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October 19, 2012 12:12 pm

Chasidic Boy Wins Chinese Dance Contest (VIDEO)

avatar by Zach Pontz

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The Chasidic boy tore up the stage.

This one just leaves us, well, thrilled. A video that’s begun to make the rounds on YouTube shows a young Chasidic man dancing wildly onstage during a Chinese dance contest. And, yes, he won the said contest. No word on whether Justin Timberlake has made queries into his availability to choreograph the popstar’s next world tour.

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  • anna
  • Anyone who believes that about Lubavitch, has never being around Lubavitch. They are the warmest people.They are not judgmental. Noone asks for your money, or soul. The people who put this together are really sick people!

  • I as a Jew, I do my living in China by telling jocks to Chinese farmers in Chinese farmer market places, kind of art performance. My performance came out naturally because Chinese has a sense of humor within their cultural been, it’s just a kind of natural behavior without any intellectual thought in my repertoire, going on directly with kind of freedom as I do in my art teaching. Why I do this performance? The funny thing is that my art school in Norway Oslo Photo Art School is now controlled by the Norwegian government preventing me to perform my teaching, means my freedom, now a day I do my paintings to protect my freedom in Norway, this I could do in China which is a free country when it comes to culture. A wonderful feeling of been a life. Read my web side you will get the point, my school did help me to discover the limits of mans mind in western country, as in Germany for Jews and in the Nordic countries for me, this shows the truth of how the western culture is limited which always will envy the Jewish individual mind, in China the Jewish mind is welcome having fun.

  • V. Gates

    Fun! Here’s what I think of it:

    Humor and exuberance are also gifts from HaShem (along with the Torah and mitzvos; and traits such as intelligence; kindness; scholarship). And humor and exuberance both are found in abundance in the Nation of Israel.

    This rabbi is in China doing good work, establishing kashrus. Good for him to break out, also, and have some fun, and share his light and talents.

  • Sophie Osnah

    The video made me laugh…laugh…laugh.
    And why not let the world and the Chinese people know how much joy there is in the Chasidic community.
    It seems the young man was having a great time on stage. Yey!
    The background musis is the same as is heard at happy occasions at Chsidic gatherings.
    AND he WON!
    The audience apparently had just as much fun as he did.



    • Agree. Who, what, where, when. Who is this guy? What is his background? Where is he from?

  • When I arrived in China for the first time, in February of 1984, dancing was illegal. In late May or early June, it was legalized. Immediately, there were proms at Hebei University, where I was teaching.
    Totalitarian states typically ban music and dancing. That’s what Chairman Mao and Ayatollah Khomeini did. China was becoming less totalitarian in 1984.
    A few years later, somebody wrote to me saying that the abandoned synagogue in Tianjin had been turned into a dance studio.

    • Yehuda

      This was in Haiko Factory,. It was a privet Dance! The Young Rabbi was on a Kashrus Job mission. For a Fish, made there

  • Disappointed

    V’lo sasuru acharei l’vavchem v’acharei eineichem… We saw what happened to others who thought it was a good idea to express themselves like this in non-Jewish venues… I don’t think this brings Yidden closer to Yiddishkeit or non-Jews closer to sheva mitzvos bnei Noach.

  • Yehuda

    Silly post, but now that you posted it, it was a Chinese factory, the workers practiced a dance for 7 weeks, and yes they did award the prize to Zash!

    you can see Zash dancing with matisyahu at 3:04