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May 3, 2012 12:53 pm

The Moves of Jagger and Moses (VIDEO)

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Members of the musical group, Pella Singers. Photo: screenshot via youtube.

Nominated for a Grammy award, “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 has become one of America’s most listened to songs of 2012.  “Moves Like Moses” has yet to achieve the same status, but Pella Singers, which performs Jewish music for events around the world, does have a nice ring to it.

To listen to the song in full, click below.

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  • Oh…

    I grew up when break-dancing and rap music first started. I don’t mean any disrespect for African-Americans, but these things are not our culture. When we copy them, it is heartbreaking. And to connect Moses’ name to a young bar mitzvah boy who is breakdancing is an assault to the senses. Please, Yidden, stop imitating a culture that does not embrace our precious values. And the same goes for running after other cultures as well.

    • Oh…. OY VEY! U R RIGHT!

      Heartbreaking. Jews acting like the Greeks.
      Bringing the “Greek” culture and philosophy into our pure
      Jewish Torah Lifestyle.

      • Good grief! Chill out Kamza and BarKamza! Hillel enjoyed debating philosophy at the Greek baths amidst those nasty naked Greek statues. Torah Observance doesn’t preclude us from manipulating goyish drech and elevating the klippah nogah within it to Kiddushah. In fact, the hidden Torah is in this practice.

        You can see in Tractate Avoda Zarah:

        “it is permissible to enter places deco-
        rated with images of the gods, like public baths, and use inexpensive items decorated with unambiguously pagan symbols (3.3), but one may derive benefit from idols assumed not to have been worshipped (4.4; cf.
        t’Avodah Zarah 5.3-4), or which have been abandoned, slightly disfigured or, in one opinion, simply sold, by a pagan (4.5-6).”57″

        This version of “Got the Moves” was the Hagashca Protis for the songs existence. What other purpose did that song have? I say, “way to go Pella, give that Hollywood Drech it’s proper Avodas Hashem!” Just don’t perform that one during the Omer. 😉