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May 31, 2012 2:03 pm

Hitler’s Laughter Echoes as Holocaust Comparisons Engulf African Migrant Debate

avatar by Alexander Kogan

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Barbed wire inside Auschwitz camp. Photo: wiki commons.

Everybody seems to know today what this “Holocaust denial” thing is. “An act of denying the genocide of Jews in the Holocaust during World War II,” Wikipedia says. The key claims of Holocaust denial are: the German Nazi government had no official policy or intention of exterminating Jews, Nazi authorities did not use extermination camps and gas chambers to mass murder Jews, and the actual number of Jews killed was significantly (typically an order of magnitude) lower than the historically accepted figure of 6 million. Holocaust deniers generally do not accept the term denial as an appropriate description of their activities, and use the term revisionism instead.

When we generally think of the term HD – one usually envisions David Irving or Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad and other well known creepy fanatics, who are making preposterous claims that “it never happened”. Some may think about smaller creeps, say, lecturers in different universities, who are more cautious and spread poison in little doses, hoping the tiny seeds of these lies will give fruits one day in the next generation.

Sorry to break it to you guys – but HD is becoming more and more popular amongst those who actually, by definition can’t be possessed by it!  Yes – ordinary Israelis and Jews, who are ready to bite off the face of any, let’s say Latvian who thinks that Waffen-SS vets have the right to be honored by marches in Riga. And what amazes me even more, is that our fellow Jews have no idea that they are far more guilty of HD than any SS fan.

How do they do this? Easily: they are denying the extent of the Holocaust by everyday usage of its historical images and notions as labels for totally irrelevant tiny issues or current events. Examples? Here you are: “Israelis are treating African illegal immigrants or Palestinians as Germans treated Jews” – this idiotic phrase can be heard almost daily from generally normal people. David Irving and Richard Harwood should be bowing and applauding to those who use this argument.

The regular HD freaks claim that there were not 6 million Jews murdered. That there was only 100,000 Jewish deaths at Auschwitz, but not from gas chambers – they died from epidemics.

Do they understand that while comparing Jews to illegal Africans in Israel they imply that no Jews were killed by Germans at all?

Do they understand that when calling Israel’s treatment of Palestinians a “Holocaust”, they claim that no death camps existed in Germany at all? Can they name one death camp which was built by Israelis for Palestinians? No? How about the enumerating the Palestinians slaughtered and burnt in their mosques? No? And what about atrocious medical experiments on thousands of Palestinians? Never happened? Oh… So what’s their excuse for Holocaust denial?

Do they understand that while they compare Jewish refugees during the war to the 70,000 Africans who cross borders of 2-5 states just to reach Israel, they claim that Jews were just seeking a better place to live? That nobody wanted to kill them personally one by one? Do they claim that Jewish men – refugees were gang raping Polish, Ukrainian, American and other girls and sexually harassing children?

To remind you we have had at least a dozen of these and similar reported crimes in the past month in Tel-Aviv and other cities, flooded with Africans. Only this week citizens of Sudan and Eritrea were convicted of brutally raping of a girl in Tel-Aviv. Last week 7 illegal immigrants were caught after abducting another girl, whom they had undressed in the parking lot and were about to “enjoy”. And according to UN officials only 6 of 5,000 Africans, checked by them in Tel-Aviv, can be considered refugees.

Do they understand that while comparing the Crystal Night (Kristallnacht) to the demonstration in Southern Tel-Aviv of the local folk, who are scared of rapes and robberies, committed by the African illegal immigrants, they deny the fact that ninety Jews were killed on 9-10 November 1938 all over Germany and Austria? How many immigrants were killed by the demonstrators? Arrested by the police? None?

Do they dare to compare one immigrant’s shop window smashing to the events of that terrible night 75 years ago? Over 1,000 synagogues were burned in Germany and Austria and over 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed. Or was it a “Jewish lie”?

I can continue this long list, I can go into so many issues, and so many stupid and shameful comparisons made by “generally normal people”, that it will make any reader sick. That’s not the point – and I hate to poke the wounds of the Holocaust for I am the last in the line of a huge Cohen family, whose ashes have made Ukrainian soil even more fertile.

All I want is for my fellow people to understand that each and every time they try to use the above mentioned comparisons they should hear Hitler’s laughter as an echo.

Death or suffering of any human being is awful, no doubt.

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  • saidi

    Every sovereign country has the right to limit immigration, especially illegal immigration. Religion has nothing to do with keeping these people in country. There are plenty of places to go to without disrupting the lives of Jews. Israel has this right.

    I’m not concerned about how they feel, why don’t they go to Europe?

    There is no similarity to that of the Jews during the holocaust. All of Europe is not trying to kill them.

  • Esther Sarah Evans

    Larry Wasserman has very appropriately capped off your thesis, Alexander. The commentator using the cover name “Love” is on the one hand making a point by this, on the other hand trying to escape accountability for accuracy of accusations. While it is true that the goyim have no monopoly on cruelty or any other vice, the fact remains that there has never been anything as monstrous as this camouflaged industrial slaughter of human beings, this unparalleled reduction of humans to something lower than the animals in a slaughter house, this turning of human remains into soap, baby’s skins into lamp shades, torture of babies…The one thing that startles in Larry’s comment is the “there has yet to be”, which might imply also that there may be worse coming. – Well, for that, I personally would like to rely on the Rebbe’s assertion that there will not be another Shoah like that one. In any case, I say after davening, “Al sirah mi Pachad pisom umishoas Reshayim qui savoi….” (at the end of Aleinu in the Ashkenazi Siddur and in some others).
    For those who remind us of not so pretty things done by ours to us, I would remind them to look in the Torah (Shemot 32:27) and see when HaShem demanded that the Leviim kill a bunch of ours, theirs, their very own. Try to remember what was behind that, try to internalize this. Also, remember, that there are many things we do not comprehend. Sometimes He says yes, sometimes He says no. The way to make sure that we have His undivided protection is to obey His Torah and keep His Shabbatot. Then He (as in the past during some hundreds of years during the time of Beis HaMikdosh) protects our borders and gives us all kinds of other perks. Think of that. Instead of harping hatred, indeed people should harp love of HaShem, love of Am Yisrael. The only way to embrace HaShem is to learn and practise His Torah. Don’t despair, if your learning comes hard. Once you really start, He will really be with you, saying with you, and neither you nor any one of us has to walk alone.
    Reminding Him is already part of our liturgy – “VeHuRachem yikaper Avon…..velo yair kol Chamato” – to allay something even remotely similar to that Shoah which should remain unparalleled to ANYBODY.
    Gut Shabbos.

    • Ivan

      Esther, If through this long paragraph you trying to say that illegal immigrants should be allowed in in unspecified numbers, then I advise Arabs to et through the borders and then become majority and outlaw Judaism in the land of Israel. That way the Iranians don’t need to drop an A bomb to do the job.

  • Love

    Just remember the Gulag Culture of Russia. Lenin, Trotky have been Jewish. Many Camp leaders who killed millions of Russians have been Jewish and had much experiences in killing all kind of people, including their own, by the millions. the Russian Gulag cost 80 Million lives.

    They are worthy of remembrance as much as the Holocaust which is used and abused for all kinds of reasons.

    The Jews should reflect against their own sins against humanity deeply. They sure knew how to kill just as good as the SS. Look into your own faces and reflect your own sins before you ask for special status of your suffering.

    Humanity is one entity and all of our suffering counts equally.

  • Eli Qfor

    Sometimes I think , that Israel must stop being so damn polite and well behaved .
    Each time we did that before it got us peace and quiet.
    Look at the Hizballah in Lebanon after the second Lebaneese , when a dicision was made to strike back .Sure they scream and threaten , but the border is quiet.
    I think we should create detention camp for Sudaneese , south of Ashdod .
    Get a ship and send as many as will fit back to Sudan.
    Additionally institute addition to immigration law , that sais :
    Foreign national – no papers = Sudaneese , detention center and ship to Sudan.
    Any money to be confiscated as ticket fair.

  • larry wasserman

    There has yet to be anything in scope of magnitude or cruelty that compares to the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews. Those that use the Holocaust as a comparison to anything are either ignorant or cheap opportunists.

    • Emma

      1. The Nazi Holocaust against everyone else

      2. North Korea

      3. America’s genocide against the Native Americans

      4. Genocide against the Tasmanian Aborigine (which actually succeeded in eliminating the entire people)

      Do some research before making such an ignorant statement. The Holocaust is a human tragedy, not just a Jewish tragedy.

      And there is a difference between “guilt by association” fallacies (also known as “pulling a Godwin” in the case of associations with Nazi Germany), and a legitimate comparison. Forcing an ethnic group into a camp and wanting to get rid of them because they’re not “wanted” on the basis of their religion, race, etc. is genocide. Israel has been an apartheid state for a long time, this is just more proof of it.

    • Sabra C

      I agree with you. Man’s inhumanity to man is tragic and impossible to understand. However, there has always been a threat against the Jews and the nation of Israel, and this is pure evil at work. It is written that God will bless those who bless Israel. And that God will curse those who curse Israel.

      God bless the nation of Israel and all the Jewish people.
      What an honor to speak up in support of such wonderful people. Throughout my life, God has divinely connected me to Jews over and over to accomplish His will in our lives. It is truely amazing and a remarkable story!