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May 13, 2012 12:00 pm

The Defriender: A Short Mother’s Day Film (VIDEO)

avatar by Chava Tombosky

Mother and daughter in Bregenzerwald costume. Photo: wiki commons.

This Mother’s day wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t find a way to scoff at the hilarious and ridiculous social age that we live in that causes mothers and their children unneeded and sometimes impossible conflicts. Today we have texting, emails, and now, Facebook, a social media outlet, that although I adore, can bring a mountain of new social faux pas to the table.

How many of us have ignored our parent’s friend requests, maybe avoided it hoping she wouldn’t see our pathetic lives that we hope she imagines is more glamorous than Michelle Obama’s? How many of us have been forced to friend our mothers only to be forced then to friend her weirdo friends that only showed up at our Bar Mitzvahs? How many of us have been de-friended by our own mothers, then friended again, cause we were guilted into it? Do you see the social drama we have become victimized too? If it wasn’t for 1-800-flowers I don’t think we’d ever survive the multi media social scandal that has wedged between mother and child.

The reason why I love Mother’s day so much is because it gives us a chance to connect with our mothers because of and despite the social technology that we now inhabit. Also it’s a way to get free flowers and candy. Mostly it’s a way to tell your mom, she rocks. This Mother’s day, whether you are a mom on the end of bitter teenage drama, or a teen on the end of being de-friended because you missed curfew, it won’t matter, because Mother’s day will come, and all will be right with the world once again because there is Hallmark.

I love you mom! Thank you for starring in this epic short! You really are a star!

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And thank you Facebook for allowing those who live far away from their mothers to tell them, and all their annoying friends who we were forced to invite to every family function, how awesome our mom is!


Then post it on your facebook page, or I’ll have to track you down myself and beat you into submission. You wouldn’t want to disappoint me, would you (believe me I’ll find you)?

(See how well trained I am in the motherhood guilting through threats department? When I had my first kid, he came with a handbook passed down from my own mom — it’s a gift really.)

In honor of mother’s day, enjoy the laugh and more importantly- Don’t mess with mom’s on mother’s day!


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