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September 24, 2012 2:52 pm

Secret Nazi Tapes Show Savage Murder and Rape by Ordinary German Soldiers

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Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing and Dying: The Secret Second World War Tapes of German POWs. Photo: Amazon.

Recordings of conversations had between German POW’s during World War II reveal the senseless and disturbing acts of murder and rape conducted by the Nazi fighting force, separate from the SS, which is generally associated with the horrific war crimes of Nazi Germany.

“There was an event in the market square, crowds of people, speeches given. We really sprayed them. That was fun,” a German soldier said while being held at London’s Trent Park detention center.

Over 10,000 German POW’s were bugged between 1940 and 1945 by British and American forces, in hopes of attaining valuable military secrets of the Nazis.  A series of conversations between the German war prisoners have been made public in the book entitled Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing and Dying: The Secret Second World War Tapes of German POWs.

“I loved dropping bombs,” said another German POW. “It makes you feel all tingly, a great feeling. It’s as good as shooting someone down.”

German historians Soenke Neitzel and Harald Welze’s book, which has been translated into English, lies in stark contrast to the dispelled narrative that the Wehrmacht (Germany’s armed forces) were not significantly active in committing acts of barbarism during the second world war.

A passage from the book reads as follows:

Zotlöterer: “I shot a Frenchman from behind. He was riding a bicycle.”

Weber: “At close range?”

Zotlöterer: “Yes.”

Heuser: “Did he want to take you prisoner?”

Zotlöterer: “Nonsense. I wanted the bicycle.”

In another recording, one of the German prisoners describes an event where a female spy was caught “running around the neighborhood”, so she was beaten, raped, and then thrown out onto the street.

“When she was lying there on her back, we threw grenades at her.  Every time one of them landed near her body, she screamed. And just think, there were eight German officers sitting at that table with me, and they all broke out laughing.”

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  • So terribly horribly sick and sad. Mankind is no closer to civility now with all our physics and chemistry then we were 100,000 years ago. We gain in technology and move not an inch in morality and philosophy. Over all we have proven to be a pathetic demon possessed species desperately in need of a divine master. May our Messiah come quickly and rule with a rod of iron.

  • ian ramsey

    Really Friends this is very very sad. Troop talk is probably always full of bravado throughout history – and I have heard our own troops say such things that were just as hard to hear and learn from. Its how we all grow out of it into the necessary harmony – this is not a very large planet. I hope the book has the authors reflections.

    In the UK Im aware of the tapes – I hope the book also has quotes from prisoners saying the opposite and expressing shame horror. Maybe rarer to locate but all the richer for hearing about.

    Those people were Europeans – in the 30’s after a Big Economic horror – we need to reach the damaged ones who would lead us in that ignorant direction – we all know we can do so much better

    This book is an important reminder but surely its sucess is a measure of how far we have gone since then that its excruciating to read

  • Goldenhaggen already documented the sociopathology of the average German. Jew killing picnics were common…It is a lifestyle Germans enjoyed. ..These tapes are just another example of the average German ‘s sociopathology…The bottom line is that it took millions of average Germans citizens to murder millions of Jews…and the Germans murdered with great enthusiasm!

    • HRSG

      So well said Richard Sherman, and so very true.