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October 31, 2012 6:52 pm

Hezbollah Steps up Activity Along Israeli-Lebanese Border

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Hezbollah fighters.

Hezbollah has reportedly installed cameras along the Israeli-Lebanese border, bringing new fears that Hezbollah may be preparing for conflict with Israel.

According to the Times of Israel, citing Lebanon’s Al-Mustaqbal newspaper, which is affiliated Lebanon’s anti-Hezbollah opposition government, the cameras are located at a distance ranging from “a few meters to 200 meters” from the border with Israel.

The cameras, which are attached to trees and operated remotely by Hezbollah, are there to monitor Israeli military movements as well as actions of local Lebanese farmers, security sources said.

Tel Aviv University Lebanon security expert Benedetta Berti believes that Hezbollah’s border activity along with the recent drone incident is a possible ominous sign of future conflict.

“They haven’t done anything like this in a while,” Berti told the Times of Israel. “It seems like they are either planning something or anticipating something will happen.”

Israel and Hezbollah last fought in July 2006, when Hezbollah kidnapped and killed two Israeli soldiers on the border, sparking the Second Lebanon War.  Since the 2006, Israeli officials believe that Hezbollah has rearmed itself with over 40,000 rockets and missiles that are capable of targeting anywhere in Israel.

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  • Michael Levy

    NOthing is new when it comes to Israel’s neighbours!
    Let’s all pray to Hashem that Obama loses the elections for he has been the cause of most of what has happened in the Middleast and has emboldenned Iran It’s retoric regarding Israel.
    May Hashem cast his shadow upon the American elections and the left wing self hating Jews who support BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!!!!!

  • “It seems like they are either planning something or anticipating something will happen.”

    Most likely both; they’re planning to defend themselves in anticipation of being attacked by Israel when the war against Iran begins after the US presidential elections.

  • Leon

    The best defence is attack, Bless Israel

  • Lawrence Kulak

    Destroying Hezbollah is the key. Once the “army of G-d” is destroyed by Tzivot Hashem (G-d’s real army) the rest of the Muslim nations will drop like flies. The war should be taken to Hezbollah with ferocity.

  • Lawrence Kulak

    Hezbollah is acting way too bold. Israel should pre-empt this terrorist group so it does not have to fight a full scale war like it did in 2006. Hezbollah has been quiet due to re-armament but that does not negage a state of war. It aeems like it might be coordinating with Al Queda since there has recently been renewed rocket fire coming from Gaza where it is thought that Al-Queda has been ammassing. Israel should pre-empt Hezbollah and leave Iran flatfooted with rhetoric at the same time it cleans up Gaza. It should then take a breather to gather in world opinion which will of course be negative. It can then offset this negative opinion by immediately going after Iran’s reactors and saving the world from maniacal Islamists. How is that for killing THREE birds with one stone (so to speak, hopefully Israel will kill a lot more)