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October 23, 2012 2:03 am

Zach Braff’s Debate Tweet About Israelis and Obama

avatar by Arik Elman

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Zach Braff at the Live Earth concert in New Jersey.

While the candidates for the free world’s top job were trying to avoid foreign policy questions in Boca Raton, the Jewish-American comedian Zach Braff decided to follow in the footsteps of Sarah Silverman and put his ethnicity to work in the service of a true liberal God – Barack Obama.

Braff, who apparently shares a common ancestor with Mitt Romney, evidently felt the need to brush up on his credentials with the hip liberal crowd so that they wouldn’t mistake him for a closeted Republican by blood. So he took to Twitter to pronounce, quote: “I’m friends with an ass-ton of Israelis. None want Romney”.

Zach Braff's tweet.

To be fair, Braff is not one of those Jewish celebrities who would have trouble finding Israel on a map. He has visited the Jewish State more than once, and pictures of him taken at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem convey an image of true feeling.

Nevertheless, as it is with other celebrities, Braff’s world is all about him. It is hard to quantify the number of Israelis Braff counts as his friends without knowing both his standard for “friendship” and the size of his ass, but it is safe to assume that Braff didn’t really care to meet Israelis outside of the over-promoted Tel-Aviv bubble of cool. Braff’s “friends” are people who think it’s great to be friends with the guy from “Scrubs”. That narrows the pool quite a bit.

I doubt Braff really took a survey of his Israeli “friends”, all ass-ton of them. In the real world, according to a poll taken by the liberal Israeli Democracy Institute, Israelis prefer Romney to Obama by a 21-percent margin. Other polls are even more telling – Obama is considered as either neutral or pro-Palestinian, the level of trust in American leadership is at an all-time low, and a majority of 70% believes that the U.S. under Obama cannot be trusted to stop Iran.

But in the real world, none of this really matters. Israelis have no say in American elections, just like Americans – Jews or not – should not interfere with the electoral choices of their fellow democracy, Israel. It would of course be nice if, while choosing a candidate to endorse, Zach Braff would remember that Barack Obama sees Jerusalem as occupied territory and the Wailing Wall as disputed property, “status to be determined”. Still, one can see why a Hollywood celebrity finds Obama’s cause for higher taxes at home and political Islam abroad more compelling. Braff can argue for Obama if he likes – apparently, it is a Jewish thing (for a certain kind of a Jew). He just needs to leave Israelis – especially his imaginary friends – out of it. All ass-ton of them.

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  • bee

    No apparently about it, Zach Braff is descended from the same woman Romney is descended from (Romney is descended from her twice over, Braff maybe just once).

  • Robert M S Schwartz

    Sorry, Mr. Elman (and Algemeiner),

    Due to my personal, big and regretable error I attributed some racist statements from Dr. Visotsky to Mr Elman, and wrongly attacked him, Arik Elman.
    I deeply regret it, I withdraw my accusations and ask Mr. Elman for indulgence and for his forgiving. I’m really sorry. Best regards, Robert M. Soran-Schwartz

  • Mihai-Robert Soran

    BTW: On this erev shabbath, on October 26, but 42 years earlier I first touch the ground in Eretz Israel as the latest new Israeli citizen of that day. And on the same day, but two years later, I started to fight terrorists internationally for misr. habitachon … So, there is no reason of considering me a pacifist, appeaser or self-hating Jew. Tough nut with tough cojones 🙂

  • John Galt, Jr

    Zach Barff.

    He and Sarah Silverman can join other Nominal, in Name-Only Jews and start the New Know Nothing Party. What’s old is new again! Hail Dear Leader! Fascists and they don’t yet know it.

  • Dr. S A Visotsky

    Don’t be so sure ALL the Jews & Israelis are automatically for Obama, and/or the Democratic Party.

    There was a strategy holding the debate in Boca anyway, nu?

    It may have the largest concentration of Ashkenazim outside of NYC, but again few Israelis. Actually, only 0.36% of Boca Raton residents speaking Hebrew and 0.27% of the population speaking Yiddish at home.

    US Actors feel empowered to attempt to identify with Jews,(why I cannot tell you) and then to share views they are not qualified to speak about actually. Mr. Braff plays an idiot on televison, so following his opinion sends which message? Second rate actors are standing up for what they believe in, or just trying to revive a stagnant career by pretending to be connected with an “ass-ton” of Israelis. And why Israelis? Or is that just to cover up his fake Jew background, giving him “street cred” by claiming to know Israelis (the real deal)?

    If his pedigree is checked, you will see Braff himself is a cousin of Romney, and his mother is a Protestant convert, although he claims to have been raised Masorti. That’s kind of like calling yourself Jewish because you once had a Jewish neighbor, like a “Jewish wannabe”.

    So look at “who” he is, before he starts to tell you about all of his “friends”.