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September 30, 2012 10:11 am

Poll: 62% of Americans Support use of Force to Stop Nuclear Iran

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A significant majority of Americans would support the use of force, if necessary, to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, according to a recent national survey by the Foreign Policy Initiative.

Asked in an open-ended question to name the country that poses “the most danger” to U.S. national security interests, the largest group of respondents (45.1 percent) said the Islamic Republic of Iran. “Indeed, Iranian leaders, who have publicly threatened to wipe Israel ‘off the map,’ have continued to improve their country’s ability to build a nuclear weapon on short notice, while repeatedly rejecting a decade’s worth of international diplomacy and economic pressure by the United States and others aimed at persuading them to change course,” the group said in a statement.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that Iran is quickly nearing a “zone of immunity,” a technical state in which it wouold be difficult for U.S. or Israeli conventional airstrikes to degrade, delay or destroy Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

A majority of Americans (62 percent) favor preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons, even if this option means the use of military force, over the alternative of avoiding armed conflict and accepting the likelihood that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons. A strong majority of self-identified conservatives (78.6 percent) and a majority of self-identified moderates (57.8 percent), in addition to 44.6 percent of self-identified liberals, support U.S. military action to stop a nuclear-armed Iran.

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  • Fortune

    Take a poll of Israelis. What do they think?

    After all, Israelis live in the land of Israel that Ajad is determined to obliterate.

  • jerry kleiner

    I strongly believe that Islamic extremism is the biggest threat to the world today. Having said that, if sanctions against Iran do not work, I am very much in support of military action. I only hope that this action is not done unilaterally by Israel. I hope this is the joint action of many contries and with UN approval.

    We can afford to have governments that are still in the middle ages have modern weaponry. The potential damage would be too great. Right now, unstable Pakistan has it but we can stop the others. It is by far the biggest challenge threatening the modern world right now.

  • David

    Too hard for some to believe that Americans would be prepared to use military force to stop an Iranian nuclear war initiative. This earlier survey at shows this is the way that Americans feel.

  • Jan

    Yours seems to be the only poll with these results. Could it be that you and the country you represent, Israel, want the US to go to war again? Of course it could be and it is most likely that you have presented a phony poll here. The Americans are tired of their young men and women fighting and dying for wars that the neocons in this country have pushed and they are not in any rush to repeat these horrible actions that have depleted our treasury and taken far too many American and Iraqi lives.

    It should also be remembered that for more than 20 years Netanyahu has been whining about Iran being only a few years away from having THE BOMB. This while Israel has more than 200 thermonuclear weapons, more than enough to destroy the world. While Israel has not used these weapons they use them as a bludgeon to threaten the West.

    I suspect that if a question was asked as to whether there should be a nuclear-free Middle East the poll results saying ‘YES” would be off the charts. Israel, of course, would be the first to say “NO.”

  • Jeff Blankfort

    The Foreign Policy Initiative was announced by its own founders to be PNAC 2. Remember, PNAC? That’s the neocon outit that said American needed another Pearl Harbor to support an attack on Iraq and, by golly, they got it on 9/11 although some say they produced it, as well. So they are a pack of traitors and liars who want to get the US into another war for Israel while sitting comfortably in their beltway offices, gutless to their very core. In this, they are indistinguishable from Algemeiner, one of many Jewish versions of Der Sturmer.

    As reported in the Forward, a genuine newspaper, a Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll shows that only 38% believe the US should bring our military to support Israel should it attack Iran while 59% oppose it and I have yet to see any honest poll that shows the majority of Americans support an attack on Iran.

  • This poll in phony and missguided.
    I took 2 polls lately for may school paper only 30 to 31% willing US to go to war with Iran becuase of Nuke.
    I hope whoever took this poll would stop lying to fool the public.

  • This sounds like push polling. A better question to ask most people in the USA would be :

    “Are you interested in finding out what the optimal peaceful solution is to the Iran-West imbroglio ?”

    I repeat…Any “genius” strategists out there who are stating that it is ok if 500 Israelis, 5,000 American Servicemen and Women and 500,000 Iranians die in a little “necessary” war is insane. Looking back from 2050 which narrative should unfold ? How “wise” are various leaders on the world stage right now ? What is their “intelligence” like ?

    P.S. How many people in the world are aware of the G-d algorithm idea in regards to the Rubik’s Cube.