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October 4, 2012 2:48 pm

Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune on CNBC: Netanyahu Position on Iran is Better for Oil Markets

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Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune on CNBC's Closing Bell. Photo: Screenshot.

Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune appeared on CNBC’s Closing Bell last week, shortly after Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the Iranian threat in a speech delivered to the United Nations General Assembly.

Efune argued that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s gradual escalation of action regarding Iran is better for oil markets as opposed to a diplomatic path that may lead to the need for sudden military action.

“…the Netanyahu strategy, which is to kind of steadily build up towards a point where action needs to be taken if it boils down to that, and we have seen the markets are climbing, but at a rate that people are able to keep up with it, as opposed to a sudden spike that comes out of nowhere,” he said.

Asked about the effectiveness of creating red lines for Iran as per Netanyahu’s insistence, he said, “what I think we have here a major disagreement between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama as to how to prevent the need for a strike on Iran.”

“What Netanyahu is coming out and saying is that the only time we have ever seen Iran suspend its nuclear program was back in 2003 when the threat of credible military action was real,” Efune continued.

A clip of the show can be viewed below.

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  • Frank Rocca

    David, I’m delighted by the informative nature of your article. I am neither an Israeli, nor Jewish, nor do I have any but an unfortunately superficial grasp of internal Israeli politics. However, I am a deeply committed supporter of Israel. As an American, I believe in fact that our committed relationship with Israel is the crucial point in all of America’s national security interests in the entire globe. As Israel thrives, so to our American good fortunes. Furthermore, I believe I am only one of many in the American Roman Catholic community who feel the same way. I think Netanyahu is a true hero in his stand against Iran’s present regime and a symbol of courage under fire such as we could use in the US at present. If we can succeed in dumping this criminal in our own White House, perhaps Romney will do the equally courageous thing of shaking his fist at Iran and warning them that even a single other threat against Israel will be met with severely! Frankly, I do not believe that the great American Middle is so tired of war that it would fail to take up arms vigorously against an enemy as vicious and evil as the Fundamental Muslims have proven to be, embodied by the Iranian regime. What we are tired of is being led by wimps, in wars we routinely do not win, and which we fight without support by our own government. With the right leadership, Americans will gladly go to war against Iran’s evil regime. Romney will shake hands with Netanyahu while shaking his fist at Ahmedinijahd.



  • Are you aware that many Jews have abandoned and betrayed Israel and will not help protect the Galilee with the Israel Longhorn Project. That includes many that I know personally. http://longhornproject.org.

  • If America does not work with Israel to stop Iran and Israel does it alone it will force oil prices so high it will destory world economies. It will also destroy America economy.

    If America continues this path it will deserve what it gets.

  • paco12348

    What good are news reporters that won’t report the truth, that ignore anything that does not make their President “look good”?

  • In the caption for the picture, “Israel” is spelled as “Isreal”! Can you correct this?

  • Mel

    Apparently modern reporters hear only what they want to hear. They heard Netanyahu say Iran will not reach full nuclear capability BEFORE sometime next summer.
    What Netanyahu said is Iran will achieve full nuclear capability NO LATER THAN next summer, at the latest.
    What good are news reporters who cannot comprehend English?