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September 28, 2012 9:19 am

AP, Reuters Blasted for Netanyahu Nazi Salute Photo

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AP photo of Netanyahu from his UN speech. Photo: screenshot.

Photos of Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu from his speech at the United Nations on Thursday published by two of the world’s largest newswires show him making a gesture eerily similar to the infamous Nazi salute.

The photos capture Netanyahu extending his left arm with his hand in the same formation that was used during the Third Reich to “Heil Hitler”.  In Nazi Germany, the right arm was generally used for Nazi salutes, however the left arm was accepted if there was a physical disability.

“Of the hundreds of professional photos taken at this speech, the AP and Reuters decided to push these onto the wire,” wrote Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard.

Reuters photo of Netanyahu from his UN speech. Photo: screenshot.

Abraham Foxman, the National Director of the Anti Defamation League, called the the decision by both Reuters and AP “ugly” and “disgusting”.

“I can’t believe it, if it in fact happened,” he told The Daily Caller. “I think it is ugly, disgusting, offensive. Strong words to follow.”

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  • AJ

    Nice Try Reuters and AP for trying to degrade a man doing a Nazi salute… It’s the wrong arm.. Do your Homework…

    • Fortune


    • Andrew

      That is right he is doing a Zinonazi or Zionazi salute.

  • Rich

    Fox News may have used this picture put out by AP an Reuters but no way is Fox antisemitic.
    Jews need to wake up. The liberal left is the main source of antisemitism, not the right, including Tea Party.
    Those who think that skin heads Nazis are right wing have been fooled by the media.

  • David Pinto

    Not content with demanding that the words “holocaust” and “genocide” be used only with the permission of the Jewish community, now we have your website demanding that people use only the correct gestures and that any photos of people using certain gestures be censored or, in this case, not used at all. Is there no limit to the chutzpah of the Jewish community? Apparently not.

    • Rich

      You seem to be really good at ignoring the obvious…

    • Kat

      You’re such an idiot.

  • Mike

    A nazi salute is forward (vs to the side)…..Bibi most certainly is not saluting,but making a cautionary or a flight gesture.

  • Man is a social animal — where there are human beings, there are politics. And, politics includes the phenomenon of war, which sadly embraces the ongoing war against Jews, Judaism, the Jewish People and Israel. The war against the Jews is principally driven by Muslims and Arabs. However, others also gladly participate in aspects of the war against the Jews, for example, by daily generating some propaganda against one or more of Jews, Judaism, the Jewish People and Israel. By contrast, modern human-rights methodologies suggest that the Jewish People’s long history of victimhood means that there should be some caution and care in speaking about Jewish matters. Specifically, Jews, the Jewish People and Israel are positively owed both fairness and sound social science, for the very same reasons that Black Americans have some special entitlement to fairness and sound social science. From this perspective, the selection and publication of these particular photos of Netanyahu is suspect. Nobody should be proud to be a “fellow traveler” in the ongoing war against the Jews. It is well known that there are many who do not like the Jews. And, those who regularly discriminate against one or more of Jews, Judaism, the Jewish People and Israel are very properly to be termed “Jew haters” or antisemites. Time to abandon the hollow illusion that there can be no “real” antisemitism, this side of the concentration camp gates!

    • David Pinto

      Allen, you say that Jews — and blacks, too — are owed fairness and sound social science. Nonsense, they are not owed anything apart from some basic respect. The selection of these photos is suspect. No, it is not. Oh, I see, everytime AP and Reuters want to run photos of Netanyahu, or of any Jews for that matter, they ought to run cap-in-hand to the Jewish Censorship Bureau for their imprimatur!

      • David Pinto, Thanks for replying. You have affirmed a position but not provided an argument. By contrast, you should appreciate that I have already provided you with a specific context (i.e. modern human-rights methdologies) and a definite rationale (i.e. a long history of victimhood)for my assessment that the Jewish People and Black Americans are owed more than simply “basic respect,” as you put it. Within the context of modern human-rights methodologies, all Peoples are owed fairness and sound social science. However, where there has been a clear history of victimization, modern human-rights methodologies require both reparation for past wrongs and also extra vigilance lest the same victims again be subject to renewed human-rights violations. That’s in fact how modern human-rights reasoning has functioned this last half-century in any number of advanced jurisdictions like Ontario Province and New York State. You don’t think so? If so, you would have to provide me with some intelligent reasons. After all, that’s what rationale discourse is all about.

  • Jerry Hersch

    Just Bibi back in school ..look the audience in the eye and Animate..body language ..hand gestures..
    Googling Bibi images at the UNGA most have him with his bomb chart or pointing a finger.
    The photo editor obviously had his was undoubtedly seconded-being a lead story.
    The matter of that frame taken at that instant of Bibi’s usual flailing..its most obvious similarity to sinister history could not have gone unnoticed.That calls into question the Editorial chain of commands decision making process.
    Political photographs that are published with lead articles are carefully scrutinized and are part of the “atmosphere” of the story.
    This wasn’t an accidental choice.

  • Joy

    I think it’s a stretch anyway you look at it! The RIGHT arm (as pointed out by someone else) was the one used for the Nazi salute – NOT the left one; furthermore, the other (left) arm/hand was NOT casually placed, almost Napoleon-like, beside the jacket, but was, instead, kept rigid by one’s side – either while marching or standing at attention. Furthermore, doesn’t everyone KNOW that Italians, Jews and God knows how many other Semitic & Mediterranean folks “talk” with their hands?!? Bibi looked about as much like Hitler or one of his henchman in the infamous Nazi salute as Mother Teresa might have…

  • M

    It is not even the same ….. Hitler used his right arm extended forward while Bib used his left arm and more to the side…give it a rest. Google images of Hilter and you’ll figure it out for yourselves.

  • Diogenes

    Who is it who knows AP and Reuters to be “leftist news organizations”?

  • gregg solomon

    Naive,ignorant, manipulative.
    Netanyahu described it in last year’s UN speech “Theatre of the absurd. You can’t make this stuff up.”

  • Howard Stein

    At least these two “news” services didn’t alter the photos, which they have done on numerous occasions in the past. They’ve learned how to select the frames they want in order to be just as misleading.

    No objections from the Left on this one, although, it is much worse and does much more damage than that stupid YouTube video about Muslims.

  • EthanP

    It’s EXACTLY what Jews have come to expect of AP and Reuters.

  • Richard Braun

    Ugly & disgusting. Two adjectives that perfectly describe AP & Reuters.

  • Jon

    This is ridiculous that it’s even published. Your editing team should be fired for even allowing this kind of non-sense to show up on your website. Can’t you find better, IMPORTANT news to write about instead of trying to make up stuff??? How about the soldiers who are over there dying for your freedom to press? Or your Congress who cant pass a budget? Something relevant and realistic please.

    • EthanP

      Are you for real Jon? There is never anything more important than exposing anti-semitism in any form or forum. And sometimes I like something a little less serious. But this isn’t one of them!

  • David Makowsky

    There is a lot of hypocrisy here. The so called “Fair and Balanced” FOX News ran the same story until some time after Debbie Schlussel exposed it.

    • David Makowsky

      Above I meant FOX News ran the same photo (Not the same story).

  • Yossi

    It’s Daniel Halper, not Harper

  • John Helsley

    AP and Reuters are already known to be leftist news organizations.