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Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files, Israel Day 24: Hamas Terrorist Killed in Dubai Once Dressed as Orthodox Jew

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Dubai Police released this photo from a camera of two suspects in the killing of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Photo: Dubai Police.

Since February 27, 2012, WikiLeaks has continued releasing what it says will eventually be 5 million e-mails sent between July 2004 and late December 2011 from the private intelligence company Stratfor. The emails were obtained from a series of hacking attacks against Stratfor in December 2011, carried out by the online activist collective Anonymous.

An email dated January 17, 2011, contained a detailed Der Spiegel article on the Dubai assassination. The key facts from this article are:

  • Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, chief weapons negotiator for Hamas, was killed by a Mossad team on January 19, 2010 in room 230 at the Al Bustan Rotana airport hotel in Dubai.
  • Mabhouh previously gave an interview to Al-Jazeera where he described “how he and an accomplice had dressed as Orthodox Jews and how, in the spring of 1989, they had kidnapped, killed and buried the two [Israeli] soldiers Avi Sasportas and Ilan Saadon.”
  • According to the death certificate, the cause of death was “brain hemorrhage.”
  • Most of the 27 Mossad agents that arrived in Dubai belonged to an elite unit called “Caesarea”.
  • They had between them twelve British passports, six  Irish passports, four French passports, four Australian passports, and one German passport.
  • Their code name for Mabhouh was “Plasma Screen”.
  • “Red Page” is the Mossad’s code name for an order to kill someone. Each of these orders is jointly authorized by the Israeli prime minister and defense minister. “Red Pages” do not have to be executed right away. In fact, they have no expiration date, and the orders remain valid until they are expressly cancelled.
  • The first assassination attempt on Mabhouh failed in November 2009 when “a Caesarea commando unit” smeared poison “onto light switches and fixtures in his hotel room.” Mabhouh fell ill, but survived.
  • Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, police chief of Dubai, said two Mossad agents were walking around with tennis rackets out of their cases, something no real tennis player would do.
  • According to the investigative report, Mabhouh “was injected with succinylcholine, a drug that causes muscle paralysis in less than a minute” and “was then suffocated with a pillow”.

According to an email dated October 20, 2011, Gadhafi was killed “while trying to escape via a drainage pipe in Sirte by Misratah brigade.” His defense minister and his son Mutassim were allegedly killed along side him. All the bodies were reportedly taken to the city of Misratah.

An email dated December 13, 2011, claims that the Syrian opposition is “fractured”. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) was crushed in 1982 by Hafez al Assad, its capabilities inside Syria are described as “weak” and Syrian MB leader Ali Bayanouni is currently in exile in London. This email states that despite the Syrian MB outside Syria becoming “increasingly involved in the external opposition movement … Christians, Alawites, and even other Muslims are wary of a conservative Sunni group gaining political influence in the regime.”

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The email states that even though Kurds have “long-standing grievances against the regime”, internal disagreements remain with the rest of the opposition movement who oppose Kurdish separatism.

An internal Stratfor email dated October 24, 2011, claims that large quantities of SAMs [surface-to-air missiles] in Libya are missing and could be used against Israel.

An email with an improbable date states that Yousef Haddad and Mehdi, the top two members of “the Tripoli Revolutionary Council have stepped down.”

The email chain itself is dated November 9, 2011, and contained the following statement:

“Mehdi has also stepped down from the Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade and has been paid off to leave by the NTC [National Transitional Council], receiving 200,000 Euros. However, the Euros were stolen from his house in Dublin.”

An email dated April 14, 2011 states that “the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria has issued visas to 34 former Niger Delta militants to study courses related to oil and gas and engineering”.

Regarding the Nigerians, Stratfor employee, Anya Alfano, made the following statement:

“…Kamran [probably referring to Stratfor employee, Kamran Bokhari] can’t come in the country, but 34 militants who’ve spent their lives blowing up pipelines, stealing fuel and carrying out political assassinations are welcome, so we can entrust Nigeria’s future to them. Killing me… Our country doesn’t seem to care that actions have long-term consequences.”

Another Stratfor employee replied “Obama..its a black thing”.

An email dated November 15, 2011, describes the Adana Agreement, a secret document signed in 1988 that improved Turkish-Syrian relations. The Adana agreement is described as “a total Syrian capitulation to the Turkish demands.” Stratfor employee, Omar Lamrani, concluded that the Adana Agreement allows Turkey to pursue PKK [Kurdish militants] up to 15km into Syria. Another Stratfor employee, Reva Bhalla wrote that if Turkish troops enter Syria, both Syria and Iran would see that as an invasion and an act of war. She added that a Turkish buffer zone in northern Syria would not help the Sunni opposition under attack in the cities of Homs and Hama because the natural escape route is southward towards Lebanon.

An email dated November 23, 2011, contained the following statement:

“On at least two occasions, hackers took over U.S. satellites and targeted their command-and-control systems, a report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission revealed November 16. The incidents involved two Earth observation satellites. While it may be difficult to trace who hacked the satellites, U.S. officials acknowledged the incidents had to come from a nation power. U.S. officials cannot clearly trace the incidents to China, but the report released by the Congressionally mandated commission noted Chinese military writings made reference to attacks on ground-based space communications facilities.”

An email dated October 30, 2008, with the subject “New Panthers’ war on whites”, describes Samir Shabazz, chairman of the New Black Panther Party’s Philadelphia chapter.  He belongs to a movement known as Black Hebrews, who “claim that African-Americans are God’s true chosen people” and that they “are the real descendants of the biblical Hebrews”; not the Jews.

Shabazz is quoted as saying the following about Jews: “I don’t care how much they try to promote the Jewish Holocaust. The African people have suffered a hell of a cost. . . . ”

An email dated April 30, 2007, referred to a British newspaper report that “suspects linked to al-Qaeda have obtained sensitive jobs in vital industries that could be the target of terrorist attacks…” MI5 had “unmasked al-Qaeda sympathizers” within its ranks and “at least three Metropolitan Police officers have also been investigated over visits they made to Pakistan…”

An email dated April 28, 2010, refers to a source described as a “left-leaning secularist senior journalist with Hurriyet”. The source has a reliability rating of A and a credibility rating of 3 [highest and average Stratfor ranking respectively].

The source states that Obama views the solution of the “Mideast question as a lever to his overall regional policies” and Turkey has been able to “convince the US to rein in Israel, while also propping up Turkey” as a regional power. The “alliance” between Israel and Turkey which is brokered by the US, is described as “essentially a military one”. The source added that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “is increasingly being perceived” as a religious one. Turkey’s “Palestine relations” are essentially with Gaza and Islamic NGOs operating out of Turkey who are working on “the plight of Gaza” not “the plight of Palestinians”.

The source also mentioned that the Turkish government is trying to be or posing as a mediator but it is not being accepted as such by Syria or Israel. The source concluded that “the policy on Iran has been the most disastrous policy of this government, as it does not contribute to a solution and may even be worsening the situation.”

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