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July 19, 2012 11:25 am

Netanyahu: Hezbollah Behind Bulgarian Terror

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Prime Minister Netanyahu address the nation. Photo: Screenshot.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel believes terrorist group Hezbollah to be responsible for the attacks in Bulgaria that killed at least five Israelis, in the first on-record comments delivered by the PM since the bombings yesterday.

The attack targeted an Israeli tourist bus in Burgas, Bulgaria and have been linked by Israeli officials to Iran, a major ally and funder of the Lebanon based Hezbollah. Iran has denied connections to the blasts, but Netanyahu pointed to Iran for the “wave of terror”, and called the country the number one exporter of terror.

“The immediate executers are Hezbollah people, who of course have constant Iranian sponsorship,” said Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak to Israel Radio.

Netanyahu vowed in his statement that Israel will pursue and punish those who harm its citizens.

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  • danny bloom

    Was Bulgaria airport terrorist wearing “Shield of David” t-shirt in lobby?

    by Danny Bloom

    While most news reports of the tragic terrorist bus bombing in Bulgaria that killed Israeli tourists on holiday last week noted that
    the suicide bomber whose image was allegedly caught on security cameras at the airport was sporting ”long hair,
    a t-shirt and Bermuda shorts”, not one news outlet in the USA or Israel has mentioned that
    the suicide bomber was in fact wearing a t-shirt with the Magen David Adom [Shield of David] design on it, apparently
    to make it easier for him to blend in with the crowds before he committed his terrorist act.

    When I alerted several news outlets about this, I specifically asked a friend of mine who works
    for CNN in Europe and she told me after I told her about the Shield of David t-shirt, possibly a
    Magen David Adom t-shirt, the CNN reporter told me:

    “Dear Danny, Thanks for that. I got your message. I’ve checked it out. In the security video, it does indeed look like a ”Magen David Adom” design.
    But I believe it’s actually an Adidas design t-shirt. The pixelation of the video makes it appear like a star. But I believe it’s the three-stripe triangle of Adidas. Thanks for the tip though. There are so many angles, it’s hard to cover them all!”
    Readers, look at the video again on YouTube or any video site. The suicide bomber was clearly wearing a t-shirt with the star of David
    on it. Why has not one media outlet reported this important fact?

    “The suspect is wearing a Maged David Adom tee shirt to impersonate an Israeli, thus he wanted to blend in and get near the bus without suspicion.” a source told me. Can anyone readers here confirm this? Look again!

  • kevobx

    The state of Israel needs to investigate the tribe of Dan. Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way. Those Jews, means they are of the synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9). You people, means Negros the tribe of Judah, who were in bondage in Egypt and eventually slave traded to America to cultivate the land of the free. Remember, the British came to Virginia, and set up shop in America, forming slave colonies. 1776 America is free to enslave their own.

  • Bulgarian PM: Burgas attack act of suicide bomber (Ynet)

    From the video and media reports here is what things look like…

    – The suspect is wearing a Maged David Adom tee shirt to impersonate an Israeli, thus he wanted to blend in and get near the bus without suspicion.

    – He is walking up to the arrivals board/entrance area to check if the VIM 392 flight from Tel Aviv/Eilat has landed yet so he can time his move to the bus.

    – He is mid 30’s above average height, perhaps 190 cm, Caucasian appearance. Thus probably suggesting he is a recently radicalized person with an anti Israeli/Jewish agenda. If he is in the “Recent convert to Islam – Radicalized” mould then he is like other “white” suicide bombers, Belgian Muriel Degauque or the Brits Samantha Lewthwaite and Richard Reid.

    – Possible backers/suspects from the Islamic fold are :

    Chechen/Dagastan Muslim Rebels
    Syrian Rebel Groups
    Al Qaida
    Hamas/Islamic Jihad/PA
    Splinter Islamic Extremist Group

    – If he was of the disgruntled, white nationalist persuasion then he is similar to Andrew Joseph Stack III, Frank Eugene Corder or Timothy Mc Veigh.

    – His pacing and constant circling around the bus either suggests nervousness, lack of planning or unprofessionalism. Or it may suggest focus and intent and he decided that it would be less suspicious walking around than sitting down for hours until the plane arrived. Was the plane late to arrive ? He was also probably worried about being asked something by an Israeli waiting at the airport and blowing his cover.

    – He waited till the buses were full before approaching the entrance to one of them. He did not enter the bus fully or walk down the aisle to maximise the damage because he knew he may have been recognized as not being part of the tour group and thus could have been prevented from detonating his device.

    – Thus the whole operation shows some planning and sophistication, but this does not confirm that he was acting under orders, guidance of an organised group. He may have been a lone wolf operator.

    The crucial questions are :

    Who is he ?
    What is his name ?
    Where was he from ?
    What were his movements the last twelve months ?
    Who did he associate with ?
    When did he arrive in Bulgaria ?
    How did he get there ?
    How long was he in Burgas before the bombing ?

    Obviously the keys to the investigation are : DNA; Fingerprints; Forensic analysis of his clothes, footwear, backpacks and documents; Video footage; Eyewitness Reports; Phone, Internet Search, E-mail, Banking/Expenditure records etc.

    Good luck to the investigators working on discovering these proofs at the moment and prayers for the deceased and injured from this evil attack.