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September 21, 2012 3:40 pm

The Explanatory Disease

avatar by Alexander Kogan

Armed man stands outside U.S. Consulate in Libya as it burns. Photo: Twitter.

“Sturmscharfuehrer SS Klaus Wolfgander  had a very good reason to hate Jews. Well, 5 years before the war his mother had a very troubling encounter with a Jewish trader, who was arguing with her about the prices of meat. He denied her a discount but, as the neighbor said, Jews probably were buying meat from this trader, while paying him less…”

“Untersturmführer SS Fritz Hauptermann had a beef with gypsies. A serious one too. He remembered that when he was young, a pretty gypsy girl and two younger boys were calling him names and even threw a stone at him. For no apparent reason – he was just telling them to leave the street he lived on…”

Can anyone imagine that we would read something like that in a newspaper as an explanation for why the Nazis exterminated these Untermenschen – gypsies and Jews? I mean reading without feeling that it was published by morons or somebody who belongs behind bars?

So why are we paying attention to the explanations that the series of recent attacks on US embassies were motivated by “outrage” over some stupid amateur Internet film made in America that insulted Islam? Why are they being published at all? Should our papers always publish explanations of plunderers, rapists and killers? Or do we only accept the justifications of a murderous mob, which is  “politically” or “religiously” motivated? Why should any normal person care about these “reasons”?  Should we care about the color of the t-shirts, which the thugs in Libya were wearing during the assault in which an American ambassador was killed?

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We can’t stop every idiot – Jewish, Christian, Buddhist or Atheist, from doing something stupid. And if we could do that – we can’t stop Muslim jerks, like the one who stuffed torn pages of a Quran into a packet of ashes, carried by a Christian girl in Pakistan. Should we, perhaps take the Internet offline in Muslim countries? Well, they would have less reasons to kill Westerners, apparently… only blocking YouTube there won’t work, sorry. Twitter, Facebook, blogs – are all full of “offending the Prophet” stuff. You know – this “free will” heresy. “Freedom of speech” and other anti-Islamic inventions of infidels, may the might of the Prophet’s followers smash and rip them to pieces…

No, seriously guys, isn’t this obsession with seeking explanations kinda offensive to our intelligence and common sense? Shouldn’t we start our own shooting sprees fueled by the call for intelligence and common sense to be made the fundamentals of our Western society? Well, no, we should not. As we should not give in to this crazy idea that everything can be explained and there must be a good reason behind every bloody atrocity committed on the globe. We should stop this sickening explanatory disease, that calls for us to “understand the hurt feelings” of bloody scum.

The murdered US diplomat didn’t kill or rape or even offend anyone in Libya. As the press tells us he was actually too friendly with the local Islamists. There was no logical reason on Earth to harm him. Well, actually there was one, which sounds pretty non- “politically correct”.

During service in the IDF Liaison Unit, I had lots of contact with foreign military personnel from all over the world. I learned all about almost every Islamic terrorist group on the planet, in order to be able to speak to foreigners about “our” HAMAS, PIJ, FATAH, DFLP, PFLP, PRC, “Hezbollah” and other groups of mujahideen “freedom fighters”. To compare their actions, history, MOA’s. There were some items in common and other points of difference between them, but only one totally identical point. In Pakistan, in Kosovo, in Turkey, in the Philippines, in Chechnya, in Latin America and everywhere else: Muslim fanatics just wanted to murder somebody else.
Yes, they just want to kill us, and thats the only true reason.

There is no call for explanation.

There is a call for action…

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