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August 17, 2012 10:36 am

Peruvian Neo-Nazi Group Leader Seeks Jewish Expulsion

avatar by Atara Arbesfeld

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Prominent Peruvian Jew Ephraim Goldenberg.

Martin Quispe Mayta, the 38-year-old founder of the Andean National Socialism Movement, is posing a threat to Peru’s Jewish community as he is attempting to gather enough signatures for his  group to be recognized as political party in Peru. Echoing the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions centuries ago, the group openly advocates for a Jewish expulsion, according to the London Guardian.

With a population of 30 million people, approximately 3,000 Jews make up a miniscule percentage of the country’s citizens as their numbers continue to dwindle due to assimilation, intermarriage, and emigration to other countries in South America. The Peruvian Jewish community includes the country’s indigenous populations as well as those of European, Middle Eastern, and North African descent, most of whom immigrated to Peru during the nineteenth century.

In modern times, Jews in Peru have been well represented and have even been appointed to positions of power, included among them is finance minister and prime minister Efraim Goldenberg Schreiber, who served during the 1990s, Peru’s Jewish first lady Eliane Karp and second vice president David Waisman.

A rigidly class-based society, Peru’s political and economic leadership is controlled by the white minority while the indigenous Peruvians are considered to be the lowest socioeconomic caste. Quispe Mayta, who has Inca roots as the son of migrants from the Andes, blames the Jews for his family’s poverty “because the Jews controlled the world economy,” he said.

An admirer of Henry Ford’s antisemitic book “The International Jew” and Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” since his teens, Quispe Mayta has espoused a number of  far-fetched theories which he claims uncover the Jewish roots of a range of historical figures, including Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Fidel Castro, Che Gueva, and even the leader of Peru’s Shining Path terrorist group, Abimael Guzman. But his most outrageous conspiracy theory of all is that Francisco Pizarro – the Spanish conquistador who ferociously conquered Peru, was Jewish.

“The Jew Pizarro and his band of genocidal Jews killed millions of native Peruvians in their mission to possess our gold,” he stated as fact.

The Jewish Association of Peru denounced and refuted Quispe Mayta’s “open expression of anti-Semitic racism” and had “appealed to authorities to take the necessary measures to halt the incitement to racial and religious hatred”.

This is not the first time Peru’s Jewish population has been under threat. According to a statement made in late 2005 by Rabbi Guillermo Bronstein, the chief rabbi of Lima’s largest synagogue, anti-Semitism and attacks from Neo-Nazi groups were on the rise.

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  • Alvaro

    Jews controlled Peru? hahaha!!! that is the most stupid and funny thing i have read in years so far……how can he say so about a small community of 3 thousand souls?and he blames this comunity for the “misery of his family”?Maybe they were not smart enough ?…..His ideas are completely against human rights, he boasts of being an inca but he is a mestizo who doesnt accept his spanish roots, anyway a piece of jerk in the country s society….what can we do about it? maybe we should kick him out first…this “political groups” are pathetic!!
    As someone wrote if Hitler had known “his race” he would have killed him…i can understand how this “indigenous people” can follow Hitler´s teachings…are they masochists?

  • David Whitelaw

    This stupid moron doesn’t realize that hitler would have exterminted his “race” under his own sick and perverted mythologies of race purity laws. What a blooming idiot this poor misguided guy is.
    I love Peru and I admire and respect the wonderful, diverse intelligent people of Peru.I have spent much time in Andean communities and their culture, history and work ethic is unbelievable. I am proud to be Jewish and I honor the dignity and contributions of the wonderful peoples of the Andean mountains. This is what ALL Jews bekieve. . .not only me!

  • Ivan

    In first place, I’m a white Peruvian and can’t understand this stupidity, this guys are not even pure native Peruvians, they have Spanish, Native, Black, oriental, etc mixture, Peru is a mestizo country

    That guy is just a pathetic, he has no chance to win, or even be accepted as a candidate.

    Perú is a wonderful country, Jewish and Arab descendants work together, there’s no hate among them, we have enough problems with Shinning Path, to create more hate.

    This guys are just envy and want to blame it on anybody, there are less than 3,000 Jewish in Perú, most of them hard working people and some have real money, but not remotely 90% of the money as this idiot says.

    He really doesn’t know what he’s talking, and nobody cares for him.

  • dave

    jealous of Jewish success?

    • Alvaro

      yes, that is it

  • Amazing how crazy ideas develop where you would least expect them to pop up.

  • Fenria

    Indian Nazis. How does THAT work?

    • Michael

      Exactly…I was rolling in laughter. He would be the first to be shot and killed. Far from the Hitler’s “Aryan” ideal. His race was considered sub-human by the world idiot Hitler.

  • Martin

    This is embarassing…. but also pretty pathetic
    just another clown, no one cares or knows him.
    Hopefully nothing relevant.

  • Chaya

    I think the Jews should leave Peru en masse before anyone has a chance to expel them. I bet that would do wonders for the Peruvian economy. (Not.) Every antisemite says Jews control the world’s economy. I wish that were true.

  • Claudia

    The jewish communtity of Peru must get a lawyer as quick as possible and sue this man. He has to prove that all his accusations are true, in court.