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February 8, 2012 5:36 pm

Jewish Artist Friend of France

avatar by Deborah Medrez Pier

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Last Tuesday, Consul General Philippe Lalliot celebrated the inauguration of  the personal piece created by the French-Israeli Photographer Ron Agam.

Ron Agam with his work of art at The French Consulate in New York. Photo: Ron Agam

Ron Agam, son of Israeli artist Yaacov Agam, materialized his artistic talent to his medium of choice, Photography. Ron was born in Paris, but his youth was divided between Paris and Rehovot, Israel. He went to Yeshivot and studied photography with professional photographers, acquiring a solid religious and secular education. His photographs are permeated with the influence of Jewish and French life.

The photograph he donated forms part of a series of three photographs of his favorite cities, New York, Jerusalem and France. The picture depicts The Notre Dame Cathedral at Le Pont de la Tournelle, a place where he spent much time walking in his adolescent years.

French Consul General Lailliot a friend and supporter of the artist delivered a speech in his honor, where he applauded the artist’s fervent support of the French- American alliance.

This painting will be hanging in the entrance hall of the French Consulate in New York City.

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