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August 14, 2012 6:20 pm

Neo-Nazi Flash Mobs Appearing Throughout Germany (VIDEO)

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The Neo-Nazi group marching. Photo: Screenshot.

A German Neo-Nazi group has been staging flash-mob protests similar to the fascist torch rallies of the 1930s — and then posting videos of them on the Web.

In a demonstration this past May in Bauzen, Germany hundreds of individuals wearing white masks and black garb appeared out of nowhere, carrying torches and signs with nationalist slogans. Then the mob scattered and vanished before the authorities arrived, reported German newspaper Die Zeit.

Eerily recalling the Nazi marches that saluted Hitler during Third Reich era, a group calling themselves ‘Die Unsterblichen’ (The Immortals) has been responsible for organizing these similar flash mob protests throughout Germany over the past several months. Their hate-filled rallies have been viewed  by tens of thousands on YouTube,  and most of their videos end with a haunting slogan, like  ‘Make your short life immortal,’ or ‘So that those to come don’t forget that you were German.’

The hate group’s marches are organized via text message so that authorities are unable to track where they will appear, CNN reported. The group’s website encourages others to organize similar flash mob demonstrations, in order to ‘become immortal.’

The word “Volkstod,” which in German means “National Death,” is also displayed on their signs to remind Germany of their days under national socialism. Neo-Nazis will use the phrase to describe what they believe to be the decline of the German race taking place in Germany’s multicultural state.

This is not the first time a Neo-Nazi flash mobs appeared in recent years. ‘Spreelichter’ (Spree Lights), another Neo-Nazi group, was banned by German authorities earlier this summer after they organized their first flash mob rallies in 2009.

Over a dozen homes of publicized neo-Nazis have been searched by police in hopes of uncovering the group’s central leadership.

The success of the racist flash mobs has been catching on among German youth, according to German academic Dr. Hajo Funke of the Free University of Berlin. “It’s a very simple idea: Put masks on your faces and represent the danger to the people,” he explained to CNN.

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  • Felix

    Mean while in north america the only plan to deal with the problem is the northwestfront…

  • “Christian” Chan,
    Being proud of what one is,is not the same as implying hatred, denigration of other peoples, and doing it while hiding who you are behind masks. What they are doing is reminiscent of past behaviors that brought Germany total destruction, killed millions of people, brought terrible war and destruction across Europe, and shamed Germany before the world. I don’t believe they should be tolerated any more than I would tolerate the anti Chinese and Asian laws that were passed in the United States in the late 19th and early twentieth centuries.

    • Mike

      We tolerate the Native Americans here in America. I think the Germans need to learn to tolerate the Native Germans. Why are some cultures worth preserving while others are hated and ethnically cleansed?

  • The neo-Nazi video says “White” not “German” as written in the article. Perhaps too many friends of the writer also consider themselves to be of a ‘White race’? Such a thing does not exist and the white masks hide faces of various shades of colour remidial genetic links to our common African origins. Stop the neo-Nazies, as my partisan uncle did before.

    • joseph cahn

      everyone has the right to be himself
      everyone has the right to the homeland of his fathers
      no one has the right to invade someone else land under no recipe:
      war or illegal immigration, or population migration, or..
      germans have the right to throw these invaders out.
      if the german government wants it otherwise the germans have the right to overthrow such a government

  • Myron Peal

    All Cowards hide behind something…in this case its a mask.

  • Christian Chan

    They have a right to be proud of there race! Just as the negro is proud of his race and we Chinese are proud of our race!

    • You are a racist or an idiot to say this!

      • Peter35

        Nonsense, he has a perfect right to be proud of his race! So, Ivan, you’re not proud of your race? Just a naiive, politically correct “useful idiot.” I suppose you’d say all races are equal? They are most decidedly not. Step away from the PC stupidity, it’s killing the West.

    • Mildred Bilt

      I believe you’ve missed the point of these ‘flash mobs’ and 70 years of world history. Just as the Japanese were proud of their unique race and decided the Chinese, Thai, Korean,Mongolian races were inferior and therefore could be murdered and enslaved, so these neo-Nazis are saying their Aryan race is superior to all others (including your own) and all others should be killed to remove their (your) racial impurities from the face of the earth forever. It is not just color: these pure “white” people murdered 50 million people across Europe; Poles, Russians, Slavs. Serbs, the British, French, Dutch, and later on, Americans. They’re dedicated to race (Aryan) depicted as white but only white Aryan. As a proud Chinese, are you inimating that you are auperior to all other Asiatic races and therefore entitled to murder them?