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July 13, 2012 9:20 am

Munich Rabbi: Some Jewish Families May Heed German Circumcision Ban

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Cologne, Germany. Photo: wiki commons.

European Rabbis met in Germany on Thursday to proclaim their opposition to a German court’s ruling which outlaws circumcision.  The ban has brought religious leaders of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities together in opposition.

Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the European Conference of Rabbis, strongly worded part of his public statement against the court’s decision, calling it “the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust”.

Approximately 120,000 Jews currently reside in Germany, and are joined by close to 4 million Muslims in their strident opposition to the banning of the religious ritual.

Rabbi Yisroel Diskin, Director of Chabad in Munich, says the ban is concerning for Germany’s Jewish population but he is optimistic that the state will overturn the ruling.

“I’m sure that the German government or Parliament will correct this issue and I hope it will be very soon,” Diskin told The Algemeiner.  “Just the message from the court, that circumcision is not allowed, is a very serious issue for Jews in Germany.”

On Thursday, many of the European Jewish leaders who met in Berlin, called on families to continue circumcisions, in defiance of the court’s ruling.  Diskin, however, notes that while some families will most likely go ahead with the religious rite of passage, others will decline in fear of possible consequences.
“There are a lot of families that want to do it, and they will do it regardless, but at the moment we don’t know what the law’s going to be,” he said.  “The people who know how important it is, they will do it anyway.  Other families will do it, but only if it comes without extra problems.”

While the court’s ban only applies in and around Cologne, located in Western Germany, the opposition to the  ruling – which cited health and safety concerns after a child had to be treated for bleeding following a circumcision procedure – has come from religious leaders across Europe.

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  • Esther Sarah Evans


    Why does the royal family in London, England not only circumcise, but choose to have this done by a Mohel to their males ?
    Answer (my version):
    So that they know they are Brit-ish !

    Any Jew who bows to this nonsense of a ban is no man, but a mouse !
    By the way, I used to know a rabbi who together with a little Satmar Mohel managed almost every Shabbos Bris that came up (and others too) with either no crying or practically none from the babies ! I hope they are still practising.

  • A.Franklin

    4 million Moslems

    120,000 Jews

    Interesting anti-immigration policy

    • ANON

      Is Mr Franklin making a good point? You may well ask if it is in our Jewish self-interest to do any sort of deal with a divided brotherhood ( Sunny/Shiite / Jihadis ? )
      It is in our own interests to take this a stage further. the court of human rights would need to rule on this after any appeal to the German Supreme court.

      If Germany chooses to go down such a route it contravenes article 2 of the human rights act ?However it does lay bare certain interesting facts: A) the Germans want to be ‘Daddy@ nanny state, controlled from the centre, by a rag tag of federalists, non-believers, agnostics and the type of subversive anti-semitism rife in France, Germany and other European countries who are systematically being indoctrinated by the will of Allah in numerical terms.
      It reminds me of when the 3rd Reich came to power first it was Slavs, then Judische (keine perfectes deutsch?)
      Was Hitler blond, Blue eyed and had perfectes uncut parts?
      Now we have to do the dirty work for 4 million of our sworn enemies? we have nothing to gain but all to lose long-term in this mind-game being invented in the name of democracy by CDU activists, judges and local councils in some areas.
      Is Angela Merkls government who are so hot on a federalist centrist statehood, convinced that there would be the first shots fired in German courtrooms – the 4th REICH or plain insanity. Somehow I feel Ms Merkl should hang up her pinafore and let someone more perfected Dutch prove what Europeans have feared all along – the Germans take all, the French sell all, and Britain is being asked to foot the bill.
      Blame the Judishe, blame the Arabs, blame someone else…The German people deserve better than to be hoodwinked by political expediency & blame anyone but politicians. So come on Give us a fair balanced budget in Europe soonest, tell the world how much the EU costs each country before starting an economic war and apportioning blame.
      Just for good measure Herr Hitler, may his dear soul rot in his bunker, was partly Jewish , and a closet homosexual, and he included that group within his hatreds….

  • Bigolfascist

    I wonder if the Germans got their inspiration from the San Francisco proposition that was to appear on the November 2011 elections? It was pulled from the election by a district judge, but one still wonders why it even came up in the first place. I would also direct the readers to look at the newest in propaganda reminiscent of “Der Sturmer”, and “Der Giftpilz”: an “innocuous” comic book titled “Foreskinman”. This coincidentally made its debut before aforementioned San Francisco election. I do not know if it is still in publication, but it is a real “fav” on the White Power websites over here. Antisemitism is alive in the bastion of “Liberal Thought and Deeds”. But, then, would one expect anything less from the Progressive Movement in America? It started here, in the USA, this time, and it is growing daily.

    I am not Jewish myself, but was circumcised as was customary in many US hospitals back in the late 1940s. My Son-In-Law is the son of a Holocaust survivor (Dachau). I have a beautiful grandson and granddaughter now from the union of this man and my daughter. I am now in the game actively. It must stop!

    • Nothing to do with SF or those few frames in that one episode of that obscure comic-strip. The case arose from a 4-year old Muslim boy who arrived at hospital with a bleeding penis. An ER medic blew the whistle and the doctor was convicted of bodily harm but not punished, because he was deemed ignorant of the law.

      Ironically, Germany’s Basic Law (~Consitution) provides strong protection of individual rights – implying the right to undisturbed possession of one’s own genitals, from birth – precisely in order that there can never be another Holocaust. Angela Merkel will whittle it away 🙁 at everyone’s peril.

      • Bigolfascist

        Ah, the operational word: “Muslim”. Of course the ER medic had to alert the authorities!

  • As a person who lived for three years in West Germany, was a friend of an individual who wrote an important book about German culture, and a Jew in Heidelberg who saw a young man I attended high school who became a member of the Israeli olympic squad and get murdered due to shoddy police work by the Munich police leadership, this law is a convenient way to palliate neo-Nazi interests who have been given a wide berth due to the German and European economic and social crises.

    It is no secret that Gestapo and other Nazi police and mithilferei put informers in public toilets in railroad stations and other venues to watch for circumcised males and then take them in for questioning and sometimes deportation to the camps. Ironically the Communist regime in East Germany, which had its own problems with the State of Israel, and where Chancellor Merkel grew up, did not have major circumcision issues. Anybody who thinks that this law is not a cave-in to Goebbels-style Big Lie propaganda and Neo-Nazis is making a mistake.

  • Hans Henkel

    Well, if they would like to be circumcised they are kindly ask to move back to their own country and do it there. Even if they will be greatly missed, we’ll manage to outcome sadness caused by their departure.

    • Yehuda Hayehudi

      Hans you filthy antisemite! Keep showing your true colours!