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September 5, 2012 10:32 am

Berlin Bans Mohels From Performing Ritual Circumcisions

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Hospital in Berlin-Köpenick. Photo: wiki commons.

Germany’s capital city of Berlin has announced new rules on circumcision procedures, banning Jewish mohels from performing the ritual and requiring that both parents of a child who is scheduled to be circumcised, provide written confirmation that they have been made aware of the health risks involved.

“We explicitly welcome Muslim and Jewish life in Berlin,” said Thomas Heilmann, Berlin’s top justice official. “That is only possible if freedom to practice religion is possible.”

When the parents of a child who is set to be circumcised provide a written expression of their consent, they must also provide proof of “religious motivation and religious necessity of the circumcision”.

The new rules set forth by Berlin require circumcision procedures to be performed by doctors, in a “medically professional standard”.  According to Heilmann, circumcisions do not need to take place in hospitals and Jewish mohels are not currently trained to perform the procedures under Berlin’s new law.

Heilmann says the new law comes out of requests from German doctors for clarity on the issue of circumcision, after a court in Cologne banned ritual circumcision procedures in June.

Germany’s parliament is expected to draft new legislation on the issue, and Berlin’s new law will stand until that time.

Similar attempts to ban ritual circumcisions in Norway, Switzerland, and Austria have prompted a response from Muslim and Jewish groups in Europe, stating their opposition to what they call “attacks against our religious practices”.

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  • Ari Rubenstein

    Yes brothers, it is time to leave! Gather your families and move to Israel now! The right is rising VERY fast and if we do not leave as soon as possible for the chosen land the slaughter will be worse than that suffered during WWII! Be warned now because the speed with which these things happen can be at the snap of a finger when anger is running as high as it is right now. The only safe place for God’s chosen is Israel – let us all go there and support OUR state against the heathen! Do not think you can fight this because the nationalists care not for our laws and will burn down everything to get to us! Let us be safe, let us take pro-active action and go to our place of strength in Israel now!!!

  • hjkl

    A state in Australia is also considering circumcision law reform at the moment:

  • Ilbert Phillips

    Germans do not change. This is outrageous. We are talking about a ritual that is over three thousand years old. We have recently learned that circumcision is has health benefits (it inhibits HIV and other sexual diseases).

  • Howard Stein

    Right. Get out of Germany and get out of Europe. We cannot say that we have not been warned this time. Circumstances are the worse they have been in decades. And, as always, we Jews are the scapegoats.

    Get out! Get out! Get out! Israel needs you and wants you. Europe is our graveyard.

    German medical standards? What medical standards has a county that gives a medical degree to Josef Mengele?

    • Lance Silver

      Jews must leave Europe now before its too late and come to America and or Israel. LANCE

      • What makes you so certain that US is safe? San Francisco attempted to ban circumcism too and probably will since it is so liberal, it will do anything to dis Jewish religion.

  • Empress Trudy

    The die is cast. Germany has made its intentions crystal clear. Today they ban the Brit tomorrow they make us wear the yellow star. Leave as fast as you can and don’t look back.