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April 18, 2012 2:23 pm

The Hypocrisy of Assange’s Interview with Hezbollah Leader

avatar by Lakkana Nanayakkara

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Julian Assange (left) and Daniel Domscheit-Berg at the 26C3 in Berlin, December 2009. Photo: wiki commons.

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, interviewed Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, for the first episode of his new talk show. The show was broadcast on RT, a television network funded by the Russian government, notable for producing a relentless stream of anti-American bulletins. The pre-recorded program, “The World Tomorrow,” featured Nasrallah’s first interview to the media in six years, from a secret location in Lebanon and with the aid of translators.

Hezbollah is designated by the United States and the European Union as a terrorist Organization.

During the interview, Nasrallah claimed that Israel is unable to decipher Hezbollah communications because Hezbollah agents use village slang. He described Israel as an illegitimate state, denied corruption within Hezbollah and said a single state of “Palestine” should be ruled by Palestinians. Nasrallah also said he supported the Syrian regime and called for the opposition to negotiate with Bashar al-Assad.

When Nasrallah said the “resistance” would like to liberate all Lebanese land from Israel, Assange did not challenge his answer by mentioning that Israel is not occupying any Lebanese land. Assange also described Nasrallah as someone who had “fought against the hegemony of the United States”.

The Guardian newspaper in Britain described Assange as “a useful idiot” and RT as a “Kremlin propaganda channel”. This article noted the irony of Assange, described by RT as “the world’s most famous whistleblower”, working for a regime that kills and imprisons journalists, human rights activists and Vladimir Putin’s political opponents.

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  • antonio brandao

    And WHERE is the hypocrisy ??????

    Change the title mister Nakkana !

    • Lakkana

      Assange claims to stand for press freedom but works for a channel controlled by the Russian government that kills and imprisons journalists, human rights activists and Vladimir Putin’s political opponents. He is also silent on China.

      Assange claims to stand for freedom of expression but thousands of people in Syria have been killed for exercising that freedom by his patron/boss(Russia) and guest(Hezbollah). Russia and Iran are giving weapons to the Syrian regime and Hezbollah fighters have already taken part in the violence.

      • And you seem to make some anti-Russia$China propaganda… btw, stop telling lies about the Iran, Russians and Hezbollah… and any others who are telling the truth about Israel 😉

      • antonio brandao

        More accurately perhaps, is that the Hezbollah are defending their land! And that Syria is being invaded by fake terrorists placed there by the CIA, creating havoc and then mainstream press like you come with that crap. Do really still believe that?? Give us a break! This is but a struggle for international power by the US and these stories of fake terrorist and scary dictatorships already make me sick! Gaddafi was a great man, they took him down just because he was going to install the Gold Dinar in Africa which would be terrible for the Dollar. Same thing when Saddam changed his trade to Euros. Stop the bullshit! RT may be controlled by Putin and hide the Russian / Chinese stuff but nowadays we are VERY happy that someone is exposing the US, as their hegemony in this World is already a cancer.


    Hezbollah is occupying Lebanon itself – Hezbollah is a terrorist organization which occupied South Lebanon

  • salvage

    Uh… and the hypocrisy is where again?