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August 9, 2012 3:49 pm

The Unbearable Murderous Iran, Now or Never

avatar by Ron Agam

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (left) with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (right). Photo:

The political cowardliness and inefficacy of the Arab league to take charge of the disastrous human rights situation in Syria is just appalling. Hundreds of children and innocent victims are being slaughtered by a murderous regime sustained artificially by Iran , Russia and China while the West remains paralyzed and ineffectual in its attempt to bring a peaceful solution to a now 18 month old crisis.

The United Nations itself, the international diplomatic and security body which claims to master the most serious conflicts, has through its highest representative shown very little ability to resolve the problem, and after months has sent a message of weakness to Assad and his murderous minions.

Today, Syria is the battleground of the major schism in the Muslim world, the first big battle waged between Shiites and Sunnites where colossal geopolitical interests are in play. No one wants to loose this first major challenge to what will undeniably be a continued military and political crisis facing the 21st Century.

If the world understands the preview of the Iranian Ayatollah’s resolve, then it will be seen that the next step with atomic weapons capability will essentially push us towards even more lethal conflicts involving the entire middle-east and parts of Europe.

The writing is here on the wall, unequivocally etched in the Syrian conflict.”¨”¨  For the autocratic regimes as important as the ones mentioned above, this is a fight they do not want to lose, as their long term political survival is at stake to a lesser degree but still significant enough to make it a serious challenge.

Once more, the perils for the world and Israel in particular are clear.  Iran must be stopped now before hundreds of millions of people will be held hostage to the Iranian madness and murderous ambitions.

Sometimes, these localized conflicts take a velocity of their own and grow to become global scale conflicts engulfing powers and super powers who are drawn in to involvement because they were not able to stabilize the small conflicts at the right time.

The road to peace in this region passes by once and for all by isolating Iran’s aggressive diplomatic and terrorist ambitions, and eliminating its aggressive military buildup, now nuclear as well.

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  • Matt

    You have to understand the US position, one factor is the two wars cost money and blood, second is US reliance on the Soviets for the supply of logistics and third Putin has threaten WW3 over Syria if outside the UN. An fourth Obama has a well stated policy not to act outside the UN. Unless the US is attacked. Everyone knew it was going to end in genocide as the geographically and demographically the uprising spread in Syria. This is the multipolar world that weaker powers want, that is why they want a weaker America so the US cannot act unilaterally in matters like the Balkans. So the future of humanity does not look good until the US can regroup, once out of Afghanistan, the logistics do not matter, threat of WW3 not fussed, fiscally type of operations conducted, outside the UN, see what the UNSC says of genocide and then the GA. Syria and Iran, the PRC and Russia on the sidelines watching and supporting them tried to bankrupt the US but failed, there is still air in the lungs. Lucky for all of us, because you are seeing their vision of the future and the world.