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August 22, 2012 9:50 am

Republican Jewish Coalition Releases New Obama Attack Ad (VIDEO)

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President Obama and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House in March, 2012. Photo: Israeli Govt. Press Office.

In its most recent installment of “My Buyers Remorse”, a series of individuals explaining why they won’t be voting for President Obama in November following their support for him in 2008, a New York based attorney named Brad cites the president’s decision not to visit Israel while in office and a lack of economic growth as his reasons for deciding not to vote for Obama this year.

“The corporate departments, the transaction departments of every major lawfirm in this city are on fumes right now, there’s no business,” he said in the RJC ad.  “Companies are not expanding.”

While never explicitly stating that he is voting for Mitt Romney instead of President Obama, Brad says he takes issue with the president choosing to visit other countries “around” Israel, but not Israel itself, while in office.

“I find it unbelieveable that President Obama, who alledges that he is a very strong friend of Israel, has never stepped foot in that country since he’s been president.  He’s been to many countries around it, more than once, but never set foot in Israel.  That’s a problem for me.”

In 2008, President Obama garnered 78% of the American-Jewish vote, and the most recent Gallup polling numbers suggest the president currently has 68% of that vote heading into November’s elections.

To watch the RJC’s new ad, click below.

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  • Shaun

    You know the best that I have found about working night at Dish is that I don’t have to watch any of these political attack ads. There are better ways to find out about the people running for office than listen to the candidates make each other out to be a devil. When I watch any of my primetime show I record (since those are the worst times for the ads), I use the Autohop feature on my Hopper to automatically skip the commercials all together. The best way I know how to move past the stupid ads, is not to watch them at all.

  • Does the the Aglemeiner receive funding from Republican organizations?
    Does the algemeiner ackowledge publicly that they are a Republican activist media outlet?
    Does the Algemeiner really want its readers to think that the Republican Jewish Coalition acts in the interest of the klal? Despite putting out constant lies daily and wasting the donations it gets for things that are meaningless?
    Will they respond to such questions?

    To ply onto the Klal the ad as though the ad was a truthful ad – something any reader must acknowledge- is an affront to us. The main points in the ad are all lies. The main points- any viewer must acknowledge- are to communicate to the viewer that the viewer should be persuaded that
    [1] Obama’s policies resulted in today’s unemployment of 8.4%,
    [2] “[Obama administration] thinks it can create economic opportunity and growth by taxing people into submission.” ( taxes are lower for everyone compared to Reagan and GW bush, but the ad infers otherwise.) (also the proposed changes for earners of TAXABLE income over 250,000 ( starting with the 250,001st dollar would bring a tax rate less than under Bill Clinton )
    [3] the ad communicates that the lack of opportunity that “Brad” describes is due to Obama even though all Republicans and Democrats claim that the private sector is the one that makes an economy and not the government ( although the Dems say that needs stimulus). So where is the private sector pulling itself up by its bootstraps? No answer given by the ad.
    [4] Obama’s policies and actions are deleterious to Israel because ( as opposed to Reagan and GW Bush) he hasn’t been to Israel since he went to Israel in the year prior to his election- a first time any campaign ever made that point against a candidate, and it is a contrived meaningless piece of propaganda because the ad has the person making the point as though he is outraged for the first time in his life)

    Why would the Algemeiner feel that it is a positive thing for it to disseminate lies and references to things that are misleading to us?
    Why would the Algemiener have such contempt for its readers.?
    Why does the Algemeiner have no respect for truth as it presents the article as a ho hum piece of newsworthy news.

  • Jill Skriver

    Great commercial. Not only has Obama not set foot in Israel, he tried to have the 1967 borders reinstated, a death knell to Israel. The discussion around Palestinian State has now got a new focus, and it’s a bad one. Obama
    has consistently supported Islamic regimes that are clearly terrorist based, Egypt being the latest. Yet Obama handed over 1.2 billion to Egypt, no strings attached. Egypt’s leading cleric: Obama clearly supports “all things” Muslim. Obama has clearly shown who he supports; now will you?