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August 10, 2012 9:45 am

Jury Deliberates in Case of Shangri-La Owner and Jewish Fundraisers

avatar by Zachary Lichaa

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Pool area at the Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica. Photo: SaffronSunrise.

A jury in Santa Monica, CA is in the final stages of its deliberations over a case involving the owner of the Shangri-La Hotel and members of a Friends of Israel Defense Forces group who had their planned fundraiser shut down due to their Jewish heritage.

On July 11th, 2010, a fundraiser was held at the Shangri-La Hotel by the FIDF’s Young Leadership Division, to help bring the children or siblings of fallen Israeli soldiers to the United States, however when Tehmina Adaya – the property’s owner – witnessed the event taking place in the hotel’s pool area, she ordered it to be shut down.

“Get the f–king Jews out of my pool”, Adaya, who is an American-Muslim of Pakistani descent, said at the pool that day, according to sworn testimony given during the trial.

The hotel’s staff helped organize the event and scheduled extra personnel to assist with the day’s activities, which was occurring during the same time as the 2010 World Cup.  Adaya, who was hosting a party at her cabana for the soccer tournament the same day as the fundraiser, went against the advice of her staff and shut down the FIDF festivities.

“Many people saw her irate and then step by step, dismantle the event.  People who went to the bathroom weren’t allowed back in to get their things, including their credit cards from the bar area, and were asked to take off t-shirts that had been given to them upon entering the event,” one of the event’s attendees told The Algemeiner.  “In testimony, it came out that staff told her she couldn’t do this, that it was the equivalent of telling black people to get out.”

When contacted by The Algemeiner, the Shangri-La declined to comment on the lawsuit itself.

“We try to provide the utmost service to anyone who enters our hotel,” a spokesperson for the hotel said.

One of the plaintiffs involved in the case, who requested anonymity due to the ongoing nature of the lawsuit, says that this story is an issue of civil rights.

“She doesn’t have the right to take away our civil rights,” the source said.  “Many of us were not willing to let her win and the only recourse is through the legal system.  She can’t act with anti-Semitism and if you don’t stand up and say something is wrong, who will?”

The annual fundraiser held by the Young Leadership Division of the FIDF was held at another prominent Los Angeles hotel the following year, and will be returning this year to the same location.

“I’ll never step foot in the Shangri-La again,” the plaintiff said.

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  • Jayson Rex

    Sore losers ALL those Muslims and their antisemitic friends (BBC, Huffington Post, etc. and etc.). The Jews, a.k.a. as Israelis, will continue to grow in number and power regardless. Apparently, no one stopped to think how come the most persecuted people in the history of mankind are still around and doing so well all around.

    The ‘incident’ shows how desperate Tehmina Adaya, the Muslim owner of the Shangri-La Hotel is. Too bad. The jury will most probably find the demented owner guilty and then he/she will first have to serve the sentence in the US before moving back to the Muslim country he/she or the parents came from.

    WE WILL NEVER FORGET 9/11 nor the Muslim terrorists and extremists that are threatening our civilization.

  • Empress Trudy

    We expect little else from Muslims, even in the US. Someone tell the Huffington Post, they can hold their next corporate event/Nazi party there too.

  • Ahmed A.k Khan

    Shameful act by a fellow Muslim. Muslims, especially when married or associated with Arabs, as in Tehminas case, tend to hate Israelis. She may have y hired Jews for PR. PR purposes but got incited seeing the Israeli posters, most likely. If found guilty she must be punished. Most Muslims aren’t like her, please remember

    • Meryle Kates

      Thank you, Ahmed A.k Khan, for speaking out. As Jewe, we know the courage it takes for Muslims to come to our defense, and I’d like you to know how much we appreciate it,and understand that not all Muslims would behave this way.

      Meryle Kates

  • The Pooh


    Are you her PR person? Because you seem very on top of commenting on EVERY article that is posted and mentioning the same BS… This was a CLEAR case of discrimination. The defendant essentially brought ZERO witnesses to testify on her behalf other than her “supposed” best friend. Take your Temina Adaya PR campaign elsewhere…

  • winnie

    “sworn testimony given during the trial”

    sworn testitomy by whom? the ONLY employee witness who claimed to have heard that never even showed up to trial! that employee, nathan codrey, is also a known alcoholic and has a criminal record. both facts that the plaintiffs’ own lawyers tried to hide from the jury! (all this could be referenced from court documents from the trial itself)

    the main issue itself is that the FIDF never had a contract with the hotel to hold the event in the first place, therefore the plaintiffs WERE tresspassing.

    as far as all the anti-semitic claims are concerned, how could she possibly be anti-semitic when one of the execs at the hotel is jewish, as were top managing people at hotel at the time of the incident. the hotel is helped run by jewish people! all claims of anti-semeticism is farce!

    hopefully the jury will take all these facts into consideration.

    • In some countries it is now against the law to make remarks of discrimination, against
      any religious group.
      We have so many laws about handicapped people also.

      That woman should have to pay a legal penalty. and issue a public apology.

      isn’t it enough that so many people have been killed simply for being different.

      it’s a big world. We need Love- Tolerance- Peace.