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September 27, 2012 11:45 am

Mona Eltahawy to Be Sued by Protester in New York Anti-Jihad Incident (VIDEO)

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The confrontation between Pam Hall (left) and Mona Eltahawy (right). Photo: screenshot via youtube.

Following an incident on Tuesday in the Times Square subway station where an Egyptian born American activist spray painted an anti-Jihad poster designed to garner support for Israel, the woman who attempted to stop the vandalism is suing for damage to her property.

When Mona Eltahawy took out a can of pink spray paint and began to deface an advertisement that reads “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad,” a woman named Pamela Hall stepped in front of Eltahawy and began questioning her right to spray paint the sign.

“Mona, do you think you have the right to do this?” Hall asked in an incident that was caught on video and can be viewed at the bottom of this article. “What right do you have to violate free speech?”

Eventually, two New York City policemen arrived and arrested Eltahawy.  She responded by telling on-lookers, “This is non-violent protest, see this America.I’m an Egyptian-American and I refuse hate.”

Now, Hall tells the Daily Mail in Britain that she plans to sue Eltahawy for damage to her property.

“Not my camera itself….that’s why I held it above my head. It was the support…the mono pod, camera bag,” she told Mail Online. “I was moving around to avoid the spray.”

The advertisement, which has been placed in multiple New York City subway stations, was originally rejected by the Metropolitan Transit Authority, however a court decision forced the MTA to run the ads.

They ads were bought by the controversial American Freedom Defense Initiative.

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  • mak

    I do not support generalisations and not all Muslims are Jihadidts. However with all due respect muslim countries are often way behind us when it comes to human and women rights. So it is pathetic to see an Egyptian born American preaching on free speech in this Jihad context.

  • Robert

    Eltahawy was clearly not a peaceful protester. And she has no right to deface property that didn’t belong to her. Pamela Hall is right to sue her.

  • james flynn

    I would have taken the camera and tripod and bashed her rght over the head with it

  • rofedoc

    Send this Egyptian wench back to Cairo

    • Yusuf

      You are racist!! She has every right to be here just as much as you or anyone else. It is her right to protest and she didn’t even touch that lady who was pushing her with the camera. You must understand that and watch this video again. If you don’t know that Mona is right in this case and she is unjustifiably being arrested then go back to your country and get a real college degree!!!

      • you not know anything about our US Bill of Rights?? I do not view these ads as racist or otherwise. What happened to our US Ambassador was an act of savagery. And those who commit such acts of violence are hateful savages. Regardless of Ms. Eltahawy’s opinion of the ad..she had no right to deface it or spray paint on Pamela Hall (who was trying to protect the ad). I support Pamela’s lawsuit. It is in my opinion most appropriate.

  • MBenFaivol

    Clearly Mona has become a naturalized American citizen without learning anything about America, our culture and our beliefs. Its time for her to be DENATURALIZED and then given the chance to either re-learn what we believe, or return to her country of origin and practice her sense of “free speech” there

  • C Hamburger

    A _Violent_ sprayer & a _non-violent_ defender stepping in!

    In this incident all is the other way round quit unlike one exspects and especially very quite unlike it is propagated by the sprayer Mona Eltahawy.
    #1 Mona Eltahawy _violated_ the integrity of the advertisement frame and poster and the non-violent protesting woman which stepped in: someone did pay for the advertisement display and someone owns the framed area and the tiled wall, which got pink-sprayed and have to be cleaned and no one is entitled to spray wild in public transport – Mona had to stop!
    #2 Mona Eltahawy sprayed Pamela Hall or approved eventually that she will get pink sprayed just because she steped in the way. Pamela claimed what was her right, to stand there and non-violently defend free speech. To spray and to violent other property and risk the health of the woman defender was not the right for the egyptian-american Mona and will probably result in a sue by the traffic enterprise or the advertising firm or Pamela Hall.
    #3 If Mona Eltahawy whants a lesson in non-violent protest, which she obviously is in desperate need of, than one would say this: Mona, take Pamela Hall’s example as your model! Mona, do not sneak around and spray everything you dislike! Mona, to creep round advertisements in public you dislike and spray them is a manner one usually does not allow his/her children. It is not non-violent! Mona, do know that one is entitled or legitimated to prevent violent disturbers from harming others or other property and to force them back in a non-violent way like Pamela did with her body. See, even the police can arrest you and force your arms into handcuffs if you are _violent_ in public transport!

    I personally find the behaviour of Pamela Hall so courageous! Thank you for your braveness and example of true non-violent protest. We should not allow anti-semites to distort values in this way!

  • Clay

    Defacing private property is not protesting. Ms Eltaway should buy her own advertisement to refute Ms Hall.

  • Kimberly Kennedy

    Good for you! Sue her also for spraying your hair, and clothes and vandalism against you. She had no right to pre-meditate bringing a can of spray, ruining the paid signage.

    • Yusuf

      Mona should sue Miss Pamela! Pamela pushed her and rudely put the stick of her camera into Mona’s chest. Having a sign like that is just causing more tension and hate. Is this what we need to get to a better future? Or do ignorant Americans who in fact have no less a right to be here than Muslims need to go back to the 1940s and imitate the Nazis and let there be a holocaust in America. Tensions are risin to that point. Have religios dialect and step towards the future not the past you Nazi cowboys!

  • Matt

    Mona you clearly showed you are one of the savages, get a clue, remember free speech… i guess not. What a complete idiot.

  • Eltahawy supports Mohammad who had 900 unarmed Jews decapitated at Quaraza — clearly only a savage would perpetrate such a sociopathic act…and only a savage such as Eltahawy would revere such a sociopath!

    • Yusuf

      You seem to act as though you are an expert on religion an Islam. May I ask where your source comes from that Muhammad killed 900 Jews. Maybe you haven’t realized this, but the Internet isn’t always true. As you can see how many clieless fools are inaccurtely posting garbage on this website

      • MBenFaivol

        Maybe, Yusef, you should consider what you believe if you believe that your interpretation of the Koran n is accurate and truthful. You should also think about the value of your ill-informed and highly inflammatory responses if you don’t want others to point out that they have a right to their own thoughts and their expression of them, and yoou and “Mona” don’t have any right to interfere with these other peoples rights, but you do have the right to buy space and state your opinion if you belief you have one that shouldn’t be defaced.

      • Do you know, well you should know, Muslims are the largest group of Violent People in the World. How can Islam not be attributed to that? Koran calls for hate, rape, violence and murder. End of Subject.

  • Jaime

    You should NOT and can NOT destroy private or public property to secure your right to protest. Give her 10 years. Say NO to the Islamist Muslim hate mongers!!!!

  • Jerry G

    What an idiot that Egyptian born “American”. If she were a real American she would know the difference between speech protected by the Constitution and vandalism which is not.