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April 10, 2013 9:45 am

Report: Israel Increasingly Skeptical of Reconciliation with Turkey

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Photo: wiki commons.

Among officials in Israel a possible reconciliation with Turkey has begun to seem increasingly unlikely as the latter country continues to take unilateral measures to isolate the Jewish state.

According to Israel’s Maariv daily, Two weeks after Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made efforts to normalize relations with Turkey, that country nonetheless vetoed the participation of Israel in the NATO ‘Mediterranean Dialogue’ Conference.

The veto and additional Turkish hostility towards Israel preventing implementation of the reconciliation is a source of great pessimism for Israel, according to Maariv.

An Israeli delegation was supposed to visit Ankara this week to discuss the issue of compensation, an issue Turkey has drawn as a deal-breaker for rapprochement.

“The Israeli delegation was due to leave on Thursday for talks but we received a message from the Turks they want to delay that to the 22nd and of course we complied,” a senior Israeli official involved in the issue told Canada’s the National Post. “We will be discussing all the issues raised in the phone conversation (between Prime Ministers Erdogan and Netanyahu), normalization of relations, and the exchange of ambassadors. We are talking about a process of improving relations with Turkey.”

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  • JOSE


  • nat schmelzer

    The Obama administration does everything wrong when it comes to foreign affairs. Israel took the steps requested of it and Turkey reneged. The administration assured us that North Korea did not have the ability to launch nuclear missiles, and that proved to be false. The administration assured us that a diplomatic solution with Iran was possible. That too has proved to be false. Armageddon is at hand.

  • Nursecrd

    If I were the Israelis, I would not bother reconciling anything with the Turks. They are no longer Turks, but Islamists. The Turks have become the other Fakestinians.

  • Self-serving too, I know, but the truth is Israel’s umbilical cord to western common sense traverses Cyprus and Greece. It won’t be easy, but in the long-term it is Israel’s optimal course. The USA has a right to issue behind-door demands to Israel, in order to balance a highly explosive, highly complex regional situation. Whether these demands are wise is a totally different issue altogether. It would be sad to see Israel take orders from Turkey in the medium future.

  • Harold

    Tyrants take concessions as a sign of weakness. The Turkish reaction is a big non suprise

  • Prof Asher J Matathias

    Even if it appears that the reconciliation was an instance of a thing too good to be true, it has the potential to bloom into more than a cold peace, a la the Egyptian model. Patience and discretion are recommended, and the hope that more sane minds will prevail.

  • M.Otero

    Turkey seems to be using conciliatory Israeli gestures as an occasion to strut and “grandstand” before its allies as acts of Israeli submission and self-debasement. It foolishly believes that Israel will “go all the way” in this charade. It’s unfortunate. We may have to wait for a future regime change for a serious rapprochement with Turkey. Mr.Kerry will have to use all his skills and inducements to distract Turkey from its childish games with any future consistency. At best, getting civil behavior from them on more than this occasion is highly unlikely.

  • Wellwisher

    This is what happens when one tries to appease tyrants. Now Bibi has an egg on his face and will keep losing respect from friends and enemies alike. Thanks to the appeaser-in-chief for twisting Bibi’s arms!

    • Morry

      Right on!
      Obamanation: lots of tele-prompter reading, lots of BS, next subject. “where’s my next golf game, party, or Whitehouse concert” while the people eat crap.

  • Michael Kirche

    A sad time for both nieghbours to have this problem.

    • herbert ganley

      Islam is the religion of no compromise.

  • In Islam if you agree to one concession they will come back and ask for more concessions.

  • John Galt, Jr

    The Sultan needs his demons and straw men to rave against. Barry O’s BFF in the Middle East!!!