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August 5, 2012 12:44 pm

Natalie Portman Weds Benjamin Millepied in Nighttime Jewish Ceremony

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Actress Natalie Portman. Photo: wiki commons.

Gossip magazine US weekly reported this morning that Jewish actress Natalie Portman married her partner, choreographer Benjamin Millepied, in a nighttime ceremony yesterday at a private home near Big Sur, California.

The magazine noted that the couple “exchanged marital vows in a Jewish ceremony,” which took place at 8pm under a chuppah and in the dark. “No other details were immediately available” said the report.

According to the Daily Mail, quoting a friend of the couple, “only 60 guests were invited to the ceremony as the couple wanted the event to be as laid-back as possible.”

People Magazine adds that fellow Jewess Ivanka Trump was among the attendees.

The couple have a 13 month old son together named Aleph, after the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

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  • Rabbi ALAN J. WACHS


  • Dee

    Wow. What a bunch of prejudiced bigots. Get over yourselves, sometimes people fall in love and who cares if they are an interfaith couple? You claim to be so religious but look at the hate you spread. Shame in you for spreading hate. Congratulations to Natalie an Benjamin, he is obviously a refined, educated, talented man. OH WAIT HE’S NOT A JEW! Again, get over yourselves.

  • Saidi

    I don’t know what the furor is about.

    Natalie Portman is Jewish and so is her child a Jew.

    As for the Rabbi who performed the ceremony, perhaps it was a female rabbi. I can just imagine the comments then.

    It was a party and nothing more in one aspect.

    Has anyone questioned whether her husband converted? After all they’ve been together a long time.

  • Doreen

    I am quite astonished reading some of the reactions.
    I also think it would be nicer if Jews marry Jews, but if it does not happen, it should be accepted.

    And this person who calls herself HaDaR and calls Natalie a prostitute (zonah) is truly a disgusting person. It is better to be a good Jew even if married to a non-Jew, then a Jew(ess) who slanders. I am sure that somewhere in the torah or talmud or some other half holy book these orthodox people pour over day and night, it says one should not slander. And even if it is not written somewhere, still one should be civilised enough to refrain from slander (lashon hara).

    • anon

      What is the definition of “good jew”?

      Surely a starting point is that the good Jew knows that there is a G-d. That is the central concept on which Judaism is founded.

      We might say also that a Good Jew is knowledgeable in our traditions and practices our traditions. Surely we would agree that knowledge counts when it comes into action.

      So then, a Good Jew knows that the Torah forbids marrying a gentile, and, does not marry a gentile.

      The logic seems very simple and very clear.

    • HaDaR

      Before giving responsa, dear Doreen, go and learn!
      Slander is saying something false: it is certainly not telling the truth. In this case it is not even lashon ha-r’à since 1) the “marriage” public knowledge; 2) she did not do teshuvah about it.
      You got it “almost” right…that is you got it wrong…
      The Torah definition, not mine, but the definition given by Our Sages, by the Talmud, by Rishonim and Acharonim, of a Jewish woman who goes with a non Jew is ZONAH. It is clear cut. One doesn’t sleep with someone else “by mistake” or unknowingly, nor doesn’t one marry “unknowingly”. So…
      Obviously, she did not even made teshuvah from it, on the contrary: she “married” the guy, who can be the best gentile there is, but he is still OFF LIMITS for her.
      My guess is that you even didn’t make it through the reading of the whole TaNa”Kh, since you obviously did not even get to the book of Ezra, but you TALK about Talmud as if you knew…
      Just like an engineer arguing on crossing-over with a biologist…

  • David

    At a time like this, we should be recruiting new members. And it is great that there is a Jewish child who will be able to dance

  • HaDaR

    No rabbi would perform such a travesty, except someone who USURPS that title without having received it through appropriate study and acceptance of the rules. The wedding in case demonstrates he was not a rabbi.
    Not every schmuck with a kippah on his head can BE, not just be called, a rabbi.
    Just like not everyone is a physician, a mechanic, a biologist.
    Something he must have studied, but, just as one doesn’t call an engineer doctor, one shouldn’t call any minister, who obviously practices something else, not Torah, a rabbi.

    • Rabbi Torey Bowen

      Wow, way to go, Hadar! You are the epitome of a light to the nations. Now, don’t faint but I am Progressive Spiritual/Renewalist female rabbi who has no problem with intermarriage. Intermarriage helps join the world together. The thing about only marrying within the faith is simply a way to keep cintrol and separate. Hardly a way to be alight unto the nations.

    • Rabbi Torey Bowen

      Wow, way to go, Hadar! You are the epitome of a light to the nations. Now, don’t faint but I am Progressive Spiritual/Renewalist female rabbi who has no problem with intermarriage. Intermarriage helps join the world together. The thing about only marrying within the faith is simply a way to keep cintrol and separate. Hardly a way to be alight unto the nations.

  • Jdlyoncourt

    For all you do not know that her “gentile” partner could be of the assimilation himself of the original ten northern tribes. After all, Ya’akov blessed Ephrayim with the words “melo hagoyim” so that in Yosef’s son would be the fullness of the gentiles. What Hashem has joined together, no man can undo… And He is constantly grafting in the broken stick/branch thru marriages. On the other hand, what Hashem has torn apart, no man can put together. So until He chooses the appointed day and hour to join the stick of Ephrayim with the stick of Yehudah, Yehudim will continue to reject “gentiles”. The self-righteousness stinks. Some day Yehudim will need the gentiles — who may very well be the assimilated Ephrayim, the house of Yosef — in days to come. So let us get off our self-appointed bema seats and let Elohiym be the true Judge and every man is in need of Him and His mercy. YAH bless Sarah Anschlag, her son Aleph, and her new spouse. Matzel tov!

    • Rabbi Torey Bowen

      Brilliant use of the name. Yah. We use this term in our services. Blessings to you for what you posted.

  • hulda

    thats nice they are got married ,many not prefer marriage ,because of this complicated heavy burdens,they have to take,it need a lot, to say i get married nowadays.look around no israeli likes to get married and they raise kids by beeing not married .most are afraid of war,lack of money.disagreement,divorce.most think more of” law and order “instead of the warmth home with candlelight romance the smell of the challah kids running to their dad wich cares for his house and wife ,we have other realities and celebrating the love.,where is it /people need encouragemt nowadays ,not this “i know better”and a bit respect ,because even you see celebs daily on tv does not say you re are a close relative to talk like that to people in a disrespectful way.

  • Our job is not to judge as Torah, Talmud teaches…as Pirkei Avot espouses…our job is to bring our brother and sister Jews closer to Hashem…to a Torah/mitzvah life…to light the lamp and help re-ignite the spark of spiritual DNA within us all. We need not, nor should not condone intermarriage as Hashem has warned us (and that I too partook in at one time)…we need only create the possibility of connection to Hashem. I have learned that it’s never too late to be who you are.

    • Yeremiahu

      Zalman its nice not to act as Judge since as you point out it is not for us to do, but it is what it is regardless, ultimately people are judged by he who judges, when someone in the public eye does this, it sends a message to young jews on such a huge scale. There is nothing that destroys judaism like intermarriage, it is the bottom rung of a ladder that leads to the abyss

  • Shalom

    I don’t know thing about Portman. I agree that it’s offensive to read about a “Rabbi” performing this kind of ceremony. They should have gotten “married” in a civil ceremony.

    On the other hand, as someone who has always, and continues to struggle with finding a Jewish partner to marry, please don’t generalize your contempt too far. That is all.

  • Eliyahu

    It is saddening to see a (presumably) proud Israel Jew Sarah Anschlag (aka Natalie Portman) break the chain of tradition of thousands of years and marry a gentile. However, since she already had a child with him, one may say that a wedding like this in only an acknowledgement that the child is Jewish, and that the gentile father agrees with him being raised as a Jew (which he is no matter what). Still, the higher Jewish celebrities climb the easier it is to fall. Most Jewish celebrities are married to gentiles. The velvet holocaust claimed far more victims that Hitler could have ever gassed. The Jewish nation should have been at least 25-30 million strong now if not for the assimilation.

    • Saidi

      Assimilation is the wrong word to use. It is simply

      I N T E R M A R R I A G E.

      People may not have a choice when it comes to assimilation, but there is choice with intermarriage!

    • Meggie

      Um…her name is Natalie Herschlag (Natalie spelled out phonetically in Hebrew on her Israeli passport, even). I understand the misspelling, but where’d you get the Sarah?

  • Theresa

    Who died and made you keeper of the faith? Shame you both for having cast such Ill will on someone at the time of their marriage! Do we have so many Jews we cannot stand any new blood?

  • Avraham Boruch

    Which illegitamate rabbi officiated. He,Ben, needs to go through a legitimate conversion in order that this be a legitamate Jewish marraige. Should have bee civil ceremony.

    • Meggie

      Do we know that he didn’t? I’d love to hear more about it– can’t find anything.

  • Avrumy Barker

    Just proclaim you’re now officially a shiksa and Plainview will sit shiva for you. Pathetic!

    • HaDaR

      Mr Avrumi Barker: