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May 31, 2012 9:54 am

NY Times Article Accuses Israel of Often Killing ‘Tunnel Workers’

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Smuggling Tunnel, Rafah, Gaza Strip. Photo: wiki commons.

Journalist Ruqaya Izzidien spent time in the smuggling tunnels running between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, and recently published an article about the experience in the New York Times.  Izzidien, who has written numerous articles for the Muslim Brotherhood’s english language website, claimed in the NY Times that  “the Israeli government views the tunnels as an illegal smuggling route and often targets them in airstrikes, which usually trap and kill workers.”

An Israel Defense Forces spokesman told The Algemeiner that the idea that they target these tunnels on a regular basis is “patently false”, and when the tunnels are targeted, it’s because they’re being used to smuggle illegal weapons.

“In the limited instances when tunnels are targeted, it is because they are used for terror purposes, such as smuggling in the increasingly complex weapons that have expanded the rocket range to over one million Israeli civilians,” Captain Eytan Buchman of the IDF said.  “The tunnel ‘industry’ facilitated this rapid expansion, increasing the range of the rockets ten-fold in under a decade.”

The rockets being smuggled in and out of Gaza are a threat to Israeli security, Buchman said, and this year is an indication of that.

“IDF activity in the Gaza Strip is a method of actively preventing the indiscriminate rocket fire against Israeli civilians; 272 of these rockets landed in Israel this year alone and 627 landed in Israel last year.”

“The claim that the IDF ‘often’ targets these tunnels is patently false,” he said.

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  • saidi

    If the account of so-called Journalist (or is it just his cover) Ruqaya Izzidien spending time in the smuggling tunnels running between Egypt and the Gaza Strip is true, then he should rejoice he lived to write his article for the anti-Israel all the news that’s UNFIT to print NYT.

    By his own admission, Izzidien, is on the NYT payroll as well as that of the Muslim Brotherhood’s english language website.

  • HaDaR

    From the paper that hid the Shoàh while it was happening and has been paying lots of assimilationist Jews and anti-zionists, this is no surprise: the President that THEY support and the wife of Monica’s trick have been saying for a while that the Muslim Brothers are “moderates”…
    I personally think that Israel hasn’t been killing enough terrorists and weapons’ smugglers…
    Of course, with Arab judges who give pensions to terrorists (see today’s A7 and Israel Hayom) and leftists judges who punish patriotic Jews and favor Arabs, no surprise either that it doesn’t happen…
    As the B. Talmud says (Sanhedrin 98): “Mashiach won’t come until all police and judges are not done with”.

    • Donald Johnston


  • Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, N.Y. Times current owner, publisher and darling of the far-left America-Israel bashers is critical of Israel for destroying conduits that bring weapons into Gaza. The sole purpose of these weapons is to kill as many Jews as possible.

    But, what do you expect. I can’t even call him a self-hating Jew..He is an APOSTATE (rofedoc)