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October 11, 2012 8:50 pm

ALGEMEINER LIVE BLOG: Vice Presidential Debate Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan (VIDEO)

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The Vice Presidential debate. Photo: Screenshot.

As President Obama’s poll numbers have taken a turn for the worse following a widely regarded failure at his opening presidential debate last week against contender Mitt Romney, the Democratic party will be looking towards vice President Joe Biden to bring them some good news as he faces off against a formidable foe in Congressman Paul Ryan.

With 27 years dividing them in age as one marked contrast between the contenders, they are viewed quite differently in their public personas as well. Biden is considered to be compassionate with an ability to connect with voters but is known to be spontaneous, which has sometime landed him in trouble. Ryan is one of Washington’s better known policy wonks and has repeatedly shown an impressive command of policy related subject matter in debates and House Committee sessions.

The debate tonight covers foreign policy and as the only vice presidential debate will very likely cover Israel and Middle East related matters including Iran, the recent attack in Libya and contrasting positions on the Arab Spring.

Please stay tuned for The Algemeiner’s live blog providing minute by minute updates and commentary. A live stream of the debate can be viewed below.

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WRAP: Biden seemed the most agitated of the two throughout the debate, interrupting Ryan constantly and complaining about not getting as much time, when in fact he had actually gotten more. His sour demeanor will undoubtedly be the subject the pundits will discuss in the oncoming days. When the goal is to reach independent voters, being negative on national television, even to the extend that he could be considered a bully, is going to be hard to overcome.

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan answered with crispness and authority. Yet, as nice as his answers sounded, he would often skirt around tough questions. The Romney-Ryan ticket has been criticized for not providing details and Raddatz’s direct challenges did a lot to expose this.

10:35 – CNN claims Martha Raddatz was 100 percent in control. We couldn’t disagree more.

10:33 – Ryan Summary: Romney and I will not duck the tough issues, will create jobs and wealth.

10:32 – Biden Summary: We must not forget my poor friends in Scranton. Romney and Ryan are out of touch rich guys.

10:31 – Scranton is in PA, Biden was a Senator from DE, when was the last time he was with his friends in Scranton?

10:29 – Biden asked for equal time and got more time. According to CNN Speaking Time tracker, Biden has spoken for over 39 minutes and Ryan for 37 minutes when Biden asked that. Biden is still asking for more time.

10:26 – Ryan: “We’ve got to tackle this dept crisis before it tackles us.”

10:25 – The question is “Are you ever embarrassed by the negative tone of this campaign?” and both candidates attack.

10:22 – Biden’s statement is believable because for political posturing, anti-abortion groups do not allow candidates to evoke exceptions. But on the other hand, Pro-Choice groups would not favor Biden’s evocation of his Catholic faith.

10:20 – Biden: Ryan has argued before that in the case of rape and incest it would be a crime to have an abortion.

10:19 – Biden: “My religion defines who I am. And it informs my social doctrine.” Catholics believe that we should help those who can’t help themselves.

10:18 – Ryan: My Catholic beliefs are informed by my scientific knowledge. Obama Admin is infringing on Freedom of Religion by forcing them to cover contraception.

10:14 – Both Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan solutions for Syria are the same and useless. Ryan is being dishonest by trying to make it look like there is.

10:12 – At that time, more people were still calling Assad a reformer. I’m sure nobody in both parties does anymore. At that time, given the administration’s love of diplomacy, being nice to Assad looked like it could still work.

10:10 – Biden is correct. Romney-Ryan is very ambiguous about what actually he will do to support rebels in Syria. Ryan dodges giving exact answer about what he will do. Points out that Hilary Clinton called Assad a reformer.

10:06 – Biden: No one got pulled out who wasn’t replaced by trained Afghan personnel. Biden may have shot himself in the foot based on how often Afghan Security on U.S. attacks occur.

10:04 – Ryan says that we do not want to lose our allies trust and embolden our enemies. This is a huge problem with the Obama administration. The doctor who helped the CIA catch Bin Laden is still in jail. The middle eastern leaders who supported the U.S. have been toppled and replaced by hostile governments. Ryan is correct to demand a clearer communication of who we regard as our friends and our enemies.

10:02 – Ryan: We don’t want to broadcast to our enemies to put a date on their calendar when we will be out.

10:00 – Ryan: We want to make sure that our 2013 is successful. We don’t want to go beyond 2013.

9:59 – Ryan: We would have taken recommendations from our commanders so that they have everything they need.

9:59 – Why not leave all wars now? Ryan: We need to ensure that we keep the gains that we’ve gotten.

9:56 – Ryan: If sequester cuts happen, our military would be the smallest it has been since World War I.

9:54 – Biden’s interrupting will backfire on him. If Howard Dean’s yell looked bad on television, consider how bad Biden will look as the enemy of decorum.

9:52 – Ryan still did not include specifics on their tax plan.

9:51 – Very condescending question from the moderator. Ryan is getting mad at her.

9:50 – Raddatz: “Do you have the specifics of how you will pay for your tax plan or are you still working on it?”

9:49 – Ryan: Lower taxes across the board and close loopholes for the higher income levels.

9:48 – Ryan: There aren’t enough businesses and rich people to tax to pay for their policies.

9:47 – Biden: Romney-Ryan will give 500 billion dollars to 120,000 families with their tax cut.

9:46 – Biden: We want to extend permanently the middle class tax cut without including the super wealthy.

9:44 – Ryan’s point is that you need to tax people less but have the rich pay for healthcare. Biden says that rich should pay more taxes so that average can pay less for healthcare. As usual, two sides of the same coin, from two different viewpoints. Joe Biden definitely does not need Medicare. There’s no need for him to get so frustrated.

9:43 – Interesting how VP Biden sees differences in income level when he’s talking about taxes, but not when he’s talking about healthcare coverage.

9:40 – Does this debate have a moderator? They are interrupting each other.on every statement.

9:37 – Difference between Ryan Medicare Plan and current medicare is the varied degrees of  coverage based on wealth. Seniors who are millionaires currently get the same coverage as poor seniors. In many Romney-Ryan plans, there is an assumption that costs will go down when certain parts of a program is privatized and open to free market competition.

9:36 – Ryan: We have to honor that promise by reforming it now so that it could exist in the future.

9:35 – Ryan: Social security helped my mother go to college in her 50s.

9:34 – If what Biden is saying about Ryan writing grants for Federal funding is true, it means nothing. Congressmen, no matter what party, usually try to get as much federal funding as possible for their districts.

9:33 – Raddatz asks Ryan when they could get unemployment below 6 percent. Ryan avoids setting a timeline.

9:32 – Ryan: They came in with one party control. They had the chance to do anything the wanted and look where we are now.

9:31 – Biden: They talk about this great recession coming out of the sky. This comes from this man voting for two wars and a tax cut.

9:30 – Ryan has had impeccable debate prep. One liners, jokes, statistics. Good training with a guy as brilliant as Ryan is lethal. Biden is best at making emotional appeals.

9:27 – Ryan expertly draws comparisons between their backgrounds. But whether Scranton’s economy is worse now does not necessarily imply it’s the administrations fault.

9:25 – Touts record with the auto-companies and accuses Romney of throwing them under the bus. As usual. Biden is best when he appeals with the working class. Ryan is working class also, but not the best at convincing people he’s not a politician.

9:24 – Biden decides not to speculate on how long it will take the economy to get back below 6 percent.

9:22 – On to the economy, “can you get unemployment  down to 6% Martha asks.”

9:18 – Martha mentions Netanyahu bomb cartoon. Ryan trips in his response. Biden coming across strong and touts his friendship with Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden accuses Netanyahu of being dramatic. He is hugely downplaying the Iranian threat. Keeps referring to loose talk and claiming that they are further away from a weapon than others think they are.

9:15 – Chuckles as he begins his response, “incredible” he says. Touts the Administration’s ability to bring Russia and China in on Iranian sanctions. The Israelis and the U.S. agree on how close the Iranians are to developing a nuclear weapon. “What more can the President do?” Biden asks.

9:13 – How effective would a military strike be? asks Martha. Ryan notes that Iranian nuclear stockpiles have grown, and that sanctions were put in place “in spite of the Administration.” Ryan is attacking the White Hose effectively.

9:11 – “What we should not be apologizing for is standing up for our values,” says Ryan, when asked if he thinks that the U.S. should be apologizing for burning Korans. Moving on to Iran.

9:09 –  Martha presses Biden on Libya again, Biden responds by saying that the Administration conveyed what they were told by the intelligence community.

9:07 – Biden responds to Ryan: “not a single thing he said was accurate.”

9:05 – Ryan: “it took the President two weeks to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack.” Ryan calls for more security and slams the administration for making the issue political.

9:03 – Martha opens with Libya controversy hitting Biden with a question about the misinformation that was released by the White House about what happened during a terror attack one month ago.

9:01 – Martha Raddatz explains the structure if the debate says she will alternate between domestic and foreign policy related issues.

8:48 – Debaters wives enter the debate hall at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

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