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January 19, 2012 10:33 am

I Dreamed A Dream

avatar by Chava Tombosky

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I recently wondered about the reality of dreams as I have woken up three times recently, a few short minutes before dawn in a literal jolt- we’re talking heart pulsing, hair raising, body sweating with anxiety sort of experience.  The actual dream is hazy yet the participants are vivid and real. I dream of my father, who died just seventeen short months ago, and he looks sad because he is distant from me. He smiles a somber smile, the kind he used to give me when he felt disappointed or remorseful over events he had no power to change.  He wipes my brow and hugs me and just as he is about to let go, I am jolted awake.  I can literally feel his presence to the point that my nose plays tricks on me as I try to convince myself out of having the ability to smell his scent until the light shines outside and it seems to dissipate leaving me in emotional tears.  I know this experience is real, because my husband validated it when he caught me in the wake of one.

I feel as though I am part of an audience watching a movie, and pleasantly surprised by the events on the screen.  Events, that I was clearly responsible for creating.  After all, I was the writer and the director of my own dream, yet I felt as distant from it as if I were completely removed from the experience and rather than forming my dream, the dream formed despite of me – almost like a separate entity.

I was the writer and the director of my own dream, yet I got so consumed in the events I was dreaming of, that I still experienced surprise, fear, and curiosity as the dream unfolded. Maybe this was validation that this particular dream was really real! Could there be a possibility that we are humans who have another mindful side to ourselves we are completely unaware of that is at play to tap into another vortex?  Maybe it is possible that there are unconscious events occurring while we sleep that are happening in other worlds at the same time colliding into our own? I know this all sounds very Harry Potter like, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the dreams I dreamt were manifestations of greater events and not just my own sub-consciousness translating my inner stress.

I mentioned this dream to my brother, to which he responded, “Oh My G-d, I too had the same dream – and on the same night!” Finally the reality that this occurred in more than one of us, well I felt so legitimized, so validated.  Of course he was mocking me and followed it with “um, you’re nuts”.

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But I was convinced that this occurrence was something deeper, something more real was at play.  Also, I’d really like to prove to my brother that I’m not crazy. I gave it a lot of thought, and decided that although I am not a scientist or a philosopher, I thought I’d take a crack at explaining my phenomenon just so I don’t have to yet again hear from my brother how necessary it is that I show up to some therapist’s office claiming I’m a crackpot.

Last year there was a scientific experiment done by a Nobel laureate, which involved teleporting DNA. “A French team headed by Luc Montagnier, previously known for his work on HIV and AIDS, took two test tubes, one of which contained bacterial DNA, the other pure water. After the test tubes were surrounded by an electrical current, analysis showed that an imprint of the DNA was detectable in the water. The outrageousness of this claim echoes a finding from over a decade ago that water has memory.” (Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/intentchopra/2011/01/spirituality-is-the-new-scienc.html#ixzz1C4225DKb )

The idea that our dreams could have its own DNA as well can’t be too far off. Isn’t creation limitless in our own minds? After all, if we can think it, we can create it – that is if it fits into the confines of physics. But according to this particular experiment, even physics was superseded when it came to creation.

Maybe it is possible that my dream experience is not just my own subconscious at work, but rather my father trying to connect with my inner psyche from his place in this universe that we cannot see, a creative consciousness which might exist based on Luc Montagnier’s findings. Maybe the electrical current in our brains that is transmitted during our sleep awakens our memories to duplicate themselves into manifestations of real connections with other worlds. Maybe there is a real consciousness in the world, which has the ability of being duplicated during sleep to tell me that he is hurting just as much as I am and that he too misses my physical presence, as I miss his. Or maybe it is my subconscious at work merely trying to make sense of my recent loss.  Then again, maybe I am just living in my own imagination and tomorrow night I will wake up jolted by seeing Voldemort or Lex Luthor because I have been forced to watch too many fantasy movies made for my eight-year-old little boy.

I don’t know what this dream meant, or how or why it occurs, but I am comforted in knowing, deep in my sleep, we can meet, and it is there my father and I will reside together forever- or until they can duplicate our dreams and memories in a pool of water and Disney manages to come up with the coolest ride attraction ever.  Until then, hey, we can always dream, right?

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