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March 8, 2012 8:58 pm

Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files: Israel Day 11, Hezbollah Seeks Armaments from Turkey

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Hezbollah terrorist in Baalbek, Lebanon. Photo: wiki commons.

Since February 27, 2012, WikiLeaks has continued releasing what it says will eventually be 5 million e-mails sent between July 2004 and late December 2011 from the private intelligence company Stratfor. The emails were obtained from a series of hacking attacks against Stratfor in December 2011, carried out by the online activist collective Anonymous.

An internal Stratfor email dated March 26, 2010 states that according to the FBI, the Mossad has infiltrated SCIP (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals). The email says, “There is a Mossad operative under business cover stealing other companies’ secrets from this group.”

Another email dated September 8, 2011, claims that Hezbollah wants to gain access to missile components from Turkey. The source who is described as a “Jamaat al Islamiya activist in Lebanon” has a reliability rating of C-D [average Stratfor ranking] and an unknown credibility rating. According to the source, Hezbollah is worried about the “continued flow of missiles/rockets from Syria” because the Syrian regime may not survive the current crisis. Syria has reportedly refused to give Hezbollah “…direct access to their Turkish suppliers of missile technology.” The source claims that the two Turkish companies that Hezbollah wants to directly communicate with are “…Hidromode and Unimetal that produce missile components using project line wax technology.”

A separate email dated August 16, 2011, contains specific “details on IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps] and HZ [Hezbollah] presence in Syria.” The sources who are described as a “HZ student” activist and a “HZ media source” have a reliability and credibility rating of C [average Stratfor ranking]. This email contains the following statement:

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“… 42 IRGC members and 27 HZ fighters were killed in Syria during July. Syrian cargo plane transported the dead Iranians to Tehran and several vans transported dead HZ men to Lebanon. … there are in Syria about 3,000 IRGC men and 2,000 HZ fighters, in addition to 300 Amal Movement men and 200 SNSP militiamen. The IRGC men are leading the pro-regime armed gangs. Syrian soldiers who refuse to open fire on protesters are killed by the Iranians and pro-Syrian Lebanese allies. The Iranians and Lebanese usually stand behind Syrian troops and kill Syrian soldiers immediately if they refuse to open fire. The 17 Syrian troops dumped in the Orontes River in Hama were killed by HZ men. HZ fighters are unmistakable because they are bearded and the authorities in Damascus say they are salafis.”

FBI agents “had deep misgivings” about Vice-President Al Gore and Strobe Talbott [Deputy Secretary of State], according to an email dated July 2, 2010. They were part of a team that went to Moscow as part of a Clinton administration policy to help Russia transform from a command economy and adopt free-market principles. In the same email a Stratfor employee wrote: “Strobe and Gore (as VP) were agents of influence of the KGB. I shutter to think how many Obama appointees are reporting to the enemy. Fortunately, Biden is too dumb to be reporting to anyone.”

An email dated September 22, 2011 claims that “…Cyprus wants to take advantage of the dispute between Israel and Turkey.” The source who is described as an “energy and national security expert” has a reliability rating of A and a credibility rating of B [the highest and second-highest Stratfor ranking respectively]. According to the source, “Israel also wants to show to Turkey the losses of downgrading ties” and that Turkey does not want a war in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In a separate email dated September 13, 2011, several Stratfor employees debated the possibility of Greece trying to use the Cyprus issue as a distraction from its financial crisis. In the email chain, Peter Zeihan quoted Greek Premier George Papandreou stating that “the exploitation of natural resources by Cyprus and Israel is their sovereign right.”

Peter Zeihan wrote that Greece, with backing from Israel, the US and EU; could benefit from a potential conflict with Turkey. He stated that Cypriot issues “are far nearer and dearer to the Turkish heart, identity and pocketbook than anything in Gaza …” He also concluded that Turkey doesn’t recognize the existence of Greek Cyprus and is more likely to intervene in Cypriot issues than Israeli/Palestinian issues.

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