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March 6, 2012 12:00 am

Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files: Day 8 Israel, Mossad Considered ‘Carlos the Jackal’ a Non-Threat

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Swiss terrorist Bruno Breguet.

Since February 27, 2012,WikiLeaks has continued releasing what it says will eventually be 5 million e-mails sent between July 2004 and late December 2011 from the private intelligence company Stratfor. The emails were obtained from a series of hacking attacks against Stratfor in December 2011, carried out by the online activist collective Anonymous.

In an email dated April 25, 2011, Fred Burton[a Stratfor employee] asked Dennis Pluchinsky about Bruno Breguet, a terrorist “who disappeared in 1995 on a ferry from Italy to Greece”. Bruno Breguet was described as a “Swiss pro-Palestinian revolutionary”. He was also linked to Carlos [better known as “Carlos the Jackal”].

Dennis Pluchinsky replied that Bruno Breguet “… was arrested in Paris in the 1990s along with Carlos’ girlfriend Magadelan Koop … Both were eventually released. Koop in Venezuela and Bruguet disappeared ….” Pluchinsky added that Breguet “…disappeared on November 12, 1995. Either kidnapped and killed by an intelligence agency or Palestinians…. Personally, I think Bruget was killed by either Syrian, or Iraqi intelligence services because of his knowledge of Carlos’ work for these states.” Pluchinsky concluded that the “Israelis would have no reason to go after him – Carlos yes, but not Bruget. No, I think either one of the Palestinian terrorist groups or an Arab intell service did this.”

A separate email dated June 16, 2011, contains an email chain between Fred Burton [a Stratfor employee] and Nadav Schirman. According to an Israeli intelligence contact: “Bruno was picked up by an Israeli navy commando and brought to a friendly port in the Mediterranean. There he was picked up by a team with two white vans to an unknown destination. The agents were Americans. There were rumors that he was taken to a CIA secret site and he died during the interrogation. I personally believe that he is living under a new identity somewhere in South America.”

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Fred Burton also made the following statement based on the same source: “… the Israelis were asked by their allies to go after Carlos’ right hand, Bruno Breguet. The Israelis knew Bruno very well since 1970 when he was arrested in Israel by Mossad as a member of the People’s Front for carrying illegal explosives. He was then convicted to 15 years in prison but was released before the term agreeing to collaborate with the Israelis. He disappeared in November 95 when he sailed from Switzerland to Italy.”

Fred Burton added that “…the Israeli’s never targeted Carlos the Jackal …” because “… he was never a threat to the Israeli national security or the head of any anti-Israeli mission that he was accounted for.” According to Burton, the “… Mossad considered him [Carlos] a non-threat and dismissed him as not worthy of their attention even though they “….had his locations under surveillance.”

Another email dated June 15, 2011, contains an email chain between Fred Burton [a Stratfor employee] and David Dafinoiu [President of NorAm Intelligence]. Fred Burton asked David Dafinoiu if Wadi Haddad, formerly of the PFLP [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine], “… was poisoned by means of chocolates by the Mossad.”

David Dafinoiu replied “…the killing of Haddad by Mossad with poisoned chocolate is just a nice fiction story. Haddad was indeed on the Mossad assassination list and a ‘Red Page’ order was given on his name along with other names …” but “… he died from Leukemia …”

David Dafinoiu also added that Wadi Haddad “…used the Palestinian cause to form a Marxist-Leninist terrorist arm that never served the Palestinian cause. He was ‘removed’ from the Mossad’s assassination list per the Russians request. The Russians paid the Israelis a high price for this request.”

Fred Burton [a Stratfor employee] and David Dafinoiu [President of NorAm Intelligence] discussed the disappearance of Bruno Breguet in an email chain dated June 17, 2011. David Dafinoiu wrote: “…contrary to what many people believe, Mossad is not assassinating people that easy. Even the most recent incident in Dubai was an accident, they tried to bring the victim to Israel and exchange him with the Israeli soldier in Iranian’s custody.”

Regarding Bruno Breguet, Dafinoiu claimed “…an Israeli Navy commando team accompanied by a war ship and a helicopter, that had a mission close to Cyprus, were sent after Bruno to extract him …” and that “Mossad officers with European citizenship posed as ‘NATO officials’…”

Dafinoiu also added that Swiss Nazi Francois Genoud had ties to Osama bin Laden. In the same email Dafinoiu made the following statement: “The CIA and the Israelis tried to take Genoud out in October 1993 when he escaped a Mossad assassination attempt at his home in Switzerland. Since then he became aware that the Israelis were closing in on him.” Dafinoiu claims that Genoud died on May 30, 1996 after being poisoned by a lethal cocktail prepared by one of his lunch companions who had no known links to the Mossad.

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