in Gaza and Southern Israel, in a wave of back-and-forth attacks.” Now how did these “back-and-forth” attacks begin? Not by “militants,” as CNN labels them, but Palestinian terrorists from Islamic Jihad who “fired more than 20 mortars and rockets” into Ashdod, Israel, killing one man and injuring 20. The victims inhabited cities in Israel proper, not even considered “occupied territories.” These included Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gan Yavne and the vicinity around Be’er Sheva. The injured were regular people sitting in their homes and parks, living their lives.

And what was Israel’s “retaliation?” From the CNN story, we wouldn’t know that the grieving Palestinian man in the picture is mourning a dead terrorist who died when the IDF retaliated by hitting a training camp – as Islamic Jihad admitted. The U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia recognize Islamic Jihad as a terrorist organization. World media shows no discernment between barbarians that kill innocent people and an armed military of a democratic civilized nation that kills only those trained to harm, main and destroy Israel’s population. The world holds the Jews to a different standard.

How soon the media forgets that only a few years ago Islamic Jihad used a vehicle marked with “TV” and “press” insignias in a failed attempt to capture an Israeli soldier. The use of this “press” vehicle evoked a sharp response from many journalists and news organizations.

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How long will it take the world to stop calling for an “end to the violence on both sides?” Owning one of the 25 largest PR Firms in the U.S., I wonder why the world’s media doesn’t call for America to stop hunting Al-Qaeda operatives , or ask why the police hunt serial murderers. If they stopped, there wouldn’t be a “cycle of violence,” and surely many of these folks would promise that they would not attack again in exchange for a guarantee that they would not be hunted down.

There is no moral equivalency between Islamic Jihad targeting women and children as they go about their daily lives, and a democratic state protecting its own civilians. Couldn’t one have referred to 9/11 as a catastrophe, which saw both Americans and Arab casualties as well?

“Better to have an Israel that is hated by the world than an Auschwitz that is loved  by it.”

Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5WPR, a Top 25 PR Agency and author of Amazon best-selling PR book “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations.” Available for purchase here. The book was referred to by Israeli MK Danny Danon as the “best book ever written regarding Israel’s PR.”

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