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October 30, 2012 9:32 pm

Taking Advantage of Storm, Thugs Beat, Rob Jewish Man in Brooklyn (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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A screenshot from the video of the brutal mugging.

A video has surfaced showing a Jewish man being ambushed, robbed and beaten by African-American thugs during the storm last night in Brooklyn.

In the video, published by local blog, an assailant strikes the man in the face as he walks past, knocking him to the ground. His accomplices quickly join him, striking the man violently and stripping his pockets. An assailant brutally steps on the man’s head, as he is leaving.

Moments later another passerby is seen attending to the victim who is left sprawled on the floor appearing to be unconscious.

According to the incident took place on the corner of Albany Avenue and President Street in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn.

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  • Lawrence Kulak

    Excuuuuse me! I was only serious. Can’t we all git aloooong?

  • Howard

    Forgive me, but why is it necessary to identify the victim as Jewish. I don’t think the perps attacked him because he was a Jew. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence (from the video) that he was Jewish. I’m sure he was, but what is the significance? We’re the perps being anti Semitic? No! They were being scum bag robbers! I doubt they know what the Star of David look like. What if he was Catholic or a Muslim? Would have changed the way you felt about the report? About the victim?

  • Lawrence Kulak


  • Lawrence Kulak

    How about during the next storm, we send out and armed Jewish security guard to snuff out these opportunistic wolf packs. Five soggy dead black guys with no leads would be a wonderful offset to a catastrophic storm. We should also use the storm to our and society’s advantage.

  • David Most

    By identifying the perps as “African Americans” Algemeiner has violated the main scream media’s lexicon! They should only be identified as “assailants”, or “robbers”, or “attackers” with NO other description. Maybe it would be OK to say “white” if that were the case.
    Similar to identifying the 9/11 attackers as “unknowns suspected of Middle East origin”. That’s almost acceptably neutered info. No longer can we talk about Islamic terrorists: today the US Govt. insists on just “militants”. Peace is war, love is hate and Big Brother is watching. And brutes who attack a lone man during a storm cannot be otherwise identified!

    • saidi



      • Luigi Rosolin

        Saidi is right; the justice and so call corrects is giving tools to defend the law breaking.
        People should be identify and describe by their ethnic group as their community should be ashamed and start repudiate the element; they need to be rehabilitate them a least.
        I know that they are the poor emarginated of the society, still act like this need to be not condemned without excused.
        I’m very sorry for the man attacked.

  • Hope someone turns in those scary animals!

  • Barry

    Total cowards those thugs are. The reality is that in times of social unrest, or storms like this one, the lowest element will resort to brute force to take what they want. This is a perfect microcosm of that sensibility.

  • Lawrence Kulak

    This is about the lowest thing you can do. I stand by my first comment. Even the lowest whites would never do something like this. in a catastrophe if you are a human being you have some residue of humanity you can call upon but these anjmals do not. This video justifies every racial segregation law tha was ever passed. Why should white people take a chance of even once somehing like this happening. Let them have their own schools and continue to milk the Government – just stay away rom us. Note how lemming Jews give the blacks everything and they still hate us. A few miles away in canarsie, you can see how the Jews let the blacks take over the HES which was built so Jewish people could have a place for recreation. Now its a place where black kids can play basketball all day instead of doing their homework or eating dinner with their family. It is easier to get Iran to give up nuclear weapons than it is to get a black kid off a basketball court. I say build the basketball courts in the jails and they will all walk in voluntarily.

  • Steve

    Those savages didn’t need a hurricane as an excuse to act like animals.

  • B. Emet

    Kahane was right. Every Jew a .22

  • Joy

    Sadly, G-d unleashed more than just winds, rain and a humongous storm! These 5 black no-goodniks will “get theirs” in due course. Maybe the video that caught the incident will provide enough clues for the police to round up at least a couple of the perps. They’re just cowardly & hateful pondscum! And my prayers are with the victim – may he experience a full recovery, both physically & emotionally!

    • Luigi Rosolin

      Yoy I agre,