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April 5, 2013 3:46 pm

Fake Photo of Handcuffed Palestinian Convict Caught online

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The photo that was circulated.

A photo allegedly of recently deceased Palestinian convict Maysara Abu Hamdiya was flagged by the IDF this week. The IDF blog writes:

“Hamdiya suffered from cancer, and the allegation is that he did not receive the medical treatment he needed. The photo shows him handcuffed to a hospital bed and insinuates that he received cruel, inhumane treatment during his prison sentence.

“The Israeli Prison Services spokeswoman, Sivan Weizman, explained that the prison had taken all the necessary precautions for Abu Hamdiya’s health, including transferring him to a prison closer to hospital facilities should he need them.”

The photo being circulated online purports to show Hamdiya handcuffed to a hospital bed. However, upon further inspection it was determined that the photo was manipulated and the hand was taken from a photo of a hospitalized Syrian rebel fighter.

Hamdiya, 64, a retired Palestinian general, had been in Israeli prisons since 2002 and was serving a life sentence for his involvement in an attempt to bomb a Jerusalem cafe. His death set off protests in the West Bank.

The photo that was circulated.

The full image was taken from the Syrian civil war.

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  • Hilda

    It doesn’t mattr how much proof Israel has, the damage like that of the Dura case is already done. Unfortunately the world continues to believe the worst of Israel while accepting all the good both medical and electronic etc that Israel offers.

  • Not surprised by this in the least.

  • Ethan Coane

    It’s too bad that this “fotoshop” trickery isn’t more widely disseminated in the mainstream media. Although the fact that the story eminates from the IDF and Israeli prison spokespersons might call its credibility into question. Not to mention the media practice of relegating such a correction of a “front page” story to “back page” obscurity. The propaganda and p.r. aspects of the conflict continue and, as has been said, the first casualty of a war is “truth”.

    • April M

      “Everyone who swears by God will exult, because the mouths of liars will be silenced” Psalm 63.
      You can lie by word, omission of word, deed or image.

  • Erika Potasinski

    This ghas nothing to do with any article. How many time does one have to register to read Algemeiner. I am tired of doing it

  • Gony Halevi

    What does it matter? The fact is that Israeli doctors, among them prof. Valden claim that the prisoner was not getting an appropriate treatment, and not at the right timing.

    • Morris Ben Shemen

      If that is so, then the doctor lies.

    • Which Israeli doctors are these? Can you provide a reference?

  • M.Otero

    We were warned several years ago that with advances in photo technology that no photos could be depended on for truth or accuracy, but outright lying?!! Our Arab friends have helped in our education regarding ALL statements and ALL visuals. We owe them a vote of thanks but regret that we can trust nothing they do, say, or visually represent. Cry wolf?

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Good,the allegation proved wrong, but the international media had probably ignore the founding so Israel still had been damage by the propaganda of the Palestinian and instigate more hate.

  • David Sabghir

    Is the manipulation of photos (and minds) a new phenomenon from the Palestinians (and the Arabs)?

  • Denis

    This is important, but I would like to see better evidence of the original image and its source, together with the image used for Hamdiyya.

  • Lynne T

    The Elder of Ziyon has a great cartoon on this subject here: