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August 13, 2012 10:07 am

Hezbollah Leader: Our Rockets Can Hit All of Israel

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U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro met IDF officials at an Iron Dome battery in Israel in August, 2011. Photo: wiki commons.

One of Hezbollah’s senior officials and its leader in southern Lebanon is claiming that the Iranian backed terrorist group can hit any Israeli city with its arsenal of missiles.

Speaking in Lebanon on Monday ahead of “Quds Day”, Sheikh Nabil Kaouk said Hezbollah will continue its attempts to free “Palestine”, rid Israel from its presence in Jerusalem, and that the group’s missiles can reach anywhere in Israel.

Former Mossad Director Danny Yatom seemed to confirm part of Kaouk’s statement while offering an analysis of what Iran’s response might be to an Israeli strike against its nuclear facilities.

Rockets from Gaza and Lebanon can “cover all of Israel, and that is the main problem,” Yatom said.

Israel’s short range rocket defense system, the Iron Dome, was reportedly installed in northern Israel last week (Safed) as part of a series of tests being undertaken by the IDF.  Walla News quoted an IDF official who said the placement of the system in Safed was not related to any specific security threat but is part of a series of tests being done to determine the appropriate locations for additional Iron Dome batteries.

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  • Stan

    Please Mr Hezbollah. While you are firing all those rockets please ensure that at least one hits the Al Aksa Mosque

  • Lebanese Hezbolla Rockets Possibly can reach every City in Israel, however if those thugs start launching their rockets at Israel from anywhere in Lebanon, that will justify Israel in launching such a lethal barrage of rockets against Lebanon, which will make the 2006 war against Lebanon a mere tea-party. This time Lebanon will be totally destroyed.

  • Matt

    Problem is they have increased their arsenal and the caches are among civilians areas, which means more sites to strike, than 2006 more damage. So based solely on intelligence led strikes the damage will be huge. That is without the air support and artillery for the troops inside Lebanon. Then you also have the rocket launching sites. There is not going to be much left of Lebanon. It would have been better to conduct a preemptive strike after Cast Lead the damage would have been much less and justification was there due to the Scud/M-600 transfers. But the US said no. Lebanon is not like Gaza in which air strikes, then artillery can be used solely before the troops go in. The intelligence led strikes, the creeping air strikes and artillery strikes in support of ground forces, launch sites strikes all happen at once, very heavy. Plus Hizbullah either due to Assad’s fall will lose their safe haven along the border,inside Syria for arms caches etc, secondly if it is a failed state or the Syrian military collapse the flank is open to the IDF and you go via Syria by-pass south and north of the Litani, straight into the Be’eka valley.

    • Matt

      The preferred option is to weaken Hizbullah to allow factions in Lebanon to disarm them peacefully without force. Without the Syrian army for back up or without Assad controlling the majority of Sunni’s in Syria. The situation is reversed. Making it hard for Hizbullah to hold out, via the use of force. That way Lebanon does not get destroyed. But it is the timeline, in regard to Iran nuclear and faced with that outcome Hizbullah will engulf Lebanon in war to try to use resistance against Israel to save itself and its role, albeit less powerful, to secure a role in a new Sunni dominated area of the Middle East. Knowing that Iran will push forward with the bomb, as they will lose their strategic deterrent/confidence after Hizbullah is deconstructed. It took Hizbullah six years to rearm with the help of both Assad and Iran, without Syria it could take 10 years.

  • Hiram Cromer

    Steve! You got my line in before me! LOL! “Rockets”? Excuse me, our “Nuke” can cover your entire country! After that, Ayran (Iran), will be useless for a half life! Of course everyone remebers that Hitler demanded that the Mufti of Tehran change the name of the country from “Persia” to “Iran”, which is Farsi for Ayran! Did ja knows this?

  • Steve

    Israel: Our Nukes Can Hit All of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe… 😛