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April 9, 2013 8:50 pm

US Army Removes Slideshow Listing Ultra Orthodox Jews as Extremists Alongside Hamas and Al Qaeda

avatar by Max Elstein Keisler

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The army slideshow which defines "Ultra Orthodox" as religious extremistm

The US Army has removed a slideshow used as training material for US Army Reserve recruits that describes “Ultra-Orthodox” Jews as religious extremists, equivalent to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, according to a report in London’s Daily Mail newspaper. The slideshow also describes “Catholicism,” the largest religious sect in the world, “Evangelical Christianity” and “Islamophobia” in similar terms.

According to the slideshow, an “extremist organization” is one “which advocates the use of force or violence [or]….advocates supremacist causes.” The US currently designates Hamas, as well as many other Islamist terrorist organizations as terrorist groups, but Ultra-Orthodox Jews as a group are not considered to be a terrorist organization.

Reportedly, the Southern Poverty Law Center was used as a source for the training material. The SPLC does describe “radical traditionalist Catholics” and the JDL as “hate groups,” but it does not single out Catholics or “Ultra-Orthodox” Jews.

The slideshow says that “Soldiers are prohibited from…attending a Meeting or Activity with Knowledge that the Meeting or Activity Involves and [sic] Extremist Cause,” which would seem to constitute a ban on practicing Catholics and ultra-Orthodox Jews serving in the Army Reserves.

The Washington Times reports that “An Army spokesperson said the presentation ‘was produced by an individual without anyone in the chain of command’s knowledge or permission.’ The Army removed the offending slide after receiving complaints. The person responsible for the presentation ‘was not a subject matter expert, and produced the material after conducting Internet research.”

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  • shloime

    if you read the actual slide as shown, it includes “sunni muslims”, along with that infamous group of extremists known as “islamophobia” (which seems to be lack in both religion and nationality).

    the real story here is not that the army has removed this rubbish, but that someone preparing training materials for uncle sam, doesn’t seem to have even a decent high school education. and neither does their supervisor, if there is one.

    and yet they’re teaching others?

    • jerry hersch

      I agree
      But I wonder why there is such a presentation given to reserve recruits…Are they in any position to determine who is who? Or is this an attempt to engender Domestic hatred.
      What is the full context of the program..
      Surely no terrorist is going to walk up to a reservist and say I belong to a terrorist it must be a slide show for physical recognition.
      Sort of a ‘You look Jewish’..’You don’t look Jewish’ mentality that is pervasive..
      Like a Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren moment during the debates when he alluded to the,in his mind,her non-American Indian appearance….I kept thinking Did he say ..’You don’t look Jewish’
      The simplicity of miltary instruction..simplistic..alluding to visual images..laughable except when shown in the rural South.

      • jerry hersch

        One can look also at an officer corps that in an all volunteer military arises from those groups who actually do volunteer.There is a disproportionate number of fundamentalist Christian volunteers from the Southern region.
        There perhaps has always been -with the lack of upward mobility in the region..the military has always been seen there as a respected alternative ladder up.
        But they come on board with a lot of prejudices ..preconceptions that they want so much to pass on to their underlings.

        • jerry hersch

          That said-the inclusion of Christian Fundamentalism in the mix is interesting.
          It makes me wonder -At what level of command did this list initiate ??

  • jerry hersch

    The lumping together of Jews and Catholics reminds me of my 5th grade year in Cumberland County,Pennsylvania.
    Cumberland County is the place of the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks.
    The school had never had a Jewish student…but I was told a number of years prior they did have A Catholic student.. guess they were used to alien beings…and lumped all non-Protestants together.
    It was a Public School -you said the Pledge of Allegience.. there was prayer time…The Lords Prayer..heads bowed.
    It was a friendless year

  • Did you say the Southern Poverty As Center or the Communist Party? A distinction without a difference….